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HELO Blockchain

Eco-friendly blockchain platform

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About the client

NuPay Technologies is a blockchain corporation dedicated to creating innovative and sustainable enterprise solutions. The company aims to unlock the limitless potential of digital assets while having a minimal impact on the environment.



PixelPlex has developed the HELO blockchain powered by the groundbreaking Proof of Ethic consensus mechanism. The platform boasts blazing-fast performance, robust security mechanisms, and low energy consumption and can be accessed via an intuitive cross-platform application running on several operating systems.



  • C++ developers5
  • Lead developers2
  • DevOps2
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst

HELO wallet app

  • Flutter developers5
  • Lead developer
  • Project managers2
  • Backend developer
  • Business analyst
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA engineers2

Project background

It all started with a breakthrough innovation.

Eager to redefine the blockchain landscape, NuPay Technologies developed a state-of-the-art consensus mechanism called Proof of Ethic (PoE).

PoE is an egalitarian consensus algorithm capable of solving the so-called scalability trilemma without resorting to techniques such as Layer 2.

What makes Proof of Ethic really special is that it is:

  • Eco-friendly, as it requires small amounts of energy
  • High-performing and scalable due to the sophisticated underlying mechanisms
  • Secure, and does not put users’ data at risk
  • Egalitarian, as its consensus allows anyone to be a node/validator to generate coins

Keen to build a next-gen blockchain based on their own sophisticated Proof of Ethic consensus, NuPay Technologies got in touch with our blockchain team. Now, we are really excited about sharing the results of our fruitful collaboration.

Project goals

Alongside the client, we dedicated numerous sessions to establishing and prioritizing the following project goals:

  • 1

    Design a fully-fledged blockchain ecosystem

  • 2

    Fine-tune a robust blockchain architecture

  • 3

    Ensure the blockchain platform’s security

  • 4

    Develop and integrate the platform’s native token

  • 5

    Provide a smooth gateway to the blockchain from different devices

Work done

  • Sustainable and high-performing blockchain platform
  • Integration of KYC security mechanisms
  • Cross-platform application for Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • HELO™ and PENIA tokens development and implementation
  • Built-in wallet for executing transactions
  • Set-up of a trust fund and in-app polls


Our team has developed a leading-edge blockchain called HELO that is set to become a serious game-changer and redefine the entire blockchain landscape.

HELO is powered by the exclusive PoE consensus mechanism that enables it to demonstrate outstanding performance while remaining as eco-friendly as possible.

To access the full gamut of the blockchain’s functionalities, our developers have created a cross-platform app that can be leveraged on several operating systems, including Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.

The blockchain app boasts an integrated on-chain Know Your Customer (KYC) mechanism to minimize the risk of criminal activity on the blockchain. It also incorporates the trust fund functionality to conveniently manage funds within the platform, as well as the poll feature empowering HELO users to participate in the blockchain’s governance process.


Before we kicked off, we scrutinized the client’s requirements, estimated the scope of work, and put forward our ideas and criteria for the project’s implementation. Next, we proceeded with the production cycle.

Blockchain platform

The client approached us with their vision of the blockchain and entrusted our experts with the platform development as well as the implementation of the Proof of Ethic consensus.

To deliver a high-performing blockchain with a robust architecture, we have relied on cutting-edge tools, libraries, and frameworks. In addition, we have thought through and executed the smooth integration of the blockchain’s native tokens that can be leveraged by users.

As far as other technical characteristics are concerned, the HELO blockchain has been designed in such a way that all nodes have an equal chance to generate the next block. At the same time, nodes have to comply with a structured behavioral system in order to perform various actions related to the decentralized network.

Also significant is the client’s wish that the HELO blockchain be zero-fee. That is why our team has utilized efficient algorithms, dynamic block sizes, and other blockchain optimization strategies to eliminate transaction and gas fees.

What makes the HELO blockchain stand out?

  • Zero fees

  • Environmentally-friendly

  • Highly scalable

  • Egalitarian and accessible to anyone

  • Totally secure

  • Decentralized

Cross-platform application

Once the core technical components of the blockchain architecture were created, we got down to the design of a mobile and desktop application that serves as a gateway to HELO’s features and functionalities.

To conveniently execute operations with tokens, we have delivered an intuitive cross-platform application that can be accessed on different operating systems, namely Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows.

When signing up, users are required by the app to go through KYC verification and come up with a PIN code. On successful registration, users can create a wallet and enjoy a host of the HELO blockchain features and possibilities, including buying, trading, and withdrawing tokens, viewing wallet balances and transaction history, etc.


HELO’s in-app wallet has been specifically designed to help users smoothly execute different operations with their tokens. The wallet allows for sending and receiving tokens, viewing transaction history, withdrawing funds, and more. As well as this, it provides users with the most relevant token information extracted from various exchanges. Plus, the security of the wallet is guaranteed by the chain itself and the KYC mechanism.

Main integrations

KYC verification

After looking into a range of KYC providers, we decided to opt for Sumsub. This KYC platform can effectively and safely process several queries within a short period of time and provides high-quality support. It also boasts smooth onboarding and compliance and can be easily integrated with the blockchain application.

It’s worth noting that no personal data is stored by HELO after KYC has been completed

HELO™ and PENIA tokens

The HELO blockchain possesses its own native coins called HELO™ and PENIA that can be traded, exchanged, and used in the platform’s polls. The only thing users need to have is an active MetaMask or another wallet account that supports the wallet connection.

Our task was to ensure that users could obtain tokens seamlessly within both the mobile and desktop versions of the app and also be able to use them for their specific purposes afterwards.

Trust funds

Our developers have integrated the trust fund functionality, allowing users to effectively manage their funds.

Once a user has created a trust fund on HELO, they are required to define rules regarding how often and how much money they will contribute to the fund. Essentially, they can indicate how much money beneficiaries can withdraw from the trust fund without the user’s consent. If a user sets up everything correctly, they are rewarded with PENIA tokens.

After a predefined time period, the remaining funds in the trust funds are made available to the contributors based on predetermined ratios on creation.

Tyche polls

Given that the HELO blockchain is guided by the principles of democracy and fairness, we have decided to include the poll functionality. It provides HELO users with the ability to both create and take part in different polls related to the platform’s further development and governance.

Users can apply multiple filters to polls. For example, they can make them public or private and choose which specific token they want to use as a voting tool.

Project features

  • Strong focus on sustainability
  • High transaction throughput
  • Robust security mechanisms guaranteeing user data safety
  • User-friendly interface displaying the blockchain node functionality
  • Increased scalability
  • Ability to participate in the blockchain’s governance
  • Reward mechanism for loyal and active blockchain users
  • Opportunity to view relevant token statistics

Technologies used

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