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FitnessChain App

A blockchain-powered mobile application that helps users stay motivated

FitnessChain is a blockchain-based sports app that allows users to place bets on their training plans and get rewards for committing to workouts. The solution offers its own FITS coins — governance/loyalty tokens — that can be exchanged for discounts at sponsoring institutions.

  • Blockchain
  • Mobile
  • Smart Contracts
  • Fitness
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile
  • Smart Contracts
  • Fitness

Finding the motivation for sports training is not easy

Project goals

  • Create a sports application that would motivate its users to work out and stick to their training plans
  • Ensure the app’s security and transparency, and the accuracy of the recorded data using blockchain infrastructure
  • Find a way to monetize the app without negatively impacting the overall user experience
  • Introduce in-app tokens that users can earn for completing their training goals
  • Enable connectivity of the app to fitness devices

Work done

  • iOS mobile app
  • FITS, governance/loyalty token
  • Decentralized reward distribution mechanism
  • Matching engine
  • Algorithm for receiving, verifying, and adapting data from various wearable fitness devices


  • We have created an iOS mobile app with the goal of supporting people on their fitness journey. The application has been built using the Echo blockchain protocol which ensures decentralization and accuracy of recorded data and also provides the required transaction speed at an extremely low cost.
  • Smart contracts store hashed information received from fitness devices, such as Apple Watch, and are programmed to make decisions relating to the distribution of rewards.

Technologies used

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  • swift icon
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  • core location icon
  • smart contaract icon
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Decentralization as a core principle

The main goal — and at the same time the main challenge — was to create a decentralized network. The existing popular protocols did not fit this idea of the application for a number of reasons. Some of them, for example, have high transaction fees, or they’re more suitable for transferring assets.

Others don’t provide the necessary transparency of the distribution algorithm, making it difficult to implement the main concept of the application. So, we decided to build our app using the Echo blockchain protocol.

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Learn more about Echo
  • High-frequency execution layertwo squares with a pattern line
  • Flexible smart contractstwo squares with a pattern line
  • Ability to store data on the blockchaintwo squares with a pattern line
  • Low-cost transactionstwo squares with a pattern line

Blockchain ensures decentralization and makes the system fully transparent. Decentralization implies a complete absence of central authority, which makes it almost impossible to cheat the system.

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Here’s what we offer

  • Users don't need to set crazy goals. The app will evaluate their parameters and preferences and suggest the most appropriate training options
  • Users can work out in the way they feel most comfortable and additionally be rewarded for their commitment to training
  • The promise to start working out on Monday will now become a reality
  • Users can join training groups according to their sporting interests
payment fitness chain mobile app screen
Bets and token earnings

Users have an opportunity to earn loyalty tokens and place bets using popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins

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Transparent reward system

The reward system is fully transparent. Rewards are calculated automatically as the logic is embedded in smart contracts

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Easy wallet management

Users can create and manage a wallet (coin transfer and replenishment) and fund an account using built-in payments

push notifications for reminders and recomendations fitness chain mobile app screen
Timely tips and reminders

Push notifications to work with reminders and recommendations are implemented

parametrs(weight, height, password) in blockhain fitness chain mobile app screen
Secure data storage

All the information is stored on the blockchain

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Main capabilities

  • blockchain-token

    Using FITS coins to accrue bonuses

  • exchange tokens icon

    Ability to exchange FITS coins for sponsors’ goods or use in-app tokens

  • friends icon

    Registration and questionnaire for training selection

  • system bar icon

    Choosing a favorite sport and customizing training intensity

  • calculator icon

    Automatic rewards calculation and distribution

  • idata import icon

    Reading data from the embedded devices

  • trophy icon

    Locking a certain number of tokens from the user’s account for the next daily or weekly goal after its registration in a smart contract. Unlocking tokens and distributing rewards if the goals are met

How the reward mechanism works

How to get started

  1. 1

    Register in the application

  2. 2

    Take a survey to determine the level of physical fitness and sports preferences

  3. 3

    Connect the app to the fitness device

  4. 4

    Select a fitness group, join it, and set workout goals

  5. 5

    Start working out

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  • fitness chain app reward and penalties screen

    Helping to stay committed

    FitnessChain app rewards users for completing their workout plans and applies penalties to those who are not committed to their fitness goals.

  • fitness chain app betting screen

    Betting system for better motivation

    A user voluntarily joins a certain group of people who perform the same training program. Before the training starts, all members of the group make bets that they will complete the workout plan within a certain period of time. Betting is optional and for any amount in tokens.

  • fitness chain app total reward screen

    Fair fund distribution

    The betting amount of all the participants in the group forms a fund, which at the end of the training period is distributed proportionally among those who successfully completed the goal.

FITS coins as governance / loyalty tokens

There are at least four options that users can choose when registering their workout plans:

  • In this case, when a user joins a certain training group, they make a bet, which is optional, that they will fulfill a specific goal. Then the size of the bet is locked. It’s unlocked when the goal is reached within a certain period of time – a week or a month (depending on the conditions of the group the user has joined).
  • In general, the user doesn’t lose anything if they regularly perform all the tasks that they set for themselves. Concurrently, users get the opportunity to earn from the bets of those who didn’t fulfill the training goal.
  • This way the user doesn’t need to put in their own money into the application. FITS coins are distributed automatically depending on what training conditions have been fulfilled. The token distribution logic is embedded in the smart contracts.
  • Users can exchange the loyalty tokens they receive for additional services available in the app, or towards discounts from sponsors.
  • The prize fund will be open for all users to compete. They can join the challenge and, as a result, the prize will go to the winner or will be distributed among several people (depending on the established training conditions). The challenge creator will also receive a small percent of the total pool.
  • If none of the above options are of interest to the user, they can use the application simply as a fitness tracker and set goals without placing bets.

App monetization

Considering the FitnessChain app's target audience and its core concept of reward distribution, we decided to apply affiliate marketing techniques, sponsored advertising, and influencer marketing. Here's our plan:

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    Continue to increase the number of sponsors

  • user identifying icon

    App promotion through influencers

  • context icon

    Use contextual advertising

  • wallet icon

    Attract sponsors

  • dashboard icon

    Attract a certain number of users and reach a stable percentage of their retention

  • settings icon

    Launch a reward system for completed workouts

  • coins icon

    Earn a small percent from the general fund before the distribution of rewards begins

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development plans

  • Android mobile app
  • AI-driven suggestions
  • Expand the range of devices that can be connected to the FitnessChain app
  • Add new features such as meal plans, water intake, and consultations with experts in fitness and nutrition

And more!

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