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Mobile IoT System for Device and Sensor Management

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Mobile IoT-powered management system for secure assets monitoring and smart device performance control on industrial and residential premises


Project goals

  • Create an intelligent system that performs according to the environment
  • Build an app to process, visualize and store sensor data that is sent to and from a smartphone or other smart devices
  • Boost productivity and profitability while improving workplace safety

Work done

iOS app Android app


CTRL is an intelligent ecosystem which relies on a number of connected devices that monitor, control and manage various operations and working conditions. The platform collects, stores, processes and visualizes various data from different types of sensors, business applications and IoT devices. Fostering comfort and greater security, this IoT solution is widely applied in modern offices, warehouses, factories, schools and apartment buildings.

Technologies used:



A large European provider of multiple end-to-end products, internet services and integrated solutions to all-sized businesses focusing on such areas as telecommunications, power, and security.


Maximum flexibility and cost-effectiveness are key in the modern approach to security and comfort. Efficient business and asset management require both companies and individuals to search for a solution that can provide valuable, real-time insights into various processes. Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in a large office, manufacture complex or a private residential unit is becoming increasingly vital, creating a strong need for a comprehensive process automation. However, proper control over sustainable use of resources and energy consumption often becomes neglected due to the number of running devices and systems, or overall complexity of operations.

Smart Device Control

The mobile app delivered by our team has been designed to meet the most demanding asset monitoring scenarios. CTRL puts the user in complete control over efficiency and consumption of power.

Different types of sensors are the most popular use cases. As soon as a sensor understands that there’s no one in the room, the lights automatically turn off. If a temperature sensor shows a value that goes beyond predetermined permissible parameters, the intensity of energy decreases. There’s also an option to set up more complicated routines.

The system can re-configure software and device settings intuitively and remotely, without the need to have physical access to the device. Besides, the user may also use CTRL for ordinary automatic actions like adjusting room temperature based on the time of day for minimizing evening- and night-time energy consumption.

Through a smart device, from anywhere and at any time, the application ensures strong comprehensive control, which is exactly what CTRL stands for.

Solution Architecture

The solution works by interconnecting wireless devices and integrating the CTRL app across wireless automation protocols Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and BLE. Equipment operational data is sent to user’s smartphone or other mobile devices. The app is supported on multiple types of platforms and in a number of operating environments.

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Project features

Compatibility with 7 types of smart devices End-to-end encryption for stronger security Custom automated scenarios Personalized dashboard Remote configuration

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