Green Hypermarket

A digital transformation for a grocery store chain in 8 weeks

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • IoT
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Multi-platform end-to-end eCommerce solution

Launched as quickly as in 8 weeks, the platform supports a complete order delivery cycle — from processing, assembly and logistics to transportation.It helps bring together all the digital and physical points of customer engagement — from web, mobile and retail shops to call centers and social networks.

  • Extremely harsh timelines
  • The solution was meant to be smoothly deployed within a whole chain of shops while fitting into their well-established infrastructure, workflows, and integrations
  • Agile development with continuous change requests
Multi-platform end-to-end eCommerce solution
Project goals

The system was intended to easily integrate with the company’s infrastructure in place, support goods turnaround within the store, and handle the delivery process from A to Z.

To tackle the issue of eCommerce solution development the client was after a trusted engineering and design team capable of delivering within harsh timelines. For our ability to cover a complete development cycle with no external vendors, PixelPlex stood out from the competition. The team was to create a highly adaptive online store.

Work done
Adaptive eCommerce web platform that’s compatible with all mobile devices
Adaptive eCommerce web platform that’s compatible with all mobile devices
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Customer mobile app with a built-in loyalty system
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IoT app for order pickers. Integrated with a wearable tech (sensor-rich smart ring) to help optimize order picking routes
Thermal printer firmware for a food section
Thermal printer firmware for a food section
Supervisor control center for order management
Supervisor control center for order management
Delivery man app that integrates with a portable cash register
Delivery man app that integrates with a portable cash register
Integration with a legacy store management system (tens of stores, 100K+ SKUs)
Integration with a legacy store management system (tens of stores, 100K+ SKUs)
Integration with third-party services
Integration with third-party services
UI/UX design and feature prototyping
UI/UX design and feature prototyping
Implementation of testing framework for continuous automated QA delivery
Implementation of testing framework for continuous automated QA delivery
Project goals
All-in-one eCommerce workflow management tool

The solution is an e-store that helps orchestrate eCommerce, marketing, billing, and service efforts. The platform comprises a powerful web tool for sales and marketing management that focuses on continuous and calculable business improvement.

All-in-one eCommerce workflow management tool
Operational orchestration at all levels
Operational orchestration at all levels
  • Highly optimized role-based workflows
  • Integration with existing production line
  • Indexation and search around 10K+ goods in a matter of seconds
  • End-to-end order processing and delivery
  • Stock management and real-time tracking
  • Continuous pricing updates
  • Search management and personalized suggestions for customers
End-to-end order administration
End-to-end order administration
  • Complete order management cycle
  • Selection of goods and payments
  • Administration of order assembly and delivery
  • Goods database with prices and stock balances
  • Supervisor, logistics and delivery specialist user roles
Optimized order picking sequences
Optimized order picking sequences
  • Integration with stack and shelve numbers at each section, from cooked food and garden produce to pizza, pastry, splitted fish, and more
  • Automated planning of picking routes
  • Billing, payments, and refunds support
  • Approval of order changes
Merchandising and management
Merchandising and management
  • Goods allocation across the stacks and shelves
  • VAT rates storage
  • Management of a minimum stock on hand
Order delivery
Order delivery
  • Order delivery
  • Order receipt printing
  • Route sheet for batched orders
  • Automated planning of delivery routes
  • Uber-style delivery by external drivers, customer pickup
Seamless cross-platform experience

To increase both customer loyalty and conversion rate, we’ve made the navigation process ultimately intuitive. Due to an adaptive UI, choosing and buying goods will be easy from a PC and smartphone alike.

Step-by-step development process

Consulting and MVP development

Before starting with a full-blown solution, the client opted for a consulting session. Comprehensive tech advisory and project workshops are the services we provide to each client by default.Our business analysis team has made in-depth research of the client’s case, handled a complete cost-benefit assessment, and mapped out the solution’s potential commercial efficiency in detail. This helped the project’s stakeholders make up their minds to test the waters with an MVP. PixelPlex designers and engineers have stood up to the challenge successfully. By bringing in their rapid prototyping and programming best practices, they came up with a smoothly functioning prototype that helped win over the client’s assurance for further development.


Fully-fledged solution engineering

PixelPlex has built all the web and mobile parts of the system from the ground up. Also, we’ve handled a series of sophisticated integrations with the client’s existing infrastructure and external services. Engineering and design experts took care to fully adapt the UI and UX to all major browsers, screens, and orientations. Right from the outset, our team has devised a flexible architecture for the client to be able to add new features without wrecking the system’s workflows.


QA, testing, and ongoing support

The entire SDLC that we’ve handled also included end-to-end system, performance, and integration testing. Our team adapted the solution to easily withstand whopping user and load growth while bringing it in line with advanced SEO and mobility standards. Currently, we stay with the client to provide continuous tech support and upgrades.


By going digital and obtaining a powerful user engagement and retention instrument, the client has made it to exponentially grow their revenue, consistently increase market presence, and extend partnerships list.


Integration with multiple systems you have in place

PixelPlex has established a smooth data exchange with the client’s online store. With our cross-industry expertise, we can handle numerous integrations under complex requirements, be it retail networks with large product ranges or federal and international projects with wide daily change dynamics.

  • CRM and ERM systems integration
  • Communication with banking and payment systems
  • Integration with the loyalty program’s base
  • Connection with social networks
  • SMS gateway support
  • AWS integration
  • Supply chain systems support
Perfect fit for the industry

A go-to solution to easily manage your eCommerce workflows. We can customize our e-store solution based on your individual needs and the products you sell

iconFood & Beverage
iconHome Improvement
iconSports Equipment & Gear
iconDepartment Stores
iconArts, Crafts & Hobbies
iconElectronics & Appliances
iconClothing & Accessories
iconAutomobile Parts
5500 man-hours
  • 2 Mobile Developers
  • HTML-programmer
  • 4 Full-Stack Develpers
  • UI/UX Designer
  • QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Team Lead/Architect
  • Project Manager
Technologies used
  • Node.js
  • SQL
  • React.js
  • RabbitMQ
  • TypeScript
  • SCSS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Elasticsearch
Anton Semenenko

Anton Semenenko

Deputy Retail Director, Green

The Green hypermarket chain together with the PixelPlex team has made a rapid step to the e-commerce market by implementing a project to create an online store for the chain. We thank PixelPlex for their quality and dynamic work and appreciate their personal initiative and experience invested in the project. We hope for further fruitful cooperation.

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