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Telegram Mini Apps Development Services

Enable viral user acquisition and community growth

Discover the unique potential of Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs) by engaging with your audience directly through Telegram’s user-friendly interface. Building dApps for Telegram allows you to benefit from one-click app launches, direct advertising opportunities, and powerful viral and retention strategies that leverage the full capabilities of the messenger platform.

Tap into Telegram Mini Apps potential with PixelPlex

Access to 800 million users on Telegram

With access to a vast audience, Telegram can help you expand your audience reach. On the PixelPlex side, we will implement viral mechanics and monetization strategies to grow your business further.

Official partner of TON, the blockchain behind TMAs

PixelPlex aids TON Foundation in enhancing their ecosystem, including the development of Telegram-based apps. This experience allows us to maximize Telegram’s full potential for your business.

Our Telegram Mini Apps development services

The PixelPlex Telegram Mini Apps development company can help you build, optimize, and deploy crypto-friendly apps and games using a Telegram-native toolset. Our team also delivers training and support services to help you get the most out of Mini Apps on Telegram.

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We custom-build DEXes, games, wallets, utilities, and other Mini Apps for Telegram. From ideation to launch, we ensure your app integrates seamlessly with Telegram’s unique ecosystem.

We develop and incorporate interactive chatbots into your Mini App to guarantee enhanced user experience. Telegram bots provide instant assistance, resolve queries, and deliver personalized content.

PixelPlex facilitates a smooth transition of your existing mobile apps to the Telegram platform, allowing you to leverage Telegram's vast user base while maintaining the integrity and functionality of your original app.

We create compelling and intuitive user interfaces that align with Telegram’s design guidelines and best practices to improve usability and deliver a consistent user experience within the Telegram ecosystem.

We offer training and consulting services to help you utilize the full capabilities of Telegram. Our team will aid you in adopting efficient engagement tools and user acquisition strategies to maximize your app’s performance.

Industry-specific Telegram Mini Apps

Our team will harness the power of the world’s leading messaging platform to develop sector-specific Mini Apps that boast enhanced user experience and community engagement.

FinTech & banking

We develop all kinds of FinTech apps, from finance tracking bots to crypto exchange applications, designed to improve customer interactions and operational efficiency.

  • Investment insights
  • Cryptocurrency wallets and portfolio managemen
  • Personal finance management
  • Lending protocols
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Retail & eCommerce

From order tracking to tailored recommendations by Telegram bot, we will enable a more personalized and direct shopping experience to your customers.

  • Price tracking and goods availability bots
  • Personalized shopping assistants
  • Order tracking
  • Loyalty programs and rewards
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Supply Chain & logistics

Rely on our team to build Telegram Mini Apps that offer real-time updates and streamlined communication among all involved parties.

  • Personalized assistant bots
  • Order tracking
  • Enhanced communication
  • Car service chatbots
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From fitness bot assistants to water drink reminders, we build comprehensive solutions that help your users improve their health.

  • Fitness companion bots
  • Progress tracking
  • Appointment booking
  • Secure chat services
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Real Estate

We can help you improve your real estate services and streamline document management by developing intuitive Mini Apps.

  • Property listings and alerts
  • Interactive chatbots
  • Document sharing
  • Client relationship management
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Oil & Gas

We can develop comprehensive Mini Apps that will assist you in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring safety compliance.

  • Operational updates
  • Safety compliance notifications
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Stakeholder communication
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Our development process for Mini Apps on Telegram

Our team has established a clear process to ensure smooth and streamlined development of Mini Apps for Telegram.

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Project discovery

We begin by defining the app’s purpose and mapping key features that align with your objectives.


  • Market analysis report
  • Feature list
  • Project scope document


We craft engaging user experiences taking into account Telegram’s guidelines, such as responsive design and accessibility.


  • Wireframes
  • Design mockups
  • User experience strategy

TMA development

This phase involves creating a robust infrastructure for your Mini App, including a Telegram bot, smart contracts, and a responsive web frontend.


  • Custom Telegram bot
  • Secure smart contracts
  • Core functionality modules


Our team uses bots in the test environment to detect and correct app-specific issues in your Telegram Mini app.


  • Test cases document
  • Bug reports
  • Performance review

Implementation and initialization

We implement and initialize your app for operational readiness, guaranteeing a seamless transition to a live environment.


  • Implementation plan
  • Fully functioning app
  • Launch support documentation

Support and updates

Post-launch, we focus on maintaining the app’s performance and introducing enhancements based on user feedback.


  • Performance analytics reports
  • Update logs
  • Support documentation

Why partner with PixelPlex

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Expertise with the TON Foundation

As partners of TON, the foundation that launched Mini Apps together with Telegram, we have a deep understanding of the necessary tools and resources for effective development.

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End-to-end development

PixelPlex boasts a comprehensive team of internal specialists and partners, ensuring that every aspect of your projects is expertly covered.

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Innovative solutions

From STO development to Web3 innovations, our team is highly skilled in crafting trailblazing solutions and underpinning them with high-end technologies.

17 years

in the technology industry


successful data-intensive projects

2 unicorns

over $1B in value

11 years

in the blockchain domain


raised by clients


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  • clutch awards badge

    Top Blockchain Company

  • clutch awards badge

    Top Smart Contract Development Company

  • clutch awards badge

    Top Blockchain Consulting Company

  • clutch awards badge

    Top Systems Integration Company

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    Top IT Services Company

Explore our projects

Discover the solutions we’ve created through a diverse range of projects. Dive in to see how our team brings ideas to life.

Diverse contributions to the TON Ecosystem

  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Telegram Mini Apps
  • Documentation

Working with the TON Foundation, we significantly advanced their ecosystem through targeted technical assistance and strategic initiatives.

  • Smart contract creation and documentation
  • Mini apps development
  • Bug identification and fixing
  • SEO audit and content strategy creation
  • Identification of migration strategies to TON
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HELO Blockchain

  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • FinTech
  • KYC compliance

PixelPlex helped the client develop an environmentally friendly blockchain characterized by enhanced performance, strong security features, and reduced energy usage.

  • Comprehensive blockchain ecosystem
  • Advanced KYC security features
  • Integrated wallet for transaction management
  • Embedded native token
  • Cross-platform mobile app
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  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • DeFi
  • Yield farming

The PixelPlex team developed a decentralized app that enhances liquidity provision and yield farming, enabling users to borrow against collateral and earn rewards.

  • Smart contracts on Solana blockchain
  • Liquidation bot for leveraged yield farming
  • Single-asset liquidity pools and overcollateralized borrowing
  • Frontend app and SDK for Alfprotocol interaction
  • Up to 200x margin for yield farming and liquidity
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Tech insights by PixelPlex

Dive into our blog for a wealth of technical insights and expert analysis. Explore articles filled with the latest trends, in-depth tutorials, and innovative solutions.

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