PixelPlex Earns New Clutch Badges as Leading IT Consulting and Change Management Company

PixelPlex receives Clutch badges in IT consulting, change management, and operations consulting

PixelPlex, a distinguished IT consulting firm, has been awarded four new badges by Clutch, the authoritative ratings and reviews platform.

PixelPlex, with 17 years of technical expertise in IT consulting, continues to make significant advancements in the industry. This seasoned company has been acknowledged by Clutch for its profound impact and dedication to delivering innovative solutions.

As a testament to their excellence and strategic skill, PixelPlex has been awarded several prestigious titles, specifically highlighting their industry-leading capabilities:

  • Top Strategy Development Company
  • Top Operations Consulting Firm
  • Top Consulting Company
  • Top Change Management Company

Alexei Dulub, CEO of PixelPlex, expressed his enthusiasm about this recognition from Clutch, stating,

“We are incredibly proud to receive these distinguished accolades from Clutch. Since our founding in 2007, we have worked tirelessly to support our clients’ growth and transformation initiatives, and being recognized as a leader in multiple categories is a true testament to our strategic approach and the impactful solutions we provide. These awards not only celebrate our past achievements but also inspire us to push the boundaries of what’s possible in technology consulting even further.”

With a rich portfolio of over 450 client success stories, the company has consistently demonstrated its expertise in guiding small, medium-sized, and large enterprises through comprehensive transformations and innovative processes. This deep engagement across various business sizes and types underscores PixelPlex’s commitment to fostering growth and driving industry advancements through strategic consultation and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

By leveraging advanced technologies such as blockchain, AI, ML, IoT, AR/VR, and big data analytics, PixelPlex excels in designing smooth, iterative routes for complete business makeovers.

PixelPlex’s expertise spans a diverse range of industries, enabling them to deliver specialized solutions that address the challenges and opportunities of each sector. Their significant impact can be seen in sectors such as healthcare, FinTech and banking, logistics, and real estate.

This wide industry footprint allows PixelPlex to bring a wealth of knowledge and cross-industry insights to every project, further solidifying their status as a top-tier provider of IT consulting and change management services.

About Clutch

Clutch is a leading platform that provides detailed ratings and reviews of B2B service providers across various industries. By leveraging client feedback and in-depth market analysis, Clutch helps businesses make informed decisions when selecting partners for their projects.


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