HelmBet RPS

Rock Paper Scissors Blockchain Game for Windows & macOS

A serverless, provably fair Rock Paper Scissors blockchain game for Windows & macOS. Powered by Peerplays betting platform and Graphene protocol.

  • Blockchain Game
  • Web
  • Unity
  • Graphene

Project Goals

  • Make the popular RPS game running entirely on blockchain
  • Introduce smart contracts for executing the RPS game logic
  • Eliminate the possibility of cheating and build 100% trust

Work Done

  • Blockchain game for macOS
  • Blockchain game for Windows


HelmBet RPS is an open-source, desktop version of the famous Rock Paper Scissors game. PixelPlex web and blockchain development teams, working in synergy, brought the game to a digital platform and built an incorruptible environment for players.

Technologies used:

  • Unity icon



As part of our blockchain game development services, the PixelPlex team implemented smart contracts that execute game rules and ensure trustworthiness. HelmBet RPS provides a truly engaging experience with 3D graphics and allows players to place bets and take part in exciting online tournaments. Cheating and fraud within the game are totally eliminated thanks to its staging on blockchain infrastructure.

The HelmBet RPS game is based on play-to-earn principles. To implement a proper RPS gameplay and ensure a high level of security for every in-game betting tournament, our team of game designers and blockchain game developers picked Peerplays decentralized global gaming platform.

Built-in Immutability and Gameplay in Detail

Running entirely on a Graphene-based blockchain protocol, the HelmBet RPS game logic enables verifiable game outcomes. Bellow is the gameplay described in connotation with the underlying blockchain features. It shows how the complete fairness of play is finally achieved:

  1. Face off against your rival. The players choose rock, paper, or scissors while the Peerplays platform hashes this info with a key-string into the blockchain;
  2. Make sure not to forget the key. No one but the owner of the key-string knows the hashed move and can decrypt it;
  3. Get ready and make a throw. When both the players have their RPS moves hashed, the round starts and the players reveal their initial choice;
  4. Go for a couple more rounds. Each player’s move within the game is basically a hash with an attached key-string that was used previously for encryption;
  5. See who’s the winner. By matching the key-string with the provided data via de-hashing, the players are certain that the outcome move of the opponent equals the one originally chosen.

All player moves are written and stored on the blockchain while the Peerplays platform automates the gameplay and allows to sit back and enjoy the RPS tournament.

Any kind of tampering with recorded move information is impossible. This ultimately helps to create trust while the cool gameplay design and graphics increase players’ engagement.

Project features

Freely distributable and open-source

Serverless and fully protocol-based

Powered by Peerplays fair gaming standards

Smart contracts coded to control the rules

Transaction bandwidth of over 10,000 TPS

Prototyped and built on Unity 3D

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