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Smart Home App

An application that gives homeowners full control of their smart devices.

Intuitive smart home app featuring an easy-to-use interface and controls for lights, roller blinds, gates and locks, air conditioning and ventilation, home appliances, and security settings.
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Project goals

The aim of the project was to give users complete control over light management and dimming systems, allow them to make the most of climate control systems, easily manage the amount of sunlight in the rooms with roller blinds, manage home appliances remotely – all within one intuitive application.

The idea for the smart home system was to make it adaptable to the ever-changing conditions in the house by accentuating communication between devices. This meant using sensors to detect, for example, the number of people in the room, and tune the appropriate devices to the active scenarios.

Our engineering and design teams set out to create a convenient user interface that would provide a seamless experience and at the same time retain all the important features a smart home app needs.


  • A wide range of home devices, some of which do not natively have Internet and application connectivity.
  • Many devices are controlled by a separate application from the manufacturer.


  • Our team has found a way to turn all devices into “smart” ones which can then easily connect to the Internet and our app.
  • We have created an IoT application that allows the user to manage all devices in one place, without having to install apps for each individual piece of equipment.
tablet on the tablelamps on the background of the wallwindows with blindsthe door with a smart lockair conditioning on the wallwashing machine with things
Lighting management

The app allows you to control lighting across all rooms. Users can create scenarios to adjust the brightness for every space according to their taste and/or activities.

Possible scenarios

light bulb icon
Night-time stroll

Dimmed lighting

movie icon
Movie night

Just the right vibe

party ball icon
Party scene

Match the music with a great atmosphere

book icon
Cozy reading

Set the mood for a good read

A light that follows you around

Motion sensors allow homeowners to use the app and program the lights to turn on when someone enters a room. They switch off automatically shortly after the room becomes empty.

Roller blinds

The app lets you open and close the roller blinds throughout the house with just a few taps. They can be set to open in the morning to wake a person up, instead of the usually annoying alarm clock, and automatically close a little after dusk, letting the owner get a glimpse of the sunset.

Controlling the blinds without getting off the couch

Using our smart home app, there’s no need to interrupt a person’s leisure time whether it’s reading a book in bed or watching a favorite show. Users can close the blinds shut or cover them up a little just to block the sunlight.

Alternative option – do it manually

We’ve configured the blinds to automatically open/close with one pull. The application also updates the current state in the control panel, so the user can always change it from their mobile phone.

Gates and locks

Homeowners are provided with remote control of their gates, with an additional widget on the home screen for convenience.

No more forgetting to lock the gates

The app lets the smart home know the owner is approaching and opens the gate to let them in. When leaving the house, there’s no need to worry about closing as the application takes care of it automatically for the user.

ibeacon logo

This functionality is supported by iBeacon technology and our expert team performed all the appropriate integrations.

Heat, air conditioning, and ventilation

The application helps make sure the owners return to a home with the perfect conditions and lets them maintain the desired temperature and humidity. The users can also create and apply scenarios, relying on the app to prepare the rooms for them.

Possible scenarios

wind icon

After running a few laps, return to a refreshing atmosphere

weather icon

After riding the sled with the kids, take a warm and comfy refuge

relax icon

Sit back and relax after work, set up your perfect climate after a long day

custom icon

Having some guests over, tune your home’s climate to guest preferences

Keeping owners comfortable throughout seasons

The app allows users to maintain the perfect indoor climate to stay warm in the winter, cool down during the hot summer, or keep dry in the fall and spring. Setting the appropriate temperature and humidity for each season is easy and needs to be done only once.

Climate control systems working as one

The smart home system is designed in a way that users only need to set the climate parameters while the application receives data from sensors and monitors the conditions, including the number of people in a room, and sets the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems to the right settings.

Protection from polluted air

The smart home system uses sensors to pick up dust and smoke particles. The app automatically switches on the ventilation and/or air purifiers to maintain a clean and fresh air atmosphere inside the house. Regularly refreshed air keeps the owners healthy and also helps ward off viral diseases.

Home appliances

The app allows turning the smart home into a living organism with all devices working autonomously. Homeowners can create scenarios for their home appliances and sit back and enjoy as the application accommodates every situation.

music icon

Make the speakers play your favorites when you walk in

TV icon

Control the TV and game time schedule for the kids

vacuum cleaner icon

Set your robot vacuum to start cleaning when you are away

kitchen icon

Control your kitchen appliance and equipment, even from another room

complete smart home solution

As this was an in-house project, we were engaged from end to end. Our team worked on each and every interface, and tuned every device in addition to crafting the application’s architecture. We have also left the opportunity to control devices manually, with the smart home app picking up on the status of every device and providing the ultimate remote control.

Home protection and monitoring

The application keeps users posted if anything goes wrong in the house and sends out notifications. Homeowners can feel safe and react quickly in case of any danger.

  • Leak detection sensors will shut the electro valve in case of flooding and immediately notify that plumbing needs to be fixed.
  • Smoke sensors play the same role and protect from fire hazards, alerting the owners instantly via the smart home app.
  • The app allows users to remotely switch off any device that seems to be working improperly.
phone with the app in hand

Energy consumption monitoring

The application shows the overall energy consumption over a selected period of time along with the percentage spent on lighting, air conditioning, and appliances. This lets you plan your expenses and optimize electricity costs.

    control via the phone with the app in hand

    Home security

    The app can be used to configure and set the alarm, monitor all sensors across the house premises, including the surveillance cameras, and control the intercom. It’s a complete smart home security solution.

      Homeowner notified of anything shady

      If a house is equipped with motion sensors and surveillance cameras, our smart home app can use them to keep the owners safe. The user can receive notifications and get a live feed from the camera to check if it’s just one of the kids going for a night-time stroll or if there’s an unwanted visitor.

      Remote control of the front door

      Our smart home app allows users to open the door to the people they trust right from their mobile phone. Homeowners don’t need to worry about being home to pick up the delivery. The app sends a notification when the bell rings and the owner opens the door for the delivery man to leave the package inside.

      a person blocks a house by pressing a button

      Smart home voice control

      Users have the option to interact with created scenarios through Siri or Alexa. Homeowners can ask their smart home to prepare the scene for a movie night, set the oven for cooking dinner, or ask to clean up the mess the children made in the living room. Our app is fully set to respond to commands from virtual assistants.

        a woman runs a house using a phone

        Tablet version for the home control center

        We’ve optimized the UI of the app for landscape view. It can also be installed on a tablet attached to the wall and used as the home control center with a convenient dashboard to monitor all devices.

        the interface view on the tablet

        Myth vs Reality


        If the internet goes down, the whole system will stop working.

        When the Internet is turned off, the ability to control the smart home from the outside will simply disappear, but the system will continue to work locally. However, being inside the apartment, everything will remain the same, or the owner can use the switches manually.


        It is difficult for kids to use the application.

        In our vision, children should not have absolute access to all devices in their house for their own safety. Given that, the application can be customized and adapted for kids. There can be a separate and more simplified interface with the ability to control a limited number of devices. Children can also manage them using Siri or Alexa voice commands.


        The “Smart Home” transformation is very expensive.

        First of all, everything is individual. The price for transformation largely depends on the number of connected devices, innovations introduced, and the complexity of the mobile application.

        Smart Home implies wireless transformation, which saves a significant amount of money on wiring, home renovations, and architectural solutions.

        Smart Home implementation cuts utility costs significantly, since the solution allows the owner of the house to use water and electricity much more efficiently.

        By investing in Smart Home, the homeowner is investing in saving money in the future.

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