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From Ethereum to Echo: Migrating the 0x DEX

6 December, 2019

Echo Offers a True DeFi Platform with Web3 Support. Have a look at how easy it is to migrate an Ethereum app to Echo.

Echo is an advanced blockchain protocol and ecosystem with a unified development environment (allows development in Solidity or any other preferred language), POWR consensus, Bitcoin & Ethereum sidechains, and EVM integration. Echo now also has full web3 support and imported 0x protocol.

Migrating an Ethereum App to Echo is Easy

Here’s all we had to do to import Ethereum’s 0x protocol into Echo:

Echo Protocol Updates

On the frontend: 

This is the whole 0x UI with the user balance, calls to contracts and received information on them

We made only 3 changes:

  • Corrected the contracts’ addresses
  • Added the web3 lib to the package
  • Added 2 lines of code to initialize our polyfill

Only 4 lines of code added, excluding the addresses of the contracts.

On the backend:

No changes at all, except for the config. That is, we simply changed the URL from the Ethereum node to our proxy.

More changes were made to the libraries, but only because of the crypto function difference (nevertheless, we have thoughts on how to simplify even this). At the end of the day, only 24 files were modified with little changes to the logic, mostly in unit-tests:

True DeFi Development with Echo: Easily Import & Run Your Projects

As you can see, Echo allows developers to easily import and run any DeFi app with improved efficiency, higher bandwidth and lower transaction fees. Bitcoin and Ethereum sidechains, blazing-fast consensus, as well as full EVM, Solidity, and web3 support give Echo a definite edge.

Have a look at how naturally Ethereum’s 0x protocol has been imported into Echo’s infrastructure:


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