Blockchain Car Sharing & Automotive Supply Chain

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3-in-1 enterprise blockchain solution for car-sharing services, vehicle condition control, and car parts supply chain, powered by smart contracts.

December 2017 - August 2018

Work done

  • Blockchain PoC powering P2P car sharing
  • Blockchain PoC for car parts supply chain
  • Blockchain car maintenance book
  • Development of the front-end & back-end
  • A server layer for blockchain-to-GUI connection
  • Business logic & smart contract integration
  • API gateway for linking a digital payment system


PixelPlex team was reached out by one of the world’s recognized brands in the automotive industry, headquartered in the US. With decades of car manufacturing experience, the company provides its customers with top-performance vehicles and a wide range of common mobility services: car sales and resales, trade-in, car rentals, and car-sharing.


The customer contacted us when seeking to pave the way for securing the processes related to car manufacturing supply chain. In the meantime, the company was also looking into ways to use blockchain across a number of automotive services with opportunities in ride- and car-sharing, as well as instant remote payments.

Objectives Our Team Elaborated

We have set ourselves up to reach and fulfil the following milestones:

  • Develop a software to reduce counterfeits in car parts supply chains;
  • Create a decentralized car management database for mobility services;
  • Build trust among parties involved in supply chains and P2P car-sharing;
  • and track recorded data.


It was chosen to build an extended system and pack it into one blockchain-based platform. A single multifunctional solution created and delivered by our in-house blockchain and mobile teams has ultimately managed to help our customer meet their business objectives and drive value from the blockchain technology. 

Called DDrive, the platform has an integrated nature and acts as a decentralized car-sharing and P2P digital payment tool, a car part supply chain management solution, as well as a car maintenance book.

Blockchain P2P Car Sharing & Rental Platform

The functionality we introduced helps secure most forms of shared mobility. Blockchain-powered identification is fast enough to manage multiple P2P money transfers while ensuring accuracy of all provided information and compliance with the regulations.

The solution facilitates and boosts:

  • Remote car user identification and whitelists;
  • Automation of vehicle’s lock and unlock feature;
  • Instant money transfers and digital payments;
  • Tamper-proof vehicle history repository;
  • Odometer fraud prevention and detection.

Temporary car access authorization is based on customer deposits through their digital wallets, while the process of remote car locking and unlocking is carried out through a smart contract.

Blockchain-Based Car Parts Supply Chain

The target point for us was to make DDrive track car part production, transportation, and retail sale, as one of our customer’s concerns was to improve management system within manufacturing. 

Value the platform brings into the car part supply chain:

  • Upload and store material processing data;
  • Certify car parts and verify their ownership;
  • Control inventory levels and ensure timely delivery;
  • Access all data that has been recorded previously;
  • Prove data authenticity in a transparent workspace;
  • No heavy flow of paperwork and middlemen involved.

Car Maintenance Book on Blockchain

What we additionally implemented within the scope of the platform’s blockchain was a shared car maintenance book for vehicle lifecycle management. It works as a database for storing vehicle maintenance history, where the activity log can be accessed and viewed at any time.

Key functionality in a nutshell:

  • Storage of data from on-board systems and service providers: mileage, location, repairs, vehicle’s current condition and estimated life expectancy of the replaced car parts;
  • Immutability of stored information. It always can be accessed, viewed, and tracked, as well as shared with third-party car service providers.


  • Remote car user identification and authorization
  • Instant transactions and money transfers
  • Car components tracking and ownership verification
  • On-board systems and service provider data storage
  • Immutability of stored info and steady access to it


Graphene, C++, Node.js, React, Swift, Kotlin


  • 4 Blockchain Developers
  • 3 Mobile Developers
  • 4 Backend Developers
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager


8 months

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