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Unlocking new revenue streams in NFT marketplaces

NFT marketplaces foster vibrant projects, creator communities, and productive collaborations while monetizing assets and enabling digital ownership of unique works. Let’s democratize the creative economy, leveraging decentralization, smart contract-enabled automation, and global access.

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Why is NFT marketplace development essential?

NFT marketplace developers drive the decentralized economy and spark innovation across industries. Diversify revenue streams, create unconventional liquidity opportunities, and capitalize on trading all kinds of artifacts — we’ll build you a cutting-edge DeFi app, P2E gaming platform, or multi-purpose NFT marketplace.


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NFT trading volume in Q2 2022


NFT sales volume in Q2 2022

Our NFT marketplace development services

A schematic example of an NFT marketplace components

On top of NFT marketplace development services, we handle the integration of crypto wallets powered with hardware-level security protocols. Leverage hassle-free NFT infrastructure governance, win over upscale user segment loyalty, and grow revenue.

  • Permissioned and open NFT marketplaces
  • Auctioning, FP, and packaged commercial models
  • NFT marketplace monitoring and support
  • External and version upgrades
  • Node stability tracking

Capitalize on price fluctuations, versatile liquidity, and return opportunities. To help you monetize idle assets, we develop NFT lending platforms that generate passive income, diversify investment risks, and enable access to premium collectibles.

  • Secure peer-to-peer operations
  • Smart contract-enabled escrow
  • Tokenized lease and collateral
  • Bad loan detection
  • Transparent rating and review systems

For any business purpose, we build full-blown NFT ecosystems powered by metaverse. Securely validate transactions via smart contracts and integrate marketplaces, hosting platforms, and token protocols at scale.

  • Stable payment and storage solutions
  • UI/UX, NFT marketplace development platforms
  • NFT dApps for back-to-front interoperability
  • Auctioning, bidding, and royalties support 
  • Secondary marketplace integration

Our consulting services are designed to navigate the complexities of NFT marketplace platform development. We assist in refining strategies, designing operational frameworks, and ensuring sustainable growth.

  • NFT marketplace concepts ideation
  • Business-specific strategy audit and refinement
  • Protocols, standards, and tokenomics mapping
  • Community and collaboration planning
  • Continuous monitoring and support

From ideation to execution, PixelPlex is adept at transforming various assets into cryptographic NFTs. Our approach ensures that your project, regardless of its complexity, achieves commercial success.

  • Custom smart contract and NFT development services
  • Unhampered interoperability assurance 
  • Transaction fee optimization
  • Strategic platform launch and listing
  • Multiple trading model onboarding

Our auditing services are crucial for identifying and mitigating risks in NFT marketplaces. From code reviews to smart contract audit and cybersecurity assessments, we ensure your platform is robust and secure.

  • Automated, manual, and functional testing
  • Known vulnerability analysis
  • Risk detection, reporting, and fixing
  • Multi-factor authentication implementation
  • Potential cyber threat mitigation

Benefit on NFT marketplace development with us

At PixelPlex, we understand the effort and market savvy required to launch and sustain a successful NFT marketplace. Our approach focuses on enhancing value for collectors and creators, building a strong community foundation, and leveraging the latest technological advancements to ensure your project's long-term success.

Digitally form of Mona Lisa for an NFT marketplace

As pioneers in blockchain, smart contract, and tokenization fields, PixelPlex has gained exceptional know-how. We keep polishing our skills on tens of NFT marketplace software development projects year after year.

We understand the importance of protecting creator assets. Our unique AI-based tool identifies and reports plagiarism, unauthorized alterations, theft, and other suspicious activities, offering robust measures to safeguard intellectual property.

We align NFT marketplaces with industry, metadata, and blockchain standards regarding the regions you operate in. Our NFT marketplace development company helps increase your asset value by providing copyright, consumer protection, and IP information by default.

PixelPlex aids in building trust by optimizing transaction fees, revenue streams, and subscription model transparency. We build scalability into the code and introduce secure intuitive crypto payments, traditional methods, and layer-2 apps as needed.

Our NFT marketplace development tech stack

To ensure airtight tech security and robustness, we build NFT marketplaces upon advanced and community-trusted engineering tools.



Widely used and reliable, it enables solid liquidity for NFTs and semi-fungible assets alike.



Boasts high throughput, accessible development costs, and a growing NFT ecosystem.



Ultimately scalable, secure, low-cost, and fast, Flow is supported by global digital environments

Binance Coin


Low transaction fees, high exposure, liquidity, performance, and interoperability with Ethereum tools.



Growing ecosystem, low fees, uncongested network traffic, stable transactions, predictable prices.



Multifunctional scalable architecture, low transaction fees, instant processing, reliable network.



Advantageous for NFT creators, Bitcoin enables deploying assets via its Colored Coins protocol.

Our NFT marketplace development process

Expect us to find unconventionally appealing solutions cut out for your enterprise through a thoroughly balanced cost-quality development ratio.

People providing big data consulting & development services

Discovery and research

We start with planning the NFT marketplace concept, purpose, tech requirements, and features, and proceed with market research, tokenomics, regulations compliance, and user flow roadmaps.

Smart contract development

The team builds smart contracts and implements minting, burning, transferring, and royalty mechanisms enabling it to capitalize on secondary market sales’ percentage.

Wallet integration and user onboarding

PixelPlex incorporates crypto wallets like MetaMask and enables safe user authentication via a user-friendly interface, alongside account creation, wallet linking, and profile customization.

Payment gateway, metadata, and storage integration

We integrate reliable payment gateways, ensure support of multiple cryptocurrencies, and set up scalable decentralized storage and NFT metadata retrieval systems.

Testing and deployment

QA and engineering teams conduct smart contracts’ security and overall NFT marketplace functionality testing to then deploy it on the blockchain of your choice.

Continuous security improvement

We ensure protection against versatile threats, regularly audit the platform, collect feedback to define areas for improvement, and implement insightful upgrades.

We ace it at NFT marketplace development projects

As a seasoned NFT marketplace development company that’s made 450+ projects truly rock it, we help unfold fascinating prospects before the most complex NFT undertakings. Look how we assisted clients in opening up new growth opportunities and stand out as innovators.


NFT marketplace app development project focused on building an advanced Flow-enabled platform. The solution enables ASMR-artists to trade tokenized artifacts while supporting open edition and auction sales involving FLOW, FUSD, and fiat operations.

  • Access to primary and secondary markets
  • Integration with Blocto Wallet
  • Cadence-enabled smart contracts support
  • Built-in fiat to stablecoin conversion
The UI of Xtingles, the first NFT marketplace for ASMR-tists
Read Xtingles case study


Brand-new Metaverse-enabled NFT marketplace integrated with an interactive platform for football club owners and fans. Featuring a fantasy league game and blockchain-based loyalty program, the solution helps analyze sales and user behavior to extract better value.

  • NFT lotteries and auctions
  • Tokenized files and in-game assets
  • NBA Top Shot-like NFT collections
  • NFT minting by partner associations
  • P2P gaming between fans
The mobile UI of FootballNet, a blockchain-based football fan loyalty application
Read FootballNet case study


From the ground up, we’ve created an NFT art marketplace trading high-resolution video content from filmmakers. The platform runs on permissioned blockchain, enables sustainable NFT hosting and minting, drives tokenomics and monetization, and optimizes payouts.

  • Built-in custom utility token
  • Up to 16K footage support 
  • Ethereum wallets integration 
  • Environmentally-aware proof-of-stake protocol
  • Fiat and cryptocurrency payments
The desktop UI of Savage, a video NFT marketplace
Read Savage case study


By providing NFT marketplace development services, PixelPlex has built a digital fashion platform that helped the client optimize engineering architecture for 3D fashion assets. The team enabled faultless contract data extraction while designing the app’s layout.

  • Fashion items tokenization
  • Direct NFT deployment into any media layer
  • Unhampered integration with live 3D environments
  • Gaming, VR, and more infrastructures support
he UI of Digitalax, a digital fashion platform that helps to engineer architecture for 3D fashion assets
Read Digitalax case study


All-in-one ML-powered NFT analysis platform uncovering fraud and reducing investment risks. Tracks NFT origin and ownership, provides analysts with Big Data, searches collectibles, differentiates tokens, and highlights best offerings.

  • 154M NFTs featured
  • 86M sales conducted
  • 13M owners supported
  • 2M collections displayed
  • Top-demanded NFT marketplaces support
  • AI-powered NFT & performance analytics
  • ML-based fake detection
  • Alerts on fraud risks
The UI of CheckNFT.iO, an intelligent solution to analyze NFT collectibles, detect fraudulent activities and minimize risks
Read CheckNFT case study

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What is an NFT marketplace and how does it work?

NFT marketplaces are platforms that facilitate the creation, listing, buying, selling, trading, and reselling of assets while enabling liquidity royalties for individual creators and companies.

How to develop an NFT marketplace?

NFT marketplace development can be complex without professional guidance. Thus, we’ve prepared the explainer video NFT Marketplace: How to develop one? and an associated article Which Blockchain to Choose for Your NFT Project?. To build a branded marketplace, feel free to drop us a consultation request.

Which blockchain is the best for an NFT marketplace project?

Essentially, the choice depends on clients’ functional and non-functional requirements, on top of business goal specifics. Find some pointers in the material Which Blockchain to Choose for Your NFT Project? or reach out for our NFT marketplace development advisory.

How much do your NFT marketplace development services cost?

Сosts of NFT marketplace development services may consistently vary based on project complexity, product features, tech stack used, team expertise level, and overall development time. We’d recommend consulting with professional development firms and composing a detailed specification.

How to benefit from NFT marketplace development?

To make your NFT marketplace a successful venture, it’d be helpful to follow several considerations:
  • Clearly identify your market segment or niche and understand the users’ needs
  • Dig into the blockchain frameworks specifics to choose the best security, cost, and transaction speed ratio
  • Design an easily navigable user-friendly interface
  • Prepare a strong marketing strategy and collaborate with opinion leaders to build an active community
  • Improve the platform non-stop to keep up with the competition