GuildPad, the DeFi launchpad platform


Technology consulting for a metaverse-focused decentralized venture capital and launchpad platform

  • Blockchain
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  • DeFi
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  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • DeFi
  • Metaverse

About the client

GuildPad is a community-governed DeFi platform serving as a bridge between new blockchain and metaverse projects and investors. GuildPad carefully checks the projects that apply for financial support, safeguarding investors from encountering scams.


PixelPlex team has created a thorough development strategy for a DeFi launchpad platform that aims to help blockchain and metaverse-based projects raise funds and assist in development, marketing, partnerships, and public launch.


  • Business analyst

  • Project manager

  • Frontend developer

  • DevOps developer

  • Rust developer

  • QA engineer

  • UI/UX designer

Business opportunity

Our client sees great potential in the growing metaverse economy embracing a variety of play-to-earn games, guilds, and gaming communities. Thus, they decided to build a solution that will help blockchain and metaverse startups accrue capital and kick into high gear. In the meantime, the platform will ensure the projects listed are of high quality and reliability.

Besides, GuildPad will function as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) meaning that users will make decisions on governance processes via open voting.

Project goals

Together with the client, we set the following goals for the GuildPad project:

  • 1

    Make it easy to invest in blockchain projects

  • 2

    Simplify fundraising for metaverse startups

  • 3

    Safeguard investors from scams

Work done

  • Detailed development strategy based on a meticulous industry analysis
  • Vision and scope document
  • Technology stack specifications
  • Project landing page
  • Images for the GuildPad NFT collection

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The UI of the GuildPad homepage
The key features of the GuildPad platform
The working mechanism of the GuildPad platform

Solution components

After a deep discovery session, our tech consultants determined the vital platform’s functionality:

  • Launchpad main page

    The page features information about the platform, future and current IDOs, launchpad tiers, and FAQs.

  • User profile

    The profile’s functionality allows users to manage their personal data.

  • Token dashboard

    Users can check the current balance of the platform’s native $GPAD tokens and NFTs they own on the dashboard.

  • NFT marketplace

    On the marketplace, users can create, exhibit, purchase, and trade non-fungible tokens.

  • Admin panel

    Admins can monitor users’ activity via the admin panel.

User roles

According to the platform’s functionality and the client’s requirements, we specified four user roles:

  • Admin

    Creates new users with different access levels and blocks and deletes users in case they have violated the platform’s rules. Admins can also launch new projects and create NFTs.

  • Investor

    Has access to information about the projects participating in IDO and can invest in them. Investors also can buy NFTs from the marketplace.

  • Team Leader

    Represents a project that participates in IDO on the GuildPad platform.

  • Guest

    Can access the platform in reading mode only and is able to connect the wallet and go through the KYC procedures.


    To add liquidity to the platform, we introduced GuildPad’s native token — $GPAD. The token’s applications include:

    • Participation in staking to move to a higher tier or receive $GPAD token rewards
    • Influencing decisions by proposing changes, giving feedback, voting for or against the project changes on the DAO

    Every project that launches on the GuildPad platform will be funded with money from the treasury in exchange for 2% of the project tokens (in $GPADs). The funding will vary depending on the project.

    GuildPad also supports several non-fungible tokens: G-COIN, META-COIN, and G-POTION. G-COINs and META-COINs can be staked, while G-POTION serves as a reward for users staking $GPAD and META-COIN.

    GuildPad logo on a blue background

    Why wait to put your game-changing blockchain project into action?

    Technologies and tools

    Solana logo on a dark sphere background

    Solana blockchain

    The client needed a well-established blockchain that can swiftly process lots of transactions and not be a heavy load for the environment. Having carefully analyzed a wide range of blockchains available, our experts landed on Solana as the perfect base for the GuildPad project.

    Why Solana?

    • High transaction speed — up to 65,000 per second
    • Low transaction fee — $0,00025
    • OpenSea support
    • Rapidly growing DeFi ecosystem

    In the future, it is planned to support other blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Terra, Avalanche, and Elrond.

    Smart contracts

    Core activities of the GuildPad platform will be automatically managed by smart contracts namely:

    • SPL Token Programs

      Implement the functionality of tokens

    • Launchpad contract

      Manages investments collection and rewards distribution and monitors users’ KYC statuses and current Tier

    • Staking / Farming

      Implements the functionality of staking and farming

    The contracts responsible for the operation of NFT include:

    • Token metadata

      Is responsible for storing all NFT metadata

    • Token Vault

      Is responsible for managing NFT access rights while it is on sale

    • Metaplex

      Implements the logic of the marketplace and minting

    Third-party integrations

    To streamline the platform’s processes while ensuring high-quality safety measures, PixelPlex team came up with a list of trustworthy third-party tools and solutions.


    To ensure high-level security on the platform, we suggested integrating Shufti Pro — a reliable KYC compliance and AML screening provider that will prevent fraudulent activities and make sure transactions are safe and sound.

    Phantom Wallet

    The client requested a reliable crypto wallet making it safe and easy to make transactions and store a wide variety of tokens on the Solana blockchain.

    We recommended Phantom Wallet since it supports all the cryptocurrencies on the Solana ecosystem, including USDT, USDC, SRM, RAY, and SOL. It also supports a range of NFTs in different formats: images, audio files, video files, and 3D models. Yet not HTML files.

    Phantom is a non-custodial wallet ensuring high security of assets with the help of biometric authentication and the possibility to connect a hardware wallet.

    Project features

    After a deep discovery session, our tech consultants determined the vital platform’s functionality:

    • A blue and green icon of a token
      Native $GPAD token and support of three types of NFTs: G-COINs, META-COINs, G‑POTIONs
    • A blue and green icon of a gavel
      DAO enabling users to decide on any aspect of the platform
    • A blue and green icon of a shield with a lock
      High-level security measures such as KYC, AML, and KYT
    • A blue and green icon of two arrows
      Refund in case a project fails
    • A blue and green icon of the percent
      0% commission from the raised funds
    • A blue and green icon of a leaf
      Environmental donations: 5% of earnings will be donated to environmental organizations

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