Hyperledger Development Services

To Harness Blockchain Efficiency and Make Business Breakthroughs

Being a Hyperledger development company with 50+ distributed ledger tech (DLT) solutions built to date, we deliver solutions to render your intensive business workflows and transactions secure, accountable, and transparent.

Our Hyperledger Development Company Shapes Up Enterprises

Via Cross-Industry Blockchain Technologies

The way Hyperledger apps seamlessly execute complex business tasks makes them super compelling. Most enterprise workflows rely upon loads of dependencies to coordinate with tons of stakeholders Result: valuable man-hours wasted on switching between extranets and EMSs. Why deal with all the hassle when Hyperledger DApps can work their magic:

  • Data integrity and consistency
  • Trusted environment
  • Ruling out human error and micromanagement
  • No middlemen

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Industry-Certified Global Hyperledger Development Company

PixelPlex brings next-gen business strategies to life with our industry leading tech expertise. Walk up to our trusted hyperledger development teams for your enterprise makeover at any of our offices near you:

  • New York (NYC), USA
  • Minsk, Belarus
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Tokyo, Japan

Our Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Networks

Set Up and Support Your Blockchain Infrastructure

If you find it challenging to implement and run Hyperledger Fabric, PixelPlex has got your back. Our Hyperledger development services packaged with Fabric infrastructure deployment facilities allow you to easily build Hyperledger DApps. Our analytics experts will deliberate upon your requirements to ensure a reliable launch of your development ecosystem, underpinning it by a consistent API and external IP address.

At PixelPlex We Configure Custom Hyperledger Fabric Infrastructures

  • Consulting on network startup optimization
  • Environment orchestration (preparation, configuration, management, servers and apps coordination)
  • Peers network orchestration (peers and orderers configurations, deployment chaincode, certifications management)
  • Network configuration (DNS, load balancing, private and public networks)
  • Containerization (docker images configuration, docker compose and/or Kubernetes manifest)
  • Monitoring setup, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) setup

Hyperledger Applications Superior to Other Enterprise Solutions?

Traditional web platforms for regulated domains like the supply chain lack security, speed, and traceability when compared to blockchain solutions. Reliable Hyperledger development services offered by PixelPlex can streamline your critical business processes and accelerate operations, at the same time ensuring the ultimate level of security and reliability.

  • Tamper-proof data exchange
  • Cryptographic validation of contract terms and operations
  • Chaincode-based liability execution
  • Breach-secure transactions
  • The full toolkit of platforms and frameworks

Why Hyperledger Performs Better Than Permissionless Blockchain

We offer Hyperledger apps development services to your enterprise for workflow control, transaction tracking and full compliance with industry standards. Here’s why we recommend permissioned Hyperledger apps as an optimal solution to address your enterprise business’ challenges:

Permissionless Blockchain Solutions

  • Zero regulation
  • Public system
  • Anonymous cryptographic identities
  • Code-based counterfeit tracking
  • Immutable transactions
  • Shared ledger

Permissioned Hyperledger Applications

  • Workflows overseen by regulators
  • Both public and private system
  • Real identifiable participants
  • Permissioned membership
  • Trackable transaction identities
  • Pre-defined consenting procedures

DLT Best Practices

Set Foundations for Our Hyperledger Development Services

R&D and Consulting

  • Business case evaluation
  • Hyperledger apps’ feasibility study
  • Business processes & competitor analysis
  • Requirements assessment & estimation
  • Functionality breakdown, detailed estimation & proposal
  • Project roadmapping
  • Hyperledger training

Hyperledger Fabric Architecture Design

  • Plug-in modular components assembly
  • Building solution blueprint
  • Database engineering
  • UX & user flow development
  • End-to-end performance & scalability testing

Tech Support, Updates & QA

  • Migrating existing solutions to Hyperledger apps platform
  • Revamping obsolete blockchain apps
  • Business logic review
  • Manual & automation code testing
  • Vulnerabilities & potential risks detection
  • Security audits & updates

Engineering Expertise to Deliver Cutting-Edge Hyperledger Solutions

Chaincode / Hyperledger Fabric Smart Contract Development

Hyperledger DApp Development

  • PoC & MVP consulting & development
  • Custom business logic
  • Compelling UI/UX design
  • Scalable exchange platform development
  • Chaincode development
  • Cloud storage advice
  • DApp migration & porting
  • Third-party service integration
  • Hyperledger dApp ecosystem updates

PixelPlex Hyperledger Development Company Amplifies Business Productivity

Global trends are driving Hyperledger applications to become the go-to enterprise tools for capital markets and cross-industry businesses that live in an ecosystem of complex multi-step processes fueled by transactions. Our proactive team thinks ahead while aligning our Hyperledger development services with your target domain calls.

Our scalable Hyperledger apps allow you to go beyond your industry’s horizon.

  • Supply Chain
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • FinTech
  • IoT
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing

With Your Domain Specifics in Mind, We’ll Help You Tackle Your Challenges

Our Hyperledger development company builds individually tailored and highly scalable modular solutions that augment your systems to handle harsh stakeholder identity requirements while offering flawless security control.

  • Settling order & payment transactions
  • Building clear consenting algorithms & controls
  • Enabling transparent codechain workflows
  • Verifying digital identities
  • Tracking supply chain proof-of-origin
  • Building platforms for marketplaces, currencies, and communities
  • Enabling Shared Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Executing Insurance & real estate contracts
  • Managing Industry 4.0 or IoT infrastructure
  • Preventing fraud & counterfeit practices
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance
  • Know-Your-Customer (KYC) assessment

Ready to take the vital step forward? Our experts can handle your challenge, no matter how complex.

Revamp Your Business Networks with Hyperledger DApps

PixelPlex Will Help You Capitalize On the Platform’s Benefits

Our Hyperledger development services guarantee solutions to seamlessly bind together enterprise data and transactions. On top of this, Hyperledger apps help reduce heavy maintenance costs by automating key processes and putting you in full control of operations. By utilizing open protocols on a global scale, we build out a trusted network with rich functionality and support for business evolution.

Our State-of-the-Art Hyperledger Applications Empower Your Enterprise With:

  • Traceable transaction identity
  • Authentic goods origin
  • Consolidated databases
  • Consensus-powered workflow control
  • Streamlined ROI, better business agility
  • Modular architecture
  • Need-to-know basis data
  • Digital keys & sensitive data protection
  • Regulated commercial activities
  • Minimized fraud risks
  • Automated doc & payment processing
  • Reduced man-hours & human error
  • On-demand data retrieval
  • Enhanced performance and scalability
  • Accurate and reliable business model
  • Community support

Let Our Hyperledger Development Company

Trigger Breakthrough Success via the Next-Gen Blockchain Tech

Hyperledger Frameworks

Hyperledger Tools

Our Hyperledger Development Company Takes an Integral Approach

To Factor In All of Your Concerns and Deliver On the Promise

Our proactive approach at PixelPlex helps minimize business risks. You may rest assured that our Hyperledger development services are tuned to bringing you tangible gains. In line with our holistic approach to each project, we keep a handle on our Hyperledger apps’ quality while always delivering products on point with requirements and in time with the deadlines set before launch of development.

  • Domain-Specific Expertise & Tech Excellence

    • FinTech, IoT, AI, retail, legal, telecom & media experience
    • Cryptography, tokenization, connectivity, UI/UX best practices
  • Architecture Flexibility & Process Efficiency

    • Sustainable & scalable Hyperledger dApps design
    • Well-orchestrated dependencies, customized ledger permission procedures
    • Hyperledger training performed by industry experts
  • Full-Fledged Ecosystem Development & Fine Tuned UX

    • Integration with APIs, cryptocurrency wallets, block explorers, external services, more DLTs
    • Hyperledger Fabric infrastructure review, deployment & enhancement
  • Precision Troubleshooting via a Cautious Transaction Tech Choice

    • Consensus protocols & platforms consulting, Hyperledger training
    • Cryptocurrency-backed / non-cryptocurrency-backed consensus implementation
    • Permissioned & public/private or permissionless & public DLT deployment
  • Streamlined Chaincode-Based Obligations Execution

    • Contractual commitments, permission & roadmapping transaction rules
    • Building consistent chaincode that boosts workflow efficiency across your ledgers & channels
  • Quality Control & Seamless Integration

    • Comprehensive ledger ecosystem testing: business logic, documentation, chaincode, nodes, permission validity
    • Business network establishment, on-premises or cloud node deployment

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