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We provide end-to-end blockchain development services, combining extensive experience, impeccable track record and expertise to produce unique solutions in blockchain application development for storing and exchanging your business’s most valuable resources.

Custom Blockchain Development & Integration

We take the best features of top modern frameworks and combine them to create highly efficient blockchain software. We have the right management and visionary minds, a tech team of experienced software engineers & blockchain developers, and the dedication required to tackle any challenge or task that is at hand. Our blockchain DLT solutions, tailored specifically to your industry, become your business’s greatest asset. Our portfolio is packed with projects where we had to integrate blockchain software into an existing enterprise environment. Our experienced business analysts and management guide you through the process of augmenting your business infrastructure with state-of-the-art PixelPlex blockchain software solutions.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Blockchain Software is already helping large corporations streamline their processes, exclude unnecessary expenses and increase revenue, opening the door to new business ventures and opportunities. From supply chain, banking & finance to the innovative sharing economy, organizations stand to benefit from the disruptive blockchain technology. PixelPlex delivers high-class solutions in enterprise blockchain development.

Hyperledger Development

PixelPlex is the go-to blockchain development company for Hyperledger projects. We have certified Hyperledger developers on our team with years of experience in development for various industries using Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Burrow, Hyperledger Indy, Hyperledger Iroha. The Hyperledger stack is an enterprise-grade set of tools backed by the Linux Foundation, that is why it is one of PixelPlex’s favored choices of a blockchain development platform.

EOS Development

We augment your company’s entrepreneurial ability with impeccable tech skills of our seasoned EOS blockchain app development experts. Having built numerous projects based on this framework, we leverage EOS’s efficiency and high tps powered by DPoS consensus, as well as the flexibility of this blockchain to create astonishingly great solutions for your industry. Our experts help harness the power and explore the opportunities of EOS blockchain development for your business.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

PixelPlex blockchain development company provides clients with custom crypto exchange development services for both professional and novice traders. Our team can implement both hot storage and cold storage development to enable the highest level of security for your funds. As part of our services, we can integrate our very own liquidity system and platform, which helps to create a sufficient volume of orders using other large crypto exchanges. This system can also be used for internal and external arbitration.enabling complex algorithms for exchange on top platform.s. On top of that,aOur integrated instant audit system allows inspecting every deposit and withdrawal.

STO Development

PixelPlex blockchain development company offers end-to-end STO development services. Making sure your STO abides by all relevant financial and security regulations, we guarantee that it passes the Howey Test and adheres to the Financial Action Task Force’s AML requirements. We can also verify that security tokens are compliant with federal regulations of specific regions.

Mining Pools

Our blockchain software development company houses cryptocurrency experts, creating mining pool software that exceeds our clients’ expectations in UI/UX, efficiency, stability and robustness. Our mining pool solutions offer higher profitability through:
  • Automatic switching to the most profitable coins / most efficient mining algorithms;
  • GPU and ASICs mining;
  • FPGA programming;
  • Advanced control and notification modules for professional miners;
  • Higher revenue generation through merged mining;
  • Payment processing gateways integration;
  • Built-in arbitration module to minimize exchange rate losses and provide auto conversion;
  • Automatic payout schedule setup;
  • Remote management of GPU mining devices;
  • Clustered computational power enabling machine learning.

Blockchain Game Development

PixelPlex has a dedicated game development lab, housing highly experienced, imaginative game designers and developers. We build captivating blockchain games and gaming platforms, creating an ecosystem where both developers and players can earn funds and rewards via in-game currency. The large number of games successfully delivered to Play Store and App Store across multiple genres, coupled with our deep blockchain expertise, gives us a definite edge over any other company.

Blockchain Consulting

We offer strategic blockchain development advisory and consulting services, pinpointing best use cases through PoC and MVP Development. Our team can help you select the blockchain technology that most fits your enterprise. Whether it’s Quorum, Hyperledger, Corda, EOS or Ethereum, PixelPlex blockchain development company guides you through the process of integration and adapting to the new platform.

Ethereum Development

Ethereum smart contracts are specifically designed for DApp development, and Ethereum itself is an ideal platform for DLT blockchain solutions. Our team has the right experience and expertise working on projects based on this platform. This gives us the edge to solve any challenge or realize new business opportunities with Ethereum blockchain development.

DApp Development

DApps give plain users and businesses serious advantages compared to regular software. Being open-source and built on smart contracts technology, they open the door for the modern age of decentralized solutions. By leveraging the capabilities of top blockchain frameworks, PixelPlex blockchain developers create state-of-the-art DApps and surrounding software to provide a truly decentralized environment where an outage or removal of a central server does not affect the state of the blockchain network infrastructure and the apps’ functionality.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Crypto wallet development is another strong side of our expertise. We develop wallets both for mobile and desktop, providing cross-industry solutions with standard and customized features, including:
  • Multi-coin support for all major and ERC-20 tokens;
  • Cross-platform support for iOS, Android and Web;
  • Import/export of wallet accounts;
  • Multiple account management;
  • Transaction history and account backups;
  • Built-in analytics and integration with 3rd party analytics services;
  • Token tracking;
  • Drag-and-drop UI for token and asset management;
  • Smart contracts management;
  • Highest standard Secure Enclave support;
  • 2-factor authentication and biometrics for high security.

ICO Development

Our ICO and STO projects have accumulated more than 500 million USD to date. PixelPlex is a top ICO & blockchain development company, providing such services as ICO whitepaper drafting, strategic planning, token and smart contracts development, blockchain integration, crypto wallet development, website / landing page / logo design and development, ICO marketing and presentation, continuous support and post-ICO services. With years of blockchain, token and cryptocurrency in-house development experience you can be assured that partnership with PixelPlex will lead your ICO campaign to a definite success.

Block Explorers

Through our block explorer development services we provide your users with real-time, up-to-date information on blocks and transactions of various platforms, allowing them to easily tweak filters and parameters and find relevant information. Our block explorer software offers user-friendly design, visual representation of every single asset traded, transaction history visualized through graphs, charts and tables. Not only do we provide neat features for the casual user, we also pack our block explorers with such functionality as:
  • Voting capability;
  • Broadcasting transactions via browser extension;
  • Data extraction and downloading database dumps;
  • Detailed info on objects, smart contracts, blocks, assets and transactions;
  • Ability to validate smart contracts and upload ABI for unvalidated contracts;

Smart Contracts Development & Audit

As a leading smart contracts & blockchain development company, PixelPlex works with major smart contract platforms and builds custom solutions by incorporating best features from such modern and powerful enterprise-grade frameworks as Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS. We combine the features and augment these platforms with new capabilities, creating a developer-friendly environment. We also perform smart contracts audit and optimization to further increase efficiency and lower contract call expenses.


From blockchain apps development platforms, mining software, crypto-wallets, cryptocurrency exchange, digital contract signature solutions to tokenization, crowdfunding and investment platforms. PixelPlex uses specialized blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Quorum and Stellar to deliver enterprise-level FinTech solutions.

Our Fintech projects span a multitude of applications, including: digital payments, investment and wealth management, lending, trading, InsurTech, and others. We supply our solutions with such features as automated compliance, digital identity, multi-factor authentication mechanisms, financial data tracking and analytics, and many others.

Qtum, Echo, ProPool, Blockcerts, Obito, Bitnetwork, MyBIT, Arbitrage, Resorts STO are just some of the FinTech projects built by PixelPlex.

Our ICO and STO projects have accumulated more than 500 million USD to date.

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Blockchain Technology Stack

At PixelPlex, we utilize the most advanced, cutting edge technology for blockchain app development. We work with institutional frameworks and platforms, often making forks to merge together the best features and functionality, creating a cross-chain development environment.

For blockchain application development we use the most popular and in-demand tools to provide solutions with high performance, efficiency, scalability, security and outstanding user experience.

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