Super convenient mobile solution for coffee drinkers and baristas

Mobile app that allows you to order coffee online and take it away without waiting in a queue.

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ProCoffee is an easy-to-use mobile app that lets you order coffee online from your favourite coffee shop and take it away when it’s ready.

Project goals

To create an elaborate and useful mobile application for coffee drinkers and baristas that will enable the customer to:



Once a customer has made an order, the barista receives a notification and starts preparing the coffee.



On the customer’s arrival at the coffee shop, the order is ready to collect — so there’s no wasting time standing in a long line. The money is drawn from the customer’s account only after they get their drink.


Get a coffee

With just a couple of taps on the phone your coffee is ready to go.

Project features

In a world where people are always in a rush and don’t have the time and patience to wait, ordering apps offer real benefits. Our team has designed an all-time mobile application that clicks with both customers and baristas.

This kind of mobile application proves to be especially opportune during the pandemic times, when we are required to adhere to social distancing rules and minimise crowding in public places but still want to support our much-loved coffee shops and prevent them from closing.


Contactless payment for your order + possibility of QR-code payment

The money will be drawn from the customer’s account once the coffee is ready and the customer has taken it away.

Baristas, for their part, won’t have to carry out lengthy payment procedures and will instead be able to serve more people.

Monoblock computer

Compatibility with different devices

Consistent user experience over a number of different environments.


Opening hours monitoring

Customers can indicate their location and the app will provide a list of nearby coffee shops with their opening hours.

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Opportunity to make deposits and participate in loyalty programs

If customers have a particular coffee that they drink on a regular basis, they can pay a deposit (which pays for a certain number of cups of that particular drink).

The benefit of the deposit is that if the coffee price goes up, the customer won’t have to pay extra.

tapping finger

Easy navigation both for baristas (coffee shop owners) and customers

A clear and comprehensible navigation system that keeps all users engaged.

cup with steam on it

Freshly prepared coffee is guaranteed

Just a couple of taps — and the customer gets the steaming, fragrant, invigorating drink that they’ve been longing for.

person holding smartphone with procoffee app running on it

Notification of when the coffee is ready

When the customer makes an order, the barista will receive a notification and get on with preparing the drink. Once the coffee is ready, the customer will be immediately notified too.

The customer can also track the status of the order, leave comments or remove the order from the cart.

How it works

The app is intended for two parties — administrators (coffee shop owners or baristas) and customers.

Admins (baristas)

To become an administrator and add your coffee shop to the database/map, you have to contact the support service. After you’ve been given approval, you can add your coffee items as well as their prices to the menu section of the app.

Administrators can add, delete, and edit menu categories and even provide photos of the menu items.


To register in the app, customers have to enter their mobile phone number, choose the coffee point where they wish to make an order, and contact its administrator who will then add them to the customer database.

Once users have signed up, they’re required to transfer a certain amount of money to the coffee shop administrator, who then will top up the customer's account balance.

Technologies used:

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