PixelPlex Joins Forces with The Hashgraph Association to Foster Innovation in Distributed Ledger Projects

PixelPlex and The Hashgraph Association Partnership

PixelPlex, a leading software developer and blockchain-based projects provider, joins forces with The Hashgraph Association, an independent non-profit organization focused on designing and building enterprise-grade decentralized applications leveraging the capabilities of Hedera Hashgraph.

Having always been at the forefront of emerging technologies, PixelPlex consistently keeps pace with the latest developments and advancements. The collaboration with The Hashgraph Association marks an important milestone in PixelPlex’s commitment to expanding its network of strategic and technology partners.

The Hashgraph Association is focused on building an innovative ecosystem, enabling developers to create fast, transparent, and secure DLT applications. Hedera Hashgraph is a third-generation DLT framework based on the proof-of-stake public network that provides the highest levels of security due to asynchronous byzantine fault tolerance (ABFT).

The partnership with The Hashgraph Association will allow PixelPlex to expand its service offering and strengthen its capabilities in developing efficient decentralized applications. The company’s expertise in distributed ledger technology aligns with PixelPlex’s vision of delivering secure and scalable solutions. By combining our resources, best practices, and expertise, we will be able to accelerate the development of top-tier blockchain solutions for our clients.

Together with The Hashgraph Association, we will help enterprises harness the power of blockchain technology to drive efficiency, security, and transparency across various business domains.

About Hedera Association

The Hashgraph Association promotes training, education, and innovation programs across multiple industry verticals. At the forefront is the digital enablement and empowerment of the public through broad adoption of enterprise-grade solutions and decentralized applications on the Hedera network, which includes innovation, accreditation, and certification programs. As an independent and non-profit organization headquartered in Switzerland, The Hashgraph Association provides grant funding for innovation, research and development for the benefit of economic inclusion, with a positive environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact. For information about The Hashgraph Association, visit www.hashgraph-association.com.

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