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IT Consulting Services for Business Transformations

Become tech-first. Craft a stellar future for your enterprise

We can be your rock whenever you’re taken off guard by a challenging roadblock to business progress. Belonging to the high-tech lot from 2007 on, PixelPlex has grown into a mature engineering service provider and a full-blown IT consulting firm all at once.

We align IT consulting with your needs

Whatever your tech background or target market, we’ll find a way to tackle your challenge.

Aiding startups with quick rollout

For the clients who are just about to launch their business, we offer our experts to jump in and prepare a smooth path from scratch.

Your case:

  • Wish to build a disruptive tech project
  • A well-thought project idea or a proper concept
  • Venture money in stock

Our mission:

  • Evaluate your idea’s financial viability
  • Prepare strategic development plan
  • Build engineering roadmap
  • Minimize associated costs
  • Drive productivity and ROI
  • Offer dedicated developers if needed
  • Quickly deliver an MVP

Helping SMEs transform & innovate

When it comes to small and medium-sized enterprises or well-established brands outside of IT, we can undertake implementing a new product or technology of your choice — from blockchain to AI to NFC and more.

Your case:

  • Domain-specific background (tech, real estate, logistics, arts, or other)
  • Existing infrastructure or product
  • Harsh timelines and fixed budget
  • Strict control from stakeholders or investors

Our mission:

  • Assess your idea’s feasibility
  • Help translate a vague idea into a robust concept if needed
  • Advise on the latest trends around your tech of choice
  • Estimate your budget and keep within it
  • Come up with project vision and scope
  • Create development roadmap
  • Report on the project’s progress and spendings
  • Launch engineering processes if needed
  • Deliver a fully-fledged MVP or a seamless tech-rich environment

Building tech strategies for large & government enterprises

In case you run a reputable upscale business or a state institution, you may need a trusted contractor with a proven track record in your tech domain of interest. PixelPlex hosts a certified team that has handled hundreds of large high-risk projects, A to Z — from IT consulting to development and maintenance.

Your case:

  • A well-thought-out project idea
  • Full project funding
  • Complex multi-level resolution process
  • Strict control from several departments
  • In-house IT department at hand
  • Wish to extend the existing team with tech-specific experts (blockchain, AI, IoT, or other)

Our mission:

  • Research on specified innovation areas
  • Analyze market competition
  • Map out competitive strategies
  • Define tech triggers to boost business performance
  • Build a clear project vision and scope
  • Make budget estimations
  • Develop comprehensible project presentation for stakeholders
  • Plan ROI and client acquisition campaign
  • Create engineering roadmap
  • Offer dedicated developers if needed

PixelPlex IT consulting services in full picture

Be it advanced tech implementation or from-scratch solution ideation, we know the drill. Come along, we’ll help you through the most tricky competition calls — you’ll get well over the expected value via innovation best practices.

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Tech-powered enterprise transformation

Never take chances with legacy systems, as you risk being cornered with harsh efficiency and security issues. With blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and big data among our signature techs, we can tailor a smooth iterative route for a complete business makeover.
  • Defining outdated system architectures
  • Choosing future-proof on-premise or cloud-based infrastructures
  • Instructing on innovative software implementation
  • Long-term roadmapping of safe solution adoption
A person developing an IT product strategy

IT product strategy consulting

We help put it all together for those who need a hand in building a sensible tech solution strategy. Always concise and to the point, our experts offer result-driven project plans while focusing on careful resource balancing.
  • Building phase-to-phase technical vision
  • Devising high-level architecture
  • Suggesting prototyping options
  • Outlining the scope and cost estimations
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Technology advisory

If you’re in two minds when picking the tech stack to handle specific needs, feel free to delegate the task to us. PixelPlex hosts a strong team of analysts who work hand in hand with the IT consulting squad to help clients break any tech barriers.
  • Defining the right programming language
  • Choosing out-of-the-box development platforms
  • Deciding upon storage and deployment infrastructures
  • Finding suitable security techniques
  • Assessing engineering and customization scopes
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Dedicated IT consulting tasks

We advocate a “better safe than sorry” approach within each point of your IT maintenance agenda. Meaning, we never undermine the tasks that seem little. Entrust to us any phase of your IT lifecycle — we’ll treat it with all due responsibility.
  • IT solutions consulting and deployment
  • IT infrastructure management and upgrading
  • IT delivery environment budgeting
  • Cybersecurity consulting
  • Risk and compliance analysis
  • IT infrastructure support
  • Website accessibility audit

Optimize your existing processes

Reach out to discover how to plan your business transformation, line out a digital product strategy, fuel vital operations, prevent overloads, and cut costs for digital services.

We focus on your industry specifics

To us, there cannot be an excuse for ignorance of detail. Our IT consulting firm has made it a rule to learn your target market and business niche competition, trends, and major issues. We’ll stack you up against any call whatsoever, whether you’re a newbie or a giant.


  • EHR implementation assistance
  • Distributed storage platform consulting
  • Patient data protection mechanisms
  • Medical equipment software checks and more
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FinTech & banking

  • Liquidity platforms advisory
  • NFT implementation and solutions
  • Secure document management platforms choice
  • Wealth management solutions consulting and more
A bank sign on a glass building


  • Innovative supply chain management technologies
  • Workflow optimization roadmaps
  • Digital goods authentication techniques
  • Advanced data and cargo tracking solutions and more
Several trucks following each other on a highway

Oil & gas

  • Enterprise safety monitoring strategies
  • Process automation solutions
  • Asset tracking, inspection, and remote management techniques
  • Equipment security and predictive maintenance tools
Pipes of a huge oil and gas factory

Retail & eCommerce

  • Delivery and chain-of-custody tracking options
  • Up-sell and cross-sell techniques
  • Transaction costs reduction solutions
  • Customer loyalty programs implementation and more
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Real estate

  • Smart contract implementation
  • Secure marketplace architecture mapping
  • Decentralized cadastre system technologies
  • Ownership verification automation and more
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Sharing economy

  • NFC techniques consulting
  • Order tracking solutions choice
  • Rights tokenization technologies
  • Low-fee transactions enablement and more
A person making payments using NFC technology

Haven’t found your domain?

Our cross-disciplinary expertise doesn’t limit to what’s listed above. Leave us your questions — we’ll get back to you for free to respond to any of them.

Uncovered and explained: IT consulting process

For years, our T-shaped experts have been honing an approach that enables clients to quickly hit the market and get their money’s worth. With complexity level in mind, we usually make advisory projects go through the following stages:

  • 1.


    In case you’re looking to check your existing solution, we run a complete analysis, detect and report issues if any, and suggest improvements. If you’re eager to become a new tech disruptor, we sit with your stakeholders to study your business case and digital transformation ideas while assessing their viability.

  • 2.


    Once we’ve documented requirements, we need a plan. Here’s where our IT consulting team designs a strategy that details the technology package to sit well with your infrastructure. We also proceed with high-level estimation.

  • 3.


    Abiding by the plan, we model the solution architecture and features, develop robust UX, design a solid infrastructure, suggest integrations or ready-made components. Finally, we come up with rollout and testing plans, detailed estimation and project roadmapping, while also offering full-scale solution engineering and support.

Why trust PixelPlex

Literally and figuratively, we try to keep our service standards to the absolute maximum.

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Client’s business goals are a priority

No matter what, we stick to the timeline, deliver within the plan and budget, while even finding ways to cut costs or to boost revenue.

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Cross-domain and multi-tech expertise

Blockchain, NFT and tokenization, cryptography, cybersecurity, AI, IoT, AR/VR, web and mobile development under any market specifics.

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450 successful projects

We do our best to live up to our stripes of a world-class award-winning B2B market leader.

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Trusted by global software vendors

The team keenly values its partnerships with Fortune 500 clients across the globe, including BMW, Microsoft, Swisscom, and Kakao.

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Compliant with international standards

We bring our solutions in line with any local jurisdiction or industry standard: AML/KYC, GDPR, ADA, PCI DSS, PSD2, HIPAA, FISMA, SEC, FDA, FCC, FERC, EU REACH, FCPA.

Reach us out for pointers

Now that you’ve made it to scroll down that far, we’re officially here for you to get you a short no-charge IT consulting call. Think of the questions that will be first and foremost.

The tech cornerstones of our engineering prowess

We’re passionate about building solutions upon the technologies that are a buzz for a reason. With their advanced impact, we help clients play big on the global market.

  • Blockchain

    PixelPlex has for years been consulting clients on how to maximize business efficiency and secure funds by implementing the DLT into enterprise infrastructures. Ask us to map out a flexible ecosystem that safely tackles your critical operations.

  • IoT, connected devices

    Our IoT expertise helps us seamlessly orchestrate multiple interdependent workflows within existing or planned infrastructures. Discover the ways to connect disparate digital and physical assets into a well-managed data turnaround network.

  • AI, cognitive computing

    Through our AI projects, we’ve built systems that automate complex time-consuming routines, streamline customer resolutions, and dramatically reduce man-hours. Take advantage of smart algorithms to translate big data into actionable business growth plans.

  • Extended Reality (AR/VR)

    With immersive AR/VR, there’s much more to your brand identity that can meet the eye. Let us help you open up unlimited business dimensions where you can stack up against competitors via thrilling product presentations and wowsome user journeys.

  • Web & mobile solutions

    Thanks to our cross-industry web and mobile development know-how, we can roadmap solutions that offer far beyond than a decent digital presence. Find out how to win large audiences at a click, sell for profit, and achieve flawless performance and speed.

Browse through our consulting portfolio

With our firm grasp of advanced tech gamut, we help clients all over the world live their sci-fi dreams. Check out our recent success stories and let’s get yours started!

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Clients’ testimonials are our inspiration

It’s thrilling to know you’ve made it to click with your clients during the projects. We value all the feedback we have received, so we’ll be pleased if you take a moment to leave yours.

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