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Polkadot Blockchain Development & Consulting

Break free from central authorities, safeguard chains interplay

Kudos to you, assertive Polkadot ecosystem contributor! Wise of you to sense the next big thing in the Web3 world. As well as helping you start with it, PixelPlex can build and connect heterogeneous Polkadot services, dApps, and network layers that will really rock.

Polkadot blockchain: a smashing business opening

Go national with your own blockchain-powered hit! Envision Polkadot projects that will reboot your workflows, retake full control of your data and identity, and surprise your competitors with unthinkable growth and mission accomplishment.

Set no limits on chains

Under the Polkadot ecosystem’s “two birds, one stone” approach, all kinds of ledgers are elegantly interoperable — from permissionless to private consortium.

Protected data & transaction exchange

Transfer your Polkadot cryptocurrency or other assets with zero points of exposure via a trustless relay chain environment or through a trusted exchange.

Skyrocket your performance

To shut down latency, the Polkadot blockchain splits into shards to record each transaction, thus able to handle over 1,500 transactions per second.

Overachieve with Polkadot development services

Whatever your reason to start a Polkadot project, bet you’ll succeed. As a seasoned operator in the blockchain scene, PixelPlex is ready, willing, and able to jump in mid-project and provide advice, as well as build and deploy parachains, wallets, Web3 metaverses, smart contracts, NFTs, and more.

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Plunge into the shimmering waters of the Polkadot ecosystem, safe and sound. Get advice on how to impress the blockchain world and become a big fish yourself. We’ll cover any gaps with concisely stated tech and economic strategies.

  • Existing Polkadot projects audit
  • Protocol & token selection
  • Tokenomics planning
  • Whitepaper development
  • Tech integration & support

We can master any difficulty to give you the opportunities, just let us do the engineering. Commission us to tailor any kind of product: we’ll optimize it to run like clockwork across the Polkadot ecosystem — from wallets and explorers to dedicated tools.

  • Substrate framework customization
  • EVM deployment
  • Parachain scaling & protocols interoperability
  • Key management services integration
  • Transaction signing extension development
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We’ll provide you with custom instruments for scalable cross-blockchain transactions, be it tokens or other assets and data. Expect a totally legitimate and compliant yield aggregation platform, wallet, or protocol.

  • Polkadot cryptocurrency DEX platforms
  • OTC trade services
  • Custodial services integration
  • Liquidity staking & mining solutions
  • Transaction matching tools

On your parachain of choice, we’ll create a rock-solid smart contract which will quickly run on multiple chains. We can also redeploy the contracts you have in place to a parallel instance and test-drive them to ensure parallel transaction execution.

  • Substrate EVM contracts implementation
  • Wasm-based contracts engineering
  • Asset tokenization & ownership transfer
  • Cross-network & cross-system contract audit
  • Existing network response time improvement

Capitalize on Polkadot’s heterogeneous sharding and ask us to devise a profitable and cost-efficient dApp. Whatever complex functionality you require, your app’s transaction and data exchange will be well orchestrated and safe.

  • Private & public blockchain-based dApps
  • Business-specific logic design
  • Secure extension & utility engineering
  • Gateway & API development
  • DApp-to-blockchain integration

Grab an amazing chance to get into the high-margin token market with NFTs 2.0! We know how to build Polkadot NFT marketplaces natively adapted to all sorts of use cases. To enable partial ownership, we’ll help split NFTs into fungible tokens.

  • Colored coin-based NFTs
  • Multi-resource NFTs
  • Cross-chain token migration
  • NFT fractionalization
  • NFT infrastructure setup

Innovate easily

Our Polkadot blockchain team seeks to either tweak existing unreliable solutions or create new ones, introducing greater safety and performance. Leave a couple of words on the request form below.

A bulletproof edge: Polkadot superpowers

With parachain logic running as a Layer-1 blockchain along with the Polkadot ecosystem, tech contributors have an indisputably secure and flexible infrastructure for building, connecting, and governing their products without vanishing into vast bureaucracy.

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Parachain-enabled scalability

To knock out restrictive resource costs, transaction processing bottlenecks, and system failures, the unconstrained Polkadot blockchain uses parallel computation.

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Pooled communal security

Unlike the PoS and PoW networks, Polkadot has aggregated strong safety guarantees through its Relay Chain validator set, available for the benefit of contributors.

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On-chain management

Polkadot evolves via forkless upgrades and boasts ultimate transparency and legitimacy, which encourages token holders to maximize participation and strive for leadership.

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System longevity & adaptability

The Polkadot ecosystem's powerful tooling, support, integrity, and independence offer great value, with no additional instruments needed for operational efficiency.

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Open-source & customizable frameworks

With Substrate and Libp2p as the core, building custom P2P blockchains doesn’t cost a fortune, as code reuse and setting high dApp quality standards save time.

A snapshot of our Polkadot development process

To ensure every client’s Polkadot project will turn heads, we optimize our engineering path to request specifics. We won’t balloon the project description into a massive whitepaper (unless needed) — we just give you the gist of the progress cornerstones.


Business objectives & scope assessment


Development environment setting


DApp UI design


DApp components & infrastructure engineering


Blockchain to front- & back-end integration


Dependencies installation


Adding customized pallets or bespoke functionality


Relay chain connection to testnet environment


Parachain deployment to the Polkadot network or as a standalone protocol

Bet on borderless interconnectivity

With zero network fork risks, we’ll adapt your Polkadot environment to your changing needs. Let us help your project play a key role in the decentralized world breakthrough.

Featured Polkadot projects

Crypto gaming DAO blockchain protocol

Our blockchain development team helped our client create a DAO blockchain protocol for the gaming industry. The protocol is based on the Polkadot blockchain and designed to provide creators, publishers, and players with a decentralized ecosystem that is completely fair, transparent, secure, scalable, and highly performant. ALPHA ONE enables developers to create and launch both single games and multiple games using only one dApp.

Thanks to the Polkadot parachain model, the protocol allows processing up to 3,000 TPS and scaling beyond a single protocol blockchain while maintaining extremely low transaction fees.

  • The AO native token which is also used as gas fee
  • AO tokenomics designed to reward users that contribute to the ecosystem via proof-of-stake mining
  • Cross-chain tokens as a payment implemented using the staking model and shadow tokens method
  • Multichain support
  • Audit trail system that enables transparent and fair gameplay
  • Advanced blockchain explorer
  • OAuth system integrated to DEX wallet
  • DEX database system
  • Trustless smart contract ecosystem
  • Moonbeam integration, which brought a fully Ethereum-compatible environment to the project

Polkadot-based cross-chain blockchain protocol

PixelPlex Polkadot development team significantly improved the Rio Chain blockchain protocol by eliminating ineffective solutions, integrating the virtual machine, accelerating the consensus, developing the API layer, and carrying out R&D processes.

The blockchain is fast, scalable, and upgradeable. It boasts a 2-second block creation time, transaction speeds of up to 3,000 TPS, customizable consensus algorithms, and the ability to compile projects using a separate client to communicate with other chains. All of these features are made possible by utilizing Polkadot’s Substrate framework.

    ALPHA ONE crypto gaming DAO protocol created using the Rio Chain

    Web and mobile RioWallet

    • Staking enabled via EVM we added
    • Multi-asset support
    • Integration with Hex Trust, a digital asset custodian
    • Integration with MoonPay and Simplex to easily convert fiat to crypto

    Remittance payment system linked to Rio Chain and providing fast and secure on-chain transaction recording

    • KYC compliance
    • Integration with legacy system
    • Fiat on-ramp that allows users to convert fiat money to crypto

    R&D and the creation of a working prototype of the Uniswap-based DEX

    • MetaMask-like browser extension for web3 support
    • Change in the format of Uniswap addresses to enable compatibility with Polkadot addresses
    • Partial data storage in TheGraph to reduce the load on a centralized backend

    Rio Block Explorer that enables users to monitor the Rio network and view transaction details

Why clients trust PixelPlex Polkadot team

They say accessories make the outfit, but we’re the opposite. We aren’t just the suit guys doing the talking. From day one, PixelPlex adheres to transparency in all respects, so you can fully understand and absolutely endorse what we’re doing. Our “secret sauce” is our dazzling tech expertise.

Blockchain programming skills at scale

  • Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Cardano, Solana & more
  • Solidity, JavaScript, React, C#, Angular, Next.js & more

Polkadot engineering experience

  • С++, Rust, Golang runtime environment development
  • Substrate-powered engineering, EVM implementation
  • WebAssembly (WASM) state machine compilation

Core Polkadot development layer know-how

  • Database & networking layer, transaction queue
  • State transition function, block authoring

Full Polkadot ecosystem support

  • Polkadot wallets, DEXs, launchpads
  • DeFi, smart contract, dApps, NFT marketplaces

Tech standards compliance

  • KYC/AML, multi-factor authentication & ID verification
  • Bullet-proof custody providers integrations

Agile approach & fast launch

  • Our ready-made solutions to speed up your launch
  • 8 weeks to transform offline retail business into strong online player
  • 350+ clients

    from startups to Fortune 500

  • 2 unicorns

    projects worth $1B+

  • 80+ DLT products

    successfully built in-house

  • 10 years

    blockchain expertise

  • 4 projects

    on Polkadot released to date

  • 20+ solutions

    on Polkadot released to date

  • 5 blockchains

    built & deployed from scratch

Related blockchain insights to wrap it up

Our Polkadot ecosystem tech pool is what helps us add a “Bentley of blockchain” class to your product without making it crushingly expensive.

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