Web3 Antivirus, an advanced web3 security solution

Web3 Antivirus

Advanced web3 security solution

  • Blockchain
  • Web
  • Smart Contracts
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence

About the client

Web3 Antivirus is a security startup aiming to establish a safe environment for the global web3 community by shielding users from fraudulent activities and scams.


PixelPlex has delivered a top-notch web3 security tool which safeguards users from all kinds of scams including dangerous smart contracts, phishing websites, honeypots, and malicious transactions.


  • Blockchain developer
  • White hat hacker 2
  • Frontend developer2
  • Backend developer
  • DevSecOps
  • ML engineer
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • QA engineer2
  • UI/UX designer

Business opportunity

As web3 continues to gain traction and offer innovative opportunities for users and businesses alike, scammers are coming up with numerous schemes to steal users’ assets.

The Web3 Antivirus team has conducted thorough market research, uncovering the enormous scale of scams within the web3 ecosystem:

That’s where the idea of Web3 Antivirus came from — the crypto community is in great need of a reliable and robust security solution.


Web3 Antivirus originated after we witnessed multiple cases of clients and friends losing millions of dollars to crypto scams. Our primary motivation for creating W3A is to ensure that users can feel secure and confident while browsing and conducting transactions in the web3 ecosystem.

Alex Dulub, the founder of Web3 Antivirus
Alex DulubFounder of Web3 Antivirus

Project goals

To bring their idea to life and ensure flawless technical realization, the client reached out to PixelPlex and our team of seasoned blockchain developers.

Together, we outlined the core goals of the Web3 Antivirus project:

  • 1

    Build a robust security solution that will allow users to conduct safe transactions and interact with others in the web3 space

  • 2

    Create an ML algorithm able to instantly detect fraudulent activity and dangerous websites

  • 3

    Provide multi-browser and multi-chain support

  • 4

    Allow for intuitive navigation through the solution components and ensure easy-to-understand reporting

The UI of the contract auditing page of Web3 Antivirus


With these goals in mind, PixelPlex built Web3 Antivirus (W3A), an ML-powered browser extension that helps users explore and operate in the web3 space with full confidence by detecting crypto-related scams and suspicious activities.

The blockchain already under Web3 Antivirus protection is Ethereum, with Polygon and Arbitrum coming next.

Top-tier protection should be available for everyone, so our team ensured W3A compatibility with the most popular browsers:

  • Google ChromeChrome
  • BraveBrave
  • FirefoxFirefox
  • OperaOpera
  • Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge

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Risk reporting

The solution provides detailed risk reporting to help users see what dangers they may encounter.
W3A reports are color-coded for easy understanding: high risks are indicated by red, medium by yellow, and low by green. Each report features a list of detected threats and an explanation of how exactly each risk can affect users’ assets.
The range of risks Web3 Antivirus can detect is constantly expanding. As of now, the extension can spot:
  • Phishing and fake websites
  • Malicious code patterns and methods
  • Dangerous signing requests
  • Proxy contracts
  • Poisoning attacks
  • Honeypot scam
  • Reentrancy attacks
  • Ice phishing
The UI of the risk reporting page of Web3 Antivirus

Transaction simulation

Web3 Antivirus allows users to view real-time transaction simulations, which reveal potential issues that may arise if they proceed with the transaction. This way, users can discover potential vulnerabilities or transaction side effects without compromising their assets or wallets.
To execute the simulation, W3A analyzes the whole chain of smart contracts behind a transaction and audits them. The result is presented to users in the form of an easy-to-understand chart.
The UI of the transaction simulation page of Web3 Antivirus

Token analysis

W3A users can access detailed information about token characteristics, including token type, creation date, maximum and circulation supply, price, and contract address.
Additionally, the solution performs extensive analysis of NFTs, identifying risks like wash trading, missed royalty payments, IP infringements, and suspicious previous owners. It also provides financial and historical metrics through a unique 12TB data layer.
For a more comfortable experience, Web3 Antivirus shows the fiat equivalent of a token’s price. This way, users don’t have to convert the prices themselves

Fair price

When a user places a bid to purchase an NFT, W3A's machine learning module calculates a fair price for the token, considering its previous sales and involvement in wash trading. This feature safeguards users from price manipulations, ensuring they don't overpay for the asset.
The UI of the token analysis page of Web3 Antivirus

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Smart contract analysis

Web3 Antivirus audits smart contracts that users interact with and notifies about any harmful logic, vulnerabilities, and compromising permissions. Users can also manually input a contract address for verification.
Some of the smart contract risks detected by the extension include:
  • Metamorphic code
  • Self-destruction
  • Pausable contract
  • Burnable token
  • Trading cooldown
  • High sale taxes
Moreover, W3A's risk scoring framework takes third-party audits into account when identifying smart contract risk coefficients.
The UI of the contract analysis page of Web3 Antivirus

Website analysis

To ensure websites pose no threat, Web3 Antivirus verifies their domain names against carefully curated blocklists and allowlists using AI-powered similarity validation. This helps detect typosquatting, phishing attacks, and brand impersonation, further enhancing user security.
The UI of the website analysis page of Web3 Antivirus

Technologies & tools

  • Node.js
  • C++
  • Go
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Storybook
  • Jest
  • Puppeteer

Project features

  • A green icon of a multi-browsing

    Multi-browser and multi-blockchain support

  • A green icon of a multi-browsing

    ML-powered risk detection model

  • A green icon of a box with a checkmark

    Custom blocklists and allowlists

  • A green icon of a shield

    Protection from the most sophisticated kinds of crypto scams

  • A green icon of a pile of coins

    Comprehensive token analysis

  • A green icon of two arrows

    Insightful transaction simulation

  • A green icon of an eye

    Intuitive and attractive UI/UX design


  • 5,000+

    users under W3A protection

  • 1,085,478

    harmful websites blocklisted

  • 22,204

    dangerous smart contracts detected

*As of March 27, 2023

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