Bitcoin development services

Take control of your transactions

As a pioneer in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin provides a solid foundation for dApps seeking stability and trust. It's decentralized nature guarantees censorship resistance and immutability, making it ideal for applications that require transparent and secure transactions without relying on intermediaries.

PixelPlex provides Bitcoin development services beyond simply buying and selling the cryptocurrency. It's about harnessing the power of the Bitcoin network to create innovative solutions for your business.

The transparency you need

Integrate secure systems to accept Bitcoin payments, attracting tech-savvy clients. This not only expands your market but positions you as an innovator in the financial technology space.

Bitcoin's robust cryptography can be implemented to bolster your overall security posture. PixelPlex's team of Bitcoin development specialists can help you leverage this technology for secure data storage and transaction processing.

Bitcoin development services by PixelPlex

Our team of specialists combines cutting-edge Bitcoin development with traditional finance expertise. We craft solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, streamline operations for maximum efficiency, and maximize the benefits of Bitcoin for your business.

Seamlessly integrate secure systems for accepting Bitcoin payments, expanding your customer base. PixelPlex developers ensure robust security measures and compliance to protect your business and customers.

Create user-friendly and secure Bitcoin wallets for your customers or employees. These wallets allow for convenient storage, sending, and receiving of Bitcoin. We tailor the wallet design and functionality to your specific needs and brand identity.

Our smart contract development experts specialize in crafting secure smart contracts that seamlessly integrate with the Bitcoin network, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline your operations, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Gain valuable insights into your Bitcoin transactions and user behavior through customized data analytics dashboards. Identify trends, track customer preferences, and optimize your Bitcoin strategy for better results.

Ensure the robustness of your Bitcoin infrastructure with our comprehensive security audits and expert consulting services. PixelPlex's team identifies potential vulnerabilities and recommends best practices to safeguard your Bitcoin assets and transactions.

Benefits for your industry

While some see it as a currency, Bitcoin's underlying technology offers a powerful toolbox for businesses across all industries. Let's explore how Bitcoin development can be tailored to unlock new possibilities for your company.

FinTech & banking

Our team can help you streamline cross-border payments, reduce settlement times, and create innovative financial products with secure and transparent Bitcoin-based solutions.

  • Eliminated intermediaries and international fees
  • Protected customer data
  • New investment opportunities
  • Borderless financial services to previously unbanked markets
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Retail & eCommerce

We can contribute to a greater transparency in your supply chain, enhanced customer trust, and even reduced costs. By integrating cryptocurrency payment options you will get faster and safer transactions compared to traditional payment methods.

  • Loyalty programs with exclusive benefits
  • Elevated customer experience
  • Transparency in sourcing and production
  • Fast and safe payments
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Supply chain & logistics

Eliminate delays caused by traditional payment methods. Bitcoin transactions are swift and secure, potentially speeding up payments between suppliers, distributors, and other parties involved.

  • Improved audit trails
  • Borderless transactions
  • Automated processes within the supply chain network
  • Increased transparency for stakeholders
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Track the movement of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies securely, ensuring authenticity and preventing counterfeiting. Facilitate transparent online payments for remote consultations.

  • Safely stored and managed patient records
  • Secure healthcare payments
  • Enhanced medication tracking
  • Transparency for regulatory compliance
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Real estate

Bitcoin eliminates geographical limitations on transactions. This can open up your properties to a wider pool of international buyers, expanding your market reach.

  • Automated complex transactions with smart contracts
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Removed intermediaries
  • Fractional ownership opportunities
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Oil & gas

Maintain a tamper-proof record of transactions to simplify compliance with complex regulations. Facilitate secure and transparent information sharing between all participants in the oil & gas supply chain.

  • Reduced counterparty risk
  • Secure trade finance transactions
  • Global accessibility
  • Immutable record-keeping
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Bitcoin development process

PixelPlex simplifies complex financial tasks with Bitcoin. We craft secure systems that streamline transactions and foster collaboration, empowering your business to unlock its full potential.

Discovery & planning

We work closely with you to understand your business goals. This phase involves in-depth discussions, competitor analysis, and market research to ensure a tailored solution.


  • Business analysis report
  • Project roadmap
  • Success metrics

Design & architecture

Our team crafts a system architecture to integrate Bitcoin into your infrastructure. We choose suitable blockchain protocols, design wallets, and outline data security measures.


  • Architecture diagrams
  • UI wireframes and mockups
  • Data security plan

Smart contract development

We craft secure and efficient smart contracts, guaranteeing their maximum protection from vulnerabilities, and implement robust APIs.


  • Securely coded smart contracts
  • Unit testing reports
  • Multi-signature wallet integration

Testing & QA

We test the Bitcoin integration for functionality and performance. This includes penetration testing, stress testing, and compatibility testing across different platforms.


  • Detailed test reports
  • Performance benchmarks
  • Security audit report

Deployment & launch

We carefully deploy the solution into your environment with minimal disruption. This phase involves system configuration, user training, and go-live support.


  • Deployed integration within your system
  • User training materials
  • Ongoing support plan

Maintenance and support

PixelPlex offers ongoing maintenance and support to ensure the smooth operation and security of your Bitcoin integration.


  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Timely security updates and vulnerability patching
  • Dedicated support team

Why us

We build more than just Bitcoin solutions – we build confidence. Our Bitcoin integrations safeguard your financial data and transactions, empowering you to manage your assets with peace of mind.

Seamless from start to finish

Our expert team manages every stage of Bitcoin development, scaling your solution from concept to full-fledged reality. We leverage cross-disciplinary proficiency to ensure seamless integration and overcome any challenges.

Fortress-level security

PixelPlex prioritizes top-notch security with zero tolerance for vulnerabilities. We safeguard your Bitcoin transactions with robust protocols and constant vigilance.

A team steeped in Web3

Our engineers are not only talented, but also active contributors, auditors, and whitehat hackers within the Web3 space. We build products we trust, ensuring the same level of security for your Bitcoin integration.

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Our case studies

See how we've helped businesses like yours leverage Bitcoin and blockchain development solutions to achieve robust security, streamline financial processes, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Sustainable pool mining platform

  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Mining
  • Bitcoin

We created a platform that facilitates Bitcoin mining using only renewable energy sources. Miners can connect with pools that leverage sustainable energy sources.

  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • User-friendly interface
  • Transparency features
  • Performance optimization
  • Scalable architecture

UTXO-based blockchain and DApp development platform

  • Mobile wallet
  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • DApp development
  • Cryptocurrency

We designed a blockchain platform that combines the security of the Bitcoin core architecture with the smart contract functionality.

  • Blockchain protocol implementation
  • Smart contract integration
  • Mobile wallet development
  • API development
  • Ecosystem services

Smart contract Layer 2 blockchain protocol

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency
  • DApps
  • Smart contracts
  • DeFi-styled bridges

We developed a Layer 2 protocol that is designed to enhance scalability and functionality for existing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Secure transactions
  • Integration with the Bitcoin network
  • Smart contract functionalities
  • Enhanced Ethereum scalability
  • Top interoperability among different chains

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