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Gain a holistic view of business via data analytics-driven BI services

PixelPlex is a partner to companies around the globe, helping big market players and smaller disruptors alike incorporate BI strategies and tools into business infrastructures.

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Convert profound analysis into smart actions

In today's data-driven global market, Business Intelligence (BI) services are a crucial pillar, facilitating informed real-time decision-making and the development of successful long-term strategies. In times of unexpected crises, BI plays a pivotal role in mitigating risks while ensuring consistently favorable financial outcomes.

With expertise in BI, blockchain, and big data, PixelPlex has a strong foundation for establishing self-service analytics while integrating external modules such as HR, accounting, and beyond. We advise business and product executives, owners, and stakeholders on gaining a competitive edge by enhancing planning and operational efficiency with industry trends and customer behavior in mind.

The expected growth of the global big data analytics market value from 2021 to 2029

$25.73B → $34.16B

Growth projection within the Business Intelligence software market from 2023 to 2028, with CAGR of 5.83%.



Companies consider Business Intelligence critical or very important in operational processes.



Enterprises, where CEOs make data-driven decisions, are likely to reach business goals.


Business intelligence services we offer

Striving to be a one-stop business intelligence services company, we offer expertise in all areas of BI. Our services include BI consulting, engineering, and establishing data exploration processes to BI support, third-party unit integration, sensitive data safety refinement, and blockchain-based user validation.

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We develop BI strategies and roadmap end-to-end systems, from creating data warehouses to deploying enterprise Business Intelligence solutions. Our guidance helps organizations adopt BI services, selecting the most suitable tools that meet the highest standards.

  • BI & Big Data Consulting and Engineering
  • ETL tools-based workflows establishment
  • Advanced data analytics instruments onboarding
  • Data-enabled business planning and strategizing
  • Legacy BI infrastructures revision
  • Existing data workflows improvement

We can either build custom BI software or bring in BI capabilities your business is missing. Be it data integration or data mining techniques, interactive dashboards or reporting tools, we develop and safeguard them with blockchain privacy and identity management.

  • From-scratch Business Intelligence development
  • BI tools architecture and infrastructure engineering
  • Data sources and blockchain data integration
  • Data visualization, migration, and modernization
  • Data warehousing and storage
  • Data quality management and security maintenance

Our Business Intelligence team adapts BI tools to ensure perfect synergy around enterprise ecosystems while extending their capabilities with outside units’ perspective. As you incorporate high-load distributed data storage, processing, and analytics systems, we have your back.

  • Data quality workflows automation
  • Data lakes, bases, and warehouses deployment
  • Data marts code optimization
  • Raw-to-ODS processes fine-tuning
  • Blockchain Business Intelligence implementation
  • SQL requests optimization

Business case-specific BI solutions

Whether your enterprise boasts extensive expertise in business intelligence or is new to the field, we bring the capabilities you need to succeed. Our solutions are tailored to address the specific challenges you prioritize. Make informed decisions without extra IT skills and access your mobilized data wherever you go, with all processes being self-executing and traceable.

People discussing AR, VR, and MR in the office room

We design tools that explore massive data for teams all across the departments that don’t specialize in data science. Generate insights, interpretations, and predictions, democratize ad hoc reporting, while increasing business decision agility, and building a data-driven culture.

Request a secure and user-friendly platform-independent BI app from us, ensuring ultimate data protection. Our apps run seamlessly across devices and operating systems, enabling real-time data aggregation, KPI analysis, efficient reporting, and seamless collaboration.

PixelPlex fortifies your business processes with a reliable blockchain foundation, ensuring airtight security. Entrust your BI operations to an immutable decentralized ledger to minimize data vulnerability, streamline multi-dependent workflows, and introduce advanced user and access management.

Delegation is key when it comes to routines that make a hole in your resources. Adopt tools that enable carefully vetted predefined data execution rules, relieving employees of manual tasks, reducing error risks, improving progress oversight, and enhancing cross-department interactivity.

Business Intelligence grows industry giants

Not quite ready to launch your own project? Let's delve into the specific potential that Business Intelligence holds for your domain. If you don't see your domain highlighted, simply reach out to us to discuss your case in detail. We'll provide tailored suggestions based on your unique requirements


Optimize your financial strategies with our custom BI software. Calculate and track KPIs to identify cost-saving opportunities. Visualize efficiency dynamics, govern portfolios, and track customer credit scores and revenue for smarter budget planning and risk management.

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Retail & eCommerce

Gain a 360° view of sales efficiency and demand. Our platforms analyze shopping patterns and history, empowering you to enhance customer experience, control stock and inventory, and plan pricing, product launches, and marketing campaigns with changing dynamics in mind.

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Real Estate

Unlock the power of market segmentation and property oversight. Our BI tools monitor price and demand fluctuations, identify investment opportunities and trends. Optimize your business decisions, ensure seamless cross-department collaboration, and guarantee data integrity in the real estate industry.

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Oil & Gas

Stay ahead of the profitability curve with real-time updates on exploration and production processes. Incorporate apps that simplify heavy machinery management by helping predict power shortages, optimize operational parameters, and quickly address discrepancies.

An oil offshore platform pumping fossil fuels


Save resources for improved treatment outcomes and regulatory compliance. Our solutions protect and analyze electronic health record (EHR) data, leverage predictive analytics for diagnosis, align with insurance requirements, and utilize Big Data to generate insightful research patterns.

The process of medical examination of a human


Drive educational progress and resource efficiency, set up clockwork reporting across all departments with our data-driven BI apps. Gain valuable insights into students' needs, identify bottlenecks, meet regulatory requirements, tailor enrollment processes, and keep academic programs up to date.

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Industry 4.0 / Manufacturing

Plan production with zero waste and take operational performance to a new level. We deliver platforms that capture data from multiple channels and help maintain equipment safety and integrity, prevent failures, minimize downtime, and optimize resource allocation through intelligent decision-making.

Metallic color pipes on an oil factory

Our BI technology stack highlights

Continuously updating our technology stack to stay ahead of the market is our top priority. We are committed to maintaining a high level of expertise, as it is not just an ambition but our preferred state. Take a look at the range of tech capabilities we currently offer:

Microsoft Power BI
Tableau Software
Microsoft SQL Server
Azure Synapse Analytics
Amazon Redshift
Amazon RDS
Amazon Aurora
Microsoft SQL Server
Azure Data Factory Tools
Apache Airflow
Apache NiFi
IBM DataStage
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Azure Cosmos DB
Azure Blob Storage
Azure Data Lake
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon S3
Amazon RDS
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Keyspaces
Google Cloud
Amazon SageMaker
Azure Machine Learning
Microsoft Power BI
Tableau Software
Google Data Studio

Our BI implementation flow

When you decide to enhance your internal Business Intelligence technology capabilities or hire a dedicated team, PixelPlex is prepared to join at any stage. We assemble a team of top experts to fill any gaps, ensuring a faster rollout and minimizing the ROI period.

A person examining data visualization report on a tablet


Our business analysts and field researchers examine your operational infrastructure and data workflows to define the objectives of the future BI solution. We collect requirements, identify collaboration schemes, advise on the technology stack, and develop the system's concept.

Data assessment and preparation

We audit data sources and formats, verify design APIs, extract data, and analyze its quality and structure. Once we classify, cleanse, and normalize the data, we establish warehouses, marts, ETL, OLAP, and ODS to integrate it into further transformation workflows.

BI tool selection

PixelPlex’s BI experts guide you in selecting the most suitable approach and tools that align with your specific goals. We collaborate with you to draft the solution's architecture design and technology roadmap, while planning integrations, customization, and cross-component interaction.

Development, testing, and QA

The team architects and engineers your BI solution, and designs data analytics, reporting logic, visualization dashboards, and interactive interfaces. We set up data lakes and integrate the application, followed by rigorous performance and stress testing to ensure data quality and security.

BI services deployment

As we migrate the app to production, we fine-tune secure user access and configure integration with data sources, storages, and existing business tools. If necessary, we handle performance improvements, customize UI/UX, dashboards, and reports to meet your specific requirements.

BI support and optimization

PixelPlex is available to review and optimize the performance of your BI solution whenever you desire. We adjust and upgrade underlying technologies, enhance data quality, and scale up storage capacities. Additionally, we provide support for warehouse migrations, ETL revamps, and any other necessary modifications to extract the maximum value from your solution.

Reasons to collaborate with PixelPlex

Our BI team fully immerses itself in each case, ensuring a smooth transition into complex technologies and providing guidance throughout the project until it achieves undeniable success. Here's what you can expect from our expertise, empowering you with grounded BI decision-making:

A blue and green icon of a graduation cap

Dedicated BI unit

Talents certified in data science, consulting, analytics, enrichment, modeling, and visualization.

A blue and green icon of a trophy

Hands-on practice

Predictive analytics, Big Data visualization, warehousing, and Machine Learning-enabled training.

A blue and green icon of a cube

Cross-discipline proficiency

Blockchain data research, cryptocurrency Business Intelligence, and meta-data-driven data fabric production.

17 years

in the technology industry


data-intensive projects made a success

2 unicorns

over $1B in value

7 years

in the Business Intelligence domain


raised by clients with our products


ecosystem-scale projects

Top change management company 2023 according to Clutch

Top Change Management

Company 2023

Top consulting company in energy and natural resources 2023 according to Clutch

Top Consulting Company Energy & Natural Resources


Top consulting company in retail 2023 according to Clutch

Top Consulting Company

Retail 2023

Top operations consulting company 2023 according to Clutch

Top Operations Consulting

Firm 2023

Top big data compliance, fraud, and risk management company 2023 in UAE according to Clutch

Top Big Data Compliance, Fraud & Risk Management

Company UAE 2023

Our featured BI projects

We take immense joy in both contributing to and sharing our clients' success stories. Take a glimpse into how PixelPlex has helped build BI tools that generate granular reports and visually-rich dashboards, enabling businesses to identify trends and quickly detect anomalies.


Full-service BI platform utilizing Machine Learning techniques to analyze tokens’ Big Data. The custom tool instantly finds and estimates NFTs, traces their origin and ownership, uncovers counterfeits, generates stats, and signals on profitable deals across top-class exchanges.

deals, transfers, and mintings processed
tokens are processed on Ethereum
  • 446K+ NFT collections available
  • The largest token database support
  • Scam and investment risk alerts
  • NFT performance analysis and value prognosis
CheckNFT.iO, an intelligent solution to analyze NFT collectibles, detect fraudulent activities and minimize risks
More about CheckNFT

Web3 Antivirus

ML-powered browser security extension that protects web3 users from scams like honeypots and phishing, simulates transactions, and extracts insights to flag all kinds of risks behind smart contracts — from fraudulent deals and malicious methods to suspicious and illegal activities.

safeguarded users
dangerous websites blocklisted
  • 22K+ ill-intended smart contracts uncovered
  • Business intelligence-driven token analysis
  • Analytics-enabled blocklists and allowlists
  • Multi-blockchain and multi-browser support
Web3 Antivirus, an advanced web3 security solution
More about Web3 Antivirus

Educational Business Intelligence solution

Custom BI tool helping college employees set up data-driven decision-making, enhance student outcomes and educational experience, and improve resource allocation. Our team nailed data integration, modeling, and predictive analytics, alongside dashboards and reports development.

better student retention within a year
drop in underutilized resources
  • 8% lower expenses due to budget allocation optimization
  • Fully-integrated data warehousing and ETL processes
  • Interactive dashboards, reports, and predictive analytics models
A hand touch of a robot and a human

Real Estate Business Intelligence platform

PixelPlex designed and integrated a full-blown BI system that transforms raw data of a Real Estate firm into actionable roadmaps via intuitive dashboards. The tool’s advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities enable live access to up-to-date data while reducing time-to-insight.

better conversion rate
revenue growth and optimized profits
  • 30 hours per week saved through automation
  • Multi-channel data integration and extraction
  • Real-time KPI tracking, data visualization, and reporting
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