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Hyperledger Development Services

Get a subtle approach to complex enterprise infrastructures

Hyperledger applications let you easily manage workflows with multi-layer dependencies and save resources while switching between management systems and extranets. PixelPlex will help you leverage Hyperledger — we’ve been staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation since 2013.

Hyperledger applications development for business

As a go-to enterprise tool for capital markets and global businesses, Hyperledger is cut out for cross-industry troubleshooting. The PixelPlex team knows how to fine-tune this powerful technology to your needs and deliver a beautifully scalable, modular, and secure solution tackling stringent stakeholder identity requirements.

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Oversee workflows

Establish private or public systems and regulate activities with clear pre-defined consenting, permissioned membership, and verifiable order and payment transaction identities.

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Prevent fraud

Track your supply chain proof-of-origin, avoid counterfeit, introduce Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) assessment practices.

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Orchestrate activities

Obtain a dedicated marketplace or platform for communities and currencies, enable Shared Electronic Data Interchange, execute insurance contracts, manage IoT infrastructures.


Our Hyperledger blockchain development services

To always be a trusted Hyperledger development company, PixelPlex treats your enterprise infrastructures cautiously, with all due respect to each layer. We bring together heavy data and transactions, cut integration costs, implement open protocols, and build fully-fledged networks for businesses to extend non-stop.

Hyperledger consulting

Let’s map out how to use Hyperledger frameworks to make intensive processes and transactions totally accountable and immutable, in 100% compliance with industry regulations. Give us the gist of your challenge — we’ll carefully select technology options to nail it.
  • Business-specific R&D.
  • Tech feasibility study.
  • Hyperledger implementation rationale.
  • Advisory on consensus protocols.
  • Tokenomics and financial modeling.

Hyperledger applications development

Whether you are after an MVP, PoC or a full-blown Hyperledger dApp infrastructure, we’ll make things seamless on the engineering side. Your app will be powered with custom business logic, watertight chaincode, friendly UI/UX design, and ultimate scalability.
  • Hyperledger Fabric architecture design.
  • Plug-in modular components integration.
  • Hyperledger app infrastructure development.
  • Cloud storage implementation.
  • Chaincode and database engineering.

Smart contract / chaincode development & audit

Establish Hyperledger ecosystem with domain-specific wallets, tokenized insurance workflows, and automated claim settlement and ownership transfer. We build and test entire networks — from business logic and chaincode to documentation and permission validity.
  • Warranties and digital certificates development.
  • Payment and invoice smart contracts engineering.
  • Blockchain document management fine-tuning.
  • Endorsement policy validation.
  • Cloud or on-premises node deployment.

Infrastructure upgrades and migration

On top of getting Hyperledger infrastructures up and running through APIs and external IP addresses, we migrate and port existing dApps to Hyperledger platform, revamp legacy blockchain solutions, remove potential risks, and integrate third-party services.
  • Requirements-based dApp ecosystem updates.
  • Business logic, scalability and performance review.
  • Hyperledger environment orchestration.
  • Peer network fine-tuning and configuration.
  • Monitoring and CI/CD setup.

Picture the possibilities that Hyperledger brings

$Perfectly fit for supply chain, finance, banking, manufacturing, and beyond, Hyperledger brings in frameworks for all business needs. With modular architecture, agility, and no-middlemen reliability, it excludes micromanagement and human error while streamlining ROI. . $Through Hyperledger development, you get self-executed payment and document processing, retrieve any data on demand, and track goods origin. Your basis network will trustfully regulate commercial activities under minimized fraud risks, without excessive workload.. $Trusted Hyperledger environments ensure data integrity, enabling cryptographic validation of contract terms with traceable identities, hack-proof transactions and digital keys. Sensitive information gets totally protected, with liabilities executed through chaincode.. $Powering public and private apps, Hyperledger provides high operational accuracy for both. It boasts massive community support, a rich toolkit, unrivaled scalability and performance, consolidated databases, and convenient consensus-based control of workflows..

Hyperledger frameworks we work with

PixelPlex loves upgrading its tech park non-stop. As a Hyperledger blockchain development company, we’ve assembled a package of skills to build dApps capable of skyrocketing efficiency.

A mature framework helping us build custom apps for all across the industries. Ensures modular architecture, plug-and-play membership and consensus algorithms.
Flexible enterprise platform allowing us to implement transaction-enabled updates to states distributed around untrusted members governed through consensus.
A node aiding us in ensuring high transaction throughput and finality while supporting resource-efficient proof-of-stake consensus and tamper-resistant states.
Easily adaptable enterprise-friendly framework perfectly applicable for IoT projects, massive business infrastructures or large-scale identity management systems.
Cost-efficient open-source codebase providing well-tested reusable components for building robust networks with verifiable credentials or self-sovereign identity (SSI) capabilities.

Kickstart a power-added enterprise

If you are after mature Hyperledger development services and would like to discuss your project, reach out for a consultation.

How we get your Hyperledger app off the ground

To enable your solutions to fuel business-critical operations without connectivity overload, cost overheads, congestion, and transaction fraud, we’ve crafted an integral process of Hyperledger applications development.


Business case analysis and tech advisory

We help fine-tune concepts in line with your enterprise objectives and requirements. Sit with us and get your Hyperledger app architecture roadmapped, smart contract logic planned, and budget optimized.


Architecture development and app design

In line with your industry standards, PixelPlex thinks your in-app flow out, plans cross-contract interaction and storage capacities, and showcases solution’s look and feel through low and high fidelity clickable prototypes.


Smart contracts engineering

Specifically with your enterprise infrastructure in mind, we integrate your Hyperledger dApp to blockchain while executing its business logic and capabilities. As smart contract performance gets checked, we optimize it if needed.


UX/UI design

We adapt UIs to targeted platforms, tie ecosystems together with APIs and gateways, craft bespoke states with post-transaction feedback, and continuously update user journey by factoring in new smart contract data.


Full-cycle QA

To prevent vulnerabilities creeping in upon deployment, we check your app out, both automatically and manually. No resource waste is accepted — the team executes functional, UI, and integration testing to wrap it up by a neat software audit report.


Deployment and upgrades

As soon as we validate the app via testnet, we deploy it to the mainnet. Any time you get challenged with complex updates, you have us. Upon request, we integrate new microservices and smart contracts or migrate dApps wherever needed.

Why entrust us with Hyperledger development

Anyways, with tech excellence and uncompromised track record put front and center, our Hyperledger development company stand for establishing secure decentralized digital infrastructures able to take enterprise growth limits off.

Full infrastructures are our specialty

Think your ecosystem project is too much of grandeur to be doable? Think again! We build and bring together entire blockchain platforms with all operational layers in place — from finance to EMS, supply chain, ETL, and way beyond.

Architecture efficiency is rule one

We aim to deliver tangible gains. We study your business ins and outs to design scalable structures that are simple to maintain, update, and grow. To unleash your progress and scalability, we rebuild monolithic architectures into microservices.

Standards compliance above all

We don’t cut corners on technology and industry standards. Expect full adherance to international and local regulations to shut business risks out. Never looking a thing beyond, we provide end-to-end QA and support.

Business purpose-oriented tech

To factor in all of your enterprise objectives, we take a holistic approach to each project. We create client-centric design sticking to your brandbook and build engineering packages with focus on cost-quality ratio.

Cross-disciplinary expertise

Choosing innovation over anything else, we’ve handled hundreds of projects at the intersection of tech and industry domains — from blockchain, immersive reality, and applied AI to supply chain, FinTech and eCommerce.

Our blockchain development background

Blockchain has been our core expertise since 2013. Now that we’ve evolved into award-winning blockchain providers with 450+ projects to our record, PixelPlex is looking to contribute to distributed economies on a global scale, alongside blockchain business consulting and development.

10 years

in blockchain development

80+ projects

on blockchain implemented

20+ projects

released at an institutional level

2 unicorns

in our portfolio (projects worth $1B+)

5 networks

developed using blockchain & launched

What’s on our Hyperledger development radar

Check out takeaways prepared by our R&D, marketing, and tech insiders. Passionate about resolving the toughest issues, our team isn’t a secretive bunch: we discover — we share!

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