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Ethereum Development Services

Become a trend-setter in decentralized tech. Stay in full charge of your assets

Our all-encompassing Ethereum app development services help introduce bulletproof asset security, standards compliance, and funds accountability throughout your solution’s infrastructure.

Transform your business tools with Ethereum

PixelPlex’s expertise has delivered blockchain-powered enterprise-grade systems for nearly 10 years. You can count on us to make the most out of the Ethereum toolkit and set your business on track to achieve its goals fast, no matter how ambitious they are.

  • Helps easily build & deploy smart contracts
  • Rules out data fraud & malicious attacks
  • Prevents downtime
  • Streamlines data-rich processes
  • Accelerates critical transactions
  • Assists in executing liabilities

Our Ethereum development services

Ever since we mastered the distributed ledger tech back in 2013, we’ve been aiding institutions, fintech providers, vendors, and banks to bring their dreams to life. Now, we can wrap our heads around any issue and come up with an elegant, cost-effective, and value-added solution.

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PixelPlex will analyze your business case, uncover growth potential, and suggest strategic roadmaps, thus helping you make the first step to blockchain-based transformation. Specify your challenge — we’ll remove all the roadblocks to boost progress.

  • Blockchain tech onboarding
  • Blockchain implementation reasoning
  • Tokenomics development
  • Financial viability planning
  • Market-specific know-how integration
  • Tech stack breakdown
  • Whitepaper development
  • Project management

Whether you intend to improve your existing Ethereum-based solution or develop one from the ground up, we can deal with it. Expect to obtain clockwork software, equipped to handle even the most specific requirements while fitting securely into your infrastructure.

  • MVP or PoC development
  • Protocol engineering & maintenance
  • Business logic customization
  • Architecture design
  • Smart contract development
  • Cloud storage deployment (IPFS)
  • dApp migration
  • Third-party service integration

To ensure that your solution is flawlessly secure and interoperable, our Ethereum developers can run it through comprehensive testing and analysis. You’ll have your system back, better or faster than ever before, with efficient services, instant connection, and bridged tech gaps.

  • Source code lockdown
  • Manual code testing
  • Smart contract architecture review
  • Smart contract security audit
  • Defected functionality discovery
  • Overflow & underflow analysis
  • End-to-end live & functional testing
  • Ethereum smart contracts gas usage optimization
  • Maintenance roadmap
  • Dedicated support services

Solution development

Ethereum smart contract development & audit

We know how to build sophisticated Virtual Machines and protocols. Rely on PixelPlex to either get a brand-new smart contract or fine-tune its interdependencies, trigger performance, preserve resources, and optimize assets turnaround.

  • Asset & data ownership transfer automation
  • Blockchain document management
  • Asset tokenization & STO
  • Payment automation
  • Platform-specific analysis
  • Smart contract performance validation
  • Resource consumption optimization
  • Cybersecurity enhancement

Ethereum dApp development

In a high-end decentralized tech market, one cannot get by without a robust dApp to capitalize on hack-proof zero-middlemen transactions. Our Ethereum dApps help control sensitive processes like supply chain tracking while being completely intuitive, scalable, and reliable.

  • Platform-specific R&D
  • DApp-to-blockchain integration
  • Functionality & business logic design
  • Gateways & APIs development
  • Transaction states customization
  • DApp stores launch guidance
  • Infrastructure & utility solutions (data sourcing, connectors & extensions, optimization tools)

Ethereum DeFi solution & wallet development

Whenever you need a turnkey DeFi system, we’re at your side. Our Ethereum development team is well-versed in building wallets for mobile and desktop, so you can ideate a solution of any complexity. We’ll make sure your solution is blazing-fast and regulation-compliant.

  • Support of tokens of multiple standards and protocols
  • Off-chain matching with on-chain settlement
  • Layer 2 non-custodial exchanges
  • Yield farming protocols
  • Liquidity mining & staking
  • OTC trading capabilities
  • Pool-based exchanges
  • Retail-oriented products

Ethereum NFT (non-fungible token) development

On top of building multi-faceted non-fungible tokens, we design infrastructure for NFT support, promotion, and tokenomics growth. Ask us to build an NFT collection, develop a marketplace for your niche or product, or design a complete ecosystem — we'll take care of it and provide long-term tech maintenance.

  • ERC-721-powered non-exchangeable tokens
  • ERC-1155-enabled semi-fungible tokens
  • Ethereum Naming-based domain address exchange
  • NFT marketplace development
  • Environment setup
  • NFT campaign assistance
  • NFT tech support
  • Gamification

We know the inherent industry

The constantly changing cross-industry landscape is pushing competitors to think ahead and future-proof their businesses through advanced tech. By approaching us for Ethereum app development, clients enjoy a smooth digital transformation and tangible financial gains.

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  • Healthcare insurance storage & execution
  • HIPAA adherence
  • EHR data security protection
  • Medicines & equipment supply chain tracking
  • Research & trials data encryption
A tablet demonstrating BTC/USD chart

FinTech & banking

  • Digital identity & compliance automation
  • Transaction irrevocability & encryption
  • Stablecoin implementation
  • Double-spending detection
  • P2P lending & digital banking
A person examining parcel delivery information using a phone

Logistics & supply chain

  • Goods provenance control
  • Shipment delay & fraud prevention
  • Digital certification & logistics tracking
  • Docflow automation
  • Operational costs optimization
A person with a phone pushing a trolley in a supermarket

Retail & eCommerce

  • Crypto payment implementation
  • Counterfeit protection
  • Chain-of-custody access
  • Transaction time & costs reduction
  • Trust & loyalty mechanisms establishment
The interface of the D1 platform on a laptop

Sharing economy

  • Open credibility databases & rankings
  • Asset provenance tracking
  • P2P transactions
  • Property rights tokenization
  • Contract parties identity authentication
A view on a corner of a building

Construction & real estate

  • Ownership verification & marketplace data encryption
  • Transaction & cadastre system immutability
  • Pre-purchase due diligence optimization
  • Contract execution privacy enablement
  • Liquid asset implementation

Highlighted Ethereum-based projects

Check out how we’ve helped our clients achieve their business objectives while sticking to industry standards. Dare to be ambitious — we love to aim high when it comes to cross-market leadership.

The screenshot of UI of KickICO


Our Ethereum development team created a smart contract-powered online platform for donation-based crowdfunding and ICOs. The solution connects different audiences by granting access to a large investor pool with versatile funding sources. To date, clients have raised over $500M+ for their projects through the platform.

  • Custom-built liquid token
  • Protection from financial risks
  • ICOs with a hidden cap
  • Smart contract-executed token dividend distribution
  • Ethereum-enabled ICO smart contract generator
  • API-led server layer integration
The screenshots of UI of Echo on a phone, a laptop, and a tablet


To continually finesse our blockchain expertise, we’ve established an in-house Blockchain lab where we test existing and emerging technologies, and develop solutions and PoCs. One of the projects delivered within our lab is Echo — a blockchain app development platform and network created through the integration of smart contracts and Bitcoin. The system enables users to engineer power-added decentralized Ethereum and Bitcoin applications featuring advanced capabilities, scalability, and intuitiveness.

  • Bitcoin-collateralized stablecoins
  • Native BTC support derivatives
  • High liquidity loans
  • Exchange integrations for P2P trading
  • Secure smart contract-powered ETH, ECHO, and BTC transactions
  • Tokenization platforms for digital securities issue and exchange
  • Risk events insurance coverage
  • KYC/AML identity protocols alignment
  • Full web3 support
The screenshots of UI of Miniwager on a laptop


PixelPlex Ethereum developers helped create a decentralized casual gaming platform for PvP (player versus player) games and tournaments. Beyond providing addictive gaming experience, the solution helps slash withdrawal fees, cut out intermediaries, and make award execution completely transparent.

  • Email/password or Facebook account-enabled registration
  • Ethereum account address generation
  • ETH withdrawals & deposits
  • Smart contract-powered wagers
  • Score-based awards distribution
  • Casual online web gameplay

How we handle Ethereum development projects

To allow you every chance to thrive in the innovation-first arena, we take the engineering and deployment burden off your shoulders. Our Ethereum development company will guide you through the process, staying within easy reach whenever you wish to look into the production and deliverables.


Business case analysis & tech choice

  • Requirements collection, concept creation
  • Business objectives prioritization
  • Tech stack planning
  • UI wireframing
  • Solution architecture mapping
  • Smart contract logic planning
  • Transactions fee & TCO optimization


Architecture development & app design

  • GDPR-aligned PoC engineering
  • Use scenarios & journey showcasing
  • Cross-contract communication roadmapping
  • Cloud hostage choice
  • User-centric look & feel development
  • Low & high fidelity clickable prototypes design


Smart contracts engineering

  • Platform-specific assessment
  • DApp-to-blockchain integration
  • Functionality & business logic execution
  • Smart contract performance optimization


UX/UI design

  • Gateways, APIs & dApp content
  • Mobile-adapted responsive UI
  • Custom-built transaction states
  • Post-transaction feedback
  • Smart contract data-driven UI updates


Full-cycle QA

  • Manual & automation testing
  • Scenario-enabled reliability analysis
  • Functional, UI & integration checks
  • Comprehensive stress testing
  • Performance SLAs compliance evaluation
  • Resource consumption monitoring
  • Software audit reporting


DApp deployment & updates

  • Test net deployment & validation
  • Main net implementation
  • dApp stores launch
  • Backlog planning
  • Stats-driven infrastructure updates
  • Microservice or smart contracts integrations

Our tech expertise in detail

We’ll make sure we pick the finest fit for your solution. We never cut corners on development package quality, as the more magic happens under the hood, the better the bottom line you get.

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Our Ethereum developers crack any challenge

We strictly abide by the Ethereum development process transparency while keeping the team in the loop on client feedback. Built upon trust, partnership, and openness, our projects are aimed at driving maximum end value, however remote our teams locate.

Capable of building complete Ethereum infrastructures

  • From dApps to marketplaces to crypto wallets & APIs, keystores, new networks & explorers integration
  • Ethereum ecosystem audit, deployment & improvement

Proficient in efficiency-driven architecture design

  • Sustainable solutions with clean front-ends, customized permissions & dependencies
  • Business network setup, onboarding assistance

Abide by the latest tech regulations

  • User identity, KYC / AML requirements, dApp-to-user interaction standards such as EIP-1102
  • Intellectual property protection, tokenization & cryptography best practices

Business goal-based tech choice

  • Platform & protocols advice, cloud node or on-premises implementation
  • Transaction, permission & contract commitments dependencies roadmapping

Domain-specific expertise & tech excellence

  • FinTech, IoT, AI, retail, legal, telecom, and media experience

Market standards control, QA & support

  • Close observance of finance & banking, healthcare, eCommerce & other requirements
  • Smart contracts, nodes & permissions
  • Entire Ethereum ecosystem testing: nodes, business logic, smart contracts, permission validity, documentation
  • 10 years

    in the blockchain domain

  • 50+ projects

    within the distributed ledger tech

  • 15 audits

    of smart contracts for clients’ projects

  • Over 15%

    savings on transaction fees thanks to contract optimization

  • 800+

    vulnerabilities found during our smart contract audits

Discover our first-hand insights

Always hungry for up-to-date Ethereum development tech takeaways, we keep track of what's there on the radar. Take a minute to scan our newsroom — it’s an easy way to mine some intelligent expertise.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the costs and timescales for Ethereum development?

The overall time and budget will totally depend on your future Ethereum dApp complexity. We’ll sit down with you and map out the breakdown while factoring in your purposes and limitations. Once we’ve completed the discovery phase, we’ll pick the engagement model that ensures the best time-quality ratio.

Do you provide a detailed Software Requirement Specification?

Absolutely. We’ll prepare a neat SRS with an end-to-end Ethereum app development roadmap, so your project stakeholders will be able to have a full picture of what happens behind the engineering scenes.

Are your Ethereum developers available for my existing team augmentation?

Yes, we do provide the Dedicated Team engagement model. Please contact our consulting experts to discuss the details anytime.

Does your Ethereum company handle post-launch support?

Sure. Not only do we help publish your dApp or establish business infrastructure, but we also offer full-stack tech maintenance and value-driven enhancements.