How to Create IDO Launchpad App: A Complete Guide Based on Real-Life Project

IDO launchpad development

If your company is exploring the innovative crowdfunding method of IDOs, you will need a robust launchpad to effectively manage the process, attract investors, and streamline the distribution of your assets. So, how exactly do you develop one?

Among the diverse options for crypto crowdfunding, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Security Token Offerings (STOs), and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) stand out prominently. Each platform offers unique advantages, catering to different needs and regulatory frameworks.

However, recently the spotlight has increasingly shifted towards Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs). IDOs are conducted on decentralized exchange platforms (DEXs), which allows for immediate liquidity, lower entry barriers for investors, and more democratized participation opportunities. This model tackles some of the limitations found in earlier methods, such as enhanced security measures and a lower risk of market manipulation.

Let’s dive deeper into IDOs, explore the mechanics behind IDO launchpad solutions, understand what it takes to create one, and uncover the essential features that should be included.

What is an IDO launchpad?

An IDO launchpad is a platform that facilitates the launching of new cryptocurrencies, tokens, or projects on a decentralized exchange. Unlike traditional ICOs, which are managed by the project team itself, IDOs rely on a third-party platform — the launchpad — to handle the token sale.

This mechanism promotes a wider token distribution because it leverages the launchpad’s existing user base and infrastructure. It also offers improved security and liquidity from the outset.

From a technical perspective, IDO launchpad development requires a combination of blockchain technology, smart contracts, cryptographic security measures, and DeFi integration. This blend is meticulously designed to ensure a secure, transparent, and equitable process for token sales.

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What are the main benefits of IDO launchpad development?

Major benefits of IDO launchpad development

Businesses are considering developing their own IDO launchpad solutions because they offer the following benefits:

  • Accessibility and visibility

For startups and new projects in the blockchain space, gaining visibility and attracting initial investment can be quite difficult. IDO launchpads provide these projects with a platform that has an established audience of investors interested in blockchain technology. This significantly reduces the marketing burden on the projects and associated costs, helping the project gain popularity and grow.

  • Security and trust

By creating and utilizing a reputable IDO launchpad, projects can leverage the trust that these platforms have already established within the community. Security concerns, especially regarding smart contract vulnerabilities, are also mitigated as launchpads often go through vetting and auditing processes before accepting a project.

  • Immediate liquidity and trading

One of the standout features of IDO launchpad development is the immediate liquidity provided through DEX listings. Unlike traditional fundraising methods, where tokens might be locked up for extended periods, IDOs allow for instant trading, benefiting both the project creators and the investors.

  • Regulatory compliance

Staying updated with the complex rules and latest news on cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming for many projects. IDO launchpads typically have in-depth knowledge of legal requirements across jurisdictions and can guide projects in compliance, reducing the risk of regulatory backlash.

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Introduction to GuildPad — an IDO launchpad solution architected by PixelPlex

We at PixelPlex have experience working with IDO launchpad platforms, so we know all the nuances of the development process. We’re ready to share our accumulated knowledge with you based on the GuildPad project.

This DeFi platform is designed to connect emerging blockchain and metaverse ventures with investors. It operates under a community-governed model to ensure the integrity of projects seeking funding, thereby protecting investors from scams.

The core of GuildPad’s architecture is a carefully crafted strategy by the PixelPlex team, aimed at supporting projects from fundraising through to development, marketing, and their eventual public launch. The platform boasts a range of features including a launchpad main page, user profiles, a token dashboard, an NFT marketplace, and an admin panel for monitoring activities.

GuildPad introduces its native token, $GPAD, to facilitate liquidity. This token enables staking for tier advancement or rewards, participation in the platform’s DAO for project governance, and is used as a currency within the platform, including funding projects in exchange for a stake.

Additionally, GuildPad offers unique NFTs like G-COIN, META-COIN, and G-POTION, each with specific utilities such as staking and rewards.

The platform is built on the Solana blockchain, chosen for its high transaction speed, low fees, and minimal environmental impact, making it an ideal foundation for GuildPad.

Core features and components for a successful IDO launchpad

Must-have components for your IDO launchpad

Based on our firsthand experience with developing IDO launchpads, we’ve identified several essential core features and components for their success. Here’s an overview of these elements:

Blockchain infrastructure

The choice of blockchain is truly foundational as it determines the transaction speeds, fees, and overall scalability of the platform. Popular choices include:

  • Ethereum: As the most widely used blockchain for smart contracts, Ethereum hosts numerous IDO launchpads. Its large user base and comprehensive ecosystem make it a popular choice, despite higher transaction fees and slower speeds compared to newer blockchains.
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC): Known for its low transaction costs and high transaction speed, BSC has become a favored blockchain for many IDO launchpads. It offers a balance of performance and cost-efficiency, making it accessible for smaller projects.
  • Polygon: With its Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, Polygon provides the benefits of Ethereum’s ecosystem with much lower transaction fees and faster confirmation times. This makes it an attractive option for IDO launchpads focused on cost efficiency and scalability.
  • Solana: Praised for its high throughput and low transaction costs, Solana has emerged as a competitive blockchain for IDO launchpads. It appeals to projects aiming for rapid transaction processing and scalability.

Cardano: With a focus on security and sustainability, Cardano is gradually becoming a choice for IDO launchpads. Its unique Ouroboros consensus algorithm offers a balance of speed, cost, and energy efficiency.

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Smart contract security

Smart contracts govern the operations of IDOs, handling everything from token distribution to funds collection and token listing. Ensuring these contracts are secure and free from vulnerabilities is extremely important as a breach can lead to significant losses and damage the project’s reputation.

To provide this level of security, your platform must often undergo rigorous testing and specialized smart contract audits by reputable security firms. These measures will help you identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities in a timely manner, thereby protecting both project creators and investors from the risks of fraud and hacking.

User-friendly UI/UX

A user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of participating in IDOs is crucial. This includes clear navigation, informative tooltips, and a straightforward process for investing in projects.

The UI/UX design should cater to both seasoned crypto investors and newcomers — anyone should be able to easily use your platform without any barriers. This will benefit both your business and users as it fosters an inclusive environment that encourages broader participation and engagement.

Compliance and KYC procedures

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance are becoming increasingly important in the crypto space to prevent fraud and guarantee investor protection. A successful IDO launchpad development must incorporate robust KYC/AML procedures without compromising user privacy. This balances regulatory compliance with a seamless user experience.


The launchpad should have a clear framework for selecting projects to confirm they are viable, have a solid business model, and are not prone to scams or failures. This involves evaluating the project’s team, vision, market potential, and tokenomics. Well-designed tokenomics will provide enough incentive for early investors and maintain long-term value.

When crafting tokenomics, you will need to decide on several key aspects:

  • The total supply of tokens, which should be finite to prevent inflation
  • The allocation of tokens, ensuring a fair distribution among developers, investors, and the community
  • The mechanism for token distribution, such as airdrops, staking rewards, or sales.

Plus, consider implementing mechanisms for token burn or buy-back to reduce supply over time, thus potentially increasing value. It’s also vital to outline clear use cases for the token within the project’s ecosystem, such as governance, payment, or access to exclusive features, to drive demand and utility.

These decisions should be made with a long-term perspective and aim to balance immediate rewards with sustainable growth.

Follow these 7 steps to design effective tokenomics for your future blockchain-based project

Cross-chain functionality

Cross-chain functionality means the ability of different blockchain networks to communicate and interact with one another seamlessly. For an IDO launchpad, incorporating cross-chain capabilities means that it can support projects built on various blockchains, not just a single network.

For example, a launchpad with cross-chain functionality could allow a project built on Ethereum to raise funds not only from ETH holders but also from investors holding BSC, Polkadot, or Solana tokens, among others. This is achieved through technologies such as blockchain bridges, which facilitate the transfer of assets and information between different blockchains.

By enabling these interactions, a launchpad can cater to a wider range of projects and investment strategies, from DeFi protocols and NFT marketplaces to gaming and decentralized applications that wish to leverage the unique advantages of multiple blockchains.

IDO launchpad development: a step-by-step guide from PixelPlex

Step-by-step IDO launchpad development

How do I create an IDO launchpad? This question marks the beginning of your journey into the DeFi world. The PixelPlex team meticulously crafted this comprehensive guide that will walk you through the main steps to create, launch, and manage an IDO launchpad.

Step 1 — Market research and conceptualization

IDO launchpad development begins with understanding the market and coming up with a concept. First, you need to look closely at the market to see what’s trending, what people want, and where there might be gaps that your platform can fill. It’s also important to see how other IDO launchpads are operating, what makes them successful, and where they could be better.

Next, define your target audience, including project creators and investors, and analyze and identify their needs, preferences, and pain points.

After you’ve done your research, you can start shaping your IDO launchpad concept. This means deciding what special thing your platform offers that others don’t. You’ll need to think about a unique value proposition (UVP), features, and functionalities that will differentiate it from existing platforms.

Step 2 — Design and planning

In this step, you will need to lay out the technical and design framework of your IDO launchpad.

Regarding the technical architecture of your platform, your team will need to decide on the blockchain network to use and determine how different systems and services will integrate with each other.

Then, you can turn your attention to the UI/UX design. Here, the goal is to create a user interface that is not only visually appealing but also accessible and easy to use.

Finally, you will need to finalize the feature set of your launchpad. This involves the specific functionalities that your platform will offer, such as mechanisms for token sales, integration with digital wallets, compliance with KYC and AML regulations, and tools for engaging with and building a community.

Step 3 — Development and testing

The development process begins with the creation of smart contracts that will manage the IDO processes, such as token issuance, distribution, and the collection of funds. It’s important to meticulously audit your smart contracts for security to prevent any possible vulnerabilities.

Following the smart contract development, the next phase is the actual IDO launchpad development. This step implies bringing the previously designed architecture and UI/UX to life through both front-end and back-end development.

Testing is also an integral part of this step. Your team will need to conduct comprehensive software testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and security audits. This rigorous testing ensures that the platform is not only secure but also scalable, user-friendly, and enables a seamless experience for all users.

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Step 4 — Launch and marketing

The goal of this step is to successfully launch your IDO platform and implement a marketing strategy that draws users to your platform. Starting with a beta launch allows you to collect feedback from early adopters, providing valuable insights that can be used to refine your platform before its official release.

As for the marketing strategy, it should encompass social media outreach and content marketing to educate and engage potential users, broaden your platform’s reach, and foster a community that supports both projects and investors.

Finally, the official release of your IDO launchpad marks the culmination of your hard work. It’s also important to have adequate support ready to address any user inquiries or technical issues that may arise.

Step 5 — Operation and scaling

A key component of this final phase is offering robust user support to resolve any concerns. You should continue monitoring the platform for both performance and security as well as implement regular updates to introduce new features.

As your platform attracts a growing number of users and projects, it’s a great opportunity to plan your next steps for expansion. You can consider enhancing your infrastructure to make it robust enough to handle this surge in activity.

Generally, your team needs to engage in strategic planning that focuses on scaling seamlessly, making sure your platform remains both capable and efficient as it progresses.

To sum up

Creating an IDO launchpad is indeed a complex but rewarding task that demands meticulous planning, development, and execution.

With the expertise of our PixelPlex blockchain development team at your disposal, you can build a successful platform that supports innovative blockchain projects and meets the needs of investors in the DeFi ecosystem.

For IDO launchpad development, here’s how our experts can significantly contribute to and support your business:

  • Custom platform development
  • Smart contract creation and audit
  • Tokenomics and project vetting
  • Liquidity and staking solutions
  • Cross-chain compatibility
  • Regulatory compliance and security
  • Continuous support and education

Turn to PixelPlex to leverage our deep expertise and innovative solutions that will drive your initiative to new heights in the DeFi space.


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