Meet PixelPlex Bi-Anual STEM Scholarship Fall-Winter 2021 Winner

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The Fall-Winter round of PixelPlex Bi-Annual Scholarship is now finished and we are pleased to announce Lynn Serizawa as the winner.

Lynn Serizawa, a math and philosophy student at New York University, is the winner of the Fall-Winter 2021 Scholarship contest. In his essay “The Doctor is Always In: AI’s Possible Role in Mental Health” Lynn has investigated the benefits AI technologies bring to the treatment of mental issues.

The essay is focused on a specific type of AI — Natural Language Processing (NLP) and shows how the technology can help patients if they lack finances or have no or restricted access to the specialists they need. Besides, Lynn touches upon the security problems, describing how NLP can be programmed to safely store medical records.

Lynn also examines the downsides of using AI tools rather than seeking help from a real-life doctor such as lack of personalization and human touch, and possibility of offensive and inappropriate remarks.

Yet Lynn expresses confidence in AI’s great potential in the field of mental treatment:

“I believe that AI may be a powerful tool in therapy and counseling. With the concerns stated above, the development of such an AI must be conducted cautiously and diligently.”

We highly appreciated Lynn’s essay as he managed to convey the ideas in a well-defined and engaging way, accompanying his thoughts with relevant examples and even mathematical calculations.This thorough approach made his essay the strongest one among the competitors. Our congratulations to the winner!

Don’t miss the opportunity to submit your essay to the Spring-Summer 2022 round of Scholarship — we already wait for your works!

About the Scholarship

PixelPlex Bi-Annual STEM Scholarship receives applications from STEM and economics and business students. To participate, applicants are to submit essays touching upon the topics of blockchain, metaverse, IoT, and AR/VR, and describing the ways these technologies can help with solving existing problems.

The Scholarship has been held twice a year since 2019 and during this time we have received hundreds of impressive essays. We choose the winner based on the requirements compliance and the originality and depth of the thoughts conveyed. The winner is granted $2,000 that would help manage education-related expenses.


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