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HelmBet RPS

Rock Paper Scissors Blockchain Game for Desktop

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  • Unity
  • Graphene

Provably fair, blockchain-based Rock Paper Scissors game for Windows & macOS, powered by Peerplays decentralized global betting platform and blazing-fast Graphene protocol


Project goals

Create the same enjoyable and seamless experience for the digital version of traditional rock paper scissors game and ensure fair play via incorruptible blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Work done

Smart contract-based game logic UI/UX design for Windows and macOS Integration with Peerplays Graphene-based protocol


We created a truly engaging rock paper scissors game for desktop with captivating 3D graphics, giving players the ability to place bets and take part in exciting online tournaments. Cheating and fraud within the game are totally eliminated thanks to Peerplays platform blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts logic programmed by our expert developers

Technologies used:


Seamless Rock Paper Scissors Gameplay with Provably Fair Outcomes

The game’s UI and 3D graphics with animated players’ hands create the perfect simulation of a real-life rock paper scissors game. Game settings offer the choice of either a human hand or several other options to make the game experience more unique. Players can choose to battle either in P2P or create and participate in online tournaments.

Peerplays tokens are provided as in-game currency and used for wagering and as a reward for winning tournaments. Game logic is programmed with smart contracts and ensures verifiable outcomes. The Peerplays blockchain, running under a Graphene-based protocol, establishes complete fairness of play.

The gameplay is super intuitive :

  • Face-off against your rival. The players choose rock, paper, or scissors while the Peerplays platform hashes this info with a key-string into the blockchain
  • Make sure you don’t forget the key. No one but the owner of the key-string knows the hashed move and can decrypt it
  • Be smart and make your move. When both the players have their RPS moves hashed, the round starts and the players reveal their initial choice
  • Go for a couple more rounds. It takes several rounds to win the match. Each player’s move within the game is basically a hash with an attached key-string that was used previously for encryption
  • See who wins. The players can be sure of the fair outcome. Each move is verified by matching the key-string with the provided data via de-hashing.

The game moves data recorded on the blockchain is impossible to tamper with. Being sure of fair gameplay, the player can enjoy the RPS tournament and collect rewards in cryptocurrency.

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Project features

Peerplays tokens as in-game currency Smart contract-powered game logic to ensure fair play Online tournaments with rewards Instant reward payments with a transaction speed of over 10,000 tps

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