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Enterprise-Scale Web Development Company

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Entrust Our Custom Web Development Company with a Full Engineering Cycle

PixelPlex is a well-rounded web development team that’s capable of handling the entire SDLC. Whether you need an app built from the ground up or require a legacy system to be updated, our web developers are ready to jump in at any stage. Let’s team up to create a brand-new and SEO-friendly channel to target clients and add to your bottom line.

We Bring In an Integral Approach to Web App Development

From gathering requirements and learning your business specifics to engineering and implementation — our custom web development company has a firm grasp of how to tackle your tech challenge while leaving you out of production hassle.

Custom Web Development

You’ll be updated on every step


  • Project evaluation
  • Tech roadmap
  • TCO estimation


  • Usability metrics
  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Custom graphics & effects


  • Flexible architecture
  • Robust backend
  • Manual & automated QA

Launch & Maintenance

  • Performance optimization
  • Third-party integrations
  • Feature updates

Book Our Custom Web App Development Services

With the aid of our trusted one-stop web development company, you don’t have to reach out to other web developers, as we can nail down your project from front to back across 5 locations around the globe:

  • New York (NYC), USA
  • Minsk, Belarus
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Pfäffikon, Switzerland
  • Tokyo, Japan

Front-End Development

PixelPlex front-end web developers and designers will furnish your app with a flawless user journey and rich effects without compromising page speed.
  • Clean and brand-book compliant UIs
  • Intuitive navigation and controls
  • Uncompromised UX across the app
  • Next-gen visuals and animations

Back-End Development

Our back-end developers take care to build efficient web architecture that helps you instantly handle multiple requests, services, and loads of stats.
  • Well-oiled data turnaround
  • Advanced API gateways
  • Robust ETL capabilities
  • Consistent business logic

Still think web app development is mostly about a routine with no spark? Think again. By teaming up with us you’ll discover it’s a complete opposite.

Tap into an Unparalleled Cross-Industry Expertise

Of a Custom Web Development Company

Whenever you need solid yet affordable web development services, our T-shaped experts are here to dig into your domain differentiators and come up with a tailor-made web app development tech package.

FinTech and DeFi Web App Development

FinTech and DeFi Web App Development

Our custom web development team builds apps and platforms upon consensus and smart contract technology while using advanced decentralization mechanisms. Capitalize on secure DeFI and blockchain technology via the guidance of PixelPlex web developers.

  • Sidechain-enabled DApp development platforms
  • Digital asset tokenization and management solutions
  • Crowdfunding and investment apps
  • Web wallets for hot storage and rapid transactions
  • Crypto exchange and trading solutions
  • Customer experience solutions
  • High-load digital asset sharing portals
  • Custom PWAs
Progressive Web App Development (PWA)

Progressive Web App Development (PWA)

Target the global audience via cross-platform PWAs that look and feel as native as mobile apps. Partner with PixelPlex custom web development company to obtain a responsive, fast, and secure app that works steadily even offline.

  • Social networking apps
  • eCommerce & ticketing solutions
  • Field service & sales enablement apps
  • CRM solutions & doc repositories
  • STO platform integration and development
  • Mining pools upon arbitration module
  • Feature-rich block explorers
  • Oracle apps for blockchain-to-web communication
  • Blockchain portfolio management apps

Accessible Web Development

By default, our website developers bring your solutions in line with the ADA and WCAG regulations to ensure uncompromised digital accessibility and perfect user journey.

  • Accessible mobile web & native app development
  • Post-launch support

AI-Powered Website Development

To help you automate meticulous routines, process massive data and visualize reports, our web development company brings in future-proof computer vision, machine and deep learning algorithms that work their enhanced business intelligence magic.

  • AI-powered social media platforms
  • Secure doc verification and digital signature solutions
  • ML-based recommendation software
  • Chatbot-enabled UIs
  • Spam filtering apps
  • Demand-side platforms upon neural networks
  • Content quality control solutions
IoT and Cloud-Based Website Development

IoT and Cloud-Based Website Development

PixelPlex web developers can help you securely manage and analyze data from distributed device networks, orchestrate digital asset exchange, customize and efficiently control your enterprise cloud services.

  • BLE beacon-powered supply chain management solutions
  • Connected device governance systems
  • Enterprise workflow automation, DAM & tracking apps
  • Cloud management & reporting dashboards
  • Cloud-based web development tools (IDE)
  • Surveillance system management portals
AR & VR-Enabled Website Development

AR & VR-Enabled Website Development

To help you reach out to a wider audience and bolster user engagement, our web development company builds highly interactive solutions with AR/ VR underpinning.

  • Real estate web platforms
  • Virtual showrooms & galleries
  • Gaming & eSports portals
  • Education & lab training web apps
  • Promotional 3D holograms
  • 360-degree live streaming software

Our full-stack web developers build solutions that serve as a reliable core of your mission-critical workflows.

B2B and B2C focus

Dynamic UX, adaptable mobile-oriented UIs

Robust high-load back-ends

SEO-friendly design and development

Fine-tuned on your brand’s identity

Blockchain, AI, AR/VR underprinting

Success Stories Behind & Exciting Partnerships Underway

Hire a trusted web development company that puts your objectives above all. Check out our track record to see how your projects inspire us to become web application development front-runners.

Resolve Your Business Challenges

With Our Custom Web Development Company

Investing in customer and employee satisfaction is a surefire way to success. Tap our web developers’ expertise to give a go to a brand-new system or update your existing client engagement app. PixelPlex website development services will help you get a solution that nails down your critical needs.

Data Visualization

  • Interactive data layout
  • ETL & OLAP functionality
  • Rich custom visuals
  • Comprehensible stats presentation

Asset & Document Management

  • Secure role-based access
  • Easy navigation and backuping
  • AI-powered data processing
  • Smooth integration with CRM tools

Workflow Management & Automation

  • Task management
  • Resource governance
  • Issue tracking
  • Activity monitoring
  • Web conferencing

Enterprise Platforms Customization

  • System’s efficiency review or health check
  • Extensions & plugins for the existing platforms
  • Functionality updates for EMS
  • Custom feature development

Customer Experience Enhancement

  • Advanced product showcasing
  • Behavioral intelligence functionality
  • ML-enabled client engagement
  • Chatbot-powered interactivity
  • Request processing automation

Field Service Management

  • Reliable offline functioning
  • Employee & equipment safety tracking
  • Accounting, billing & inventory tools integration
  • Easy scheduling, routing & dispatching

Enterprise BI & Collaboration

  • Seamless database integration
  • Team progress tracking
  • Project & effort management
  • Corporate networking & data sharing

Reporting & Analytics

  • Progress patterns & recommendations
  • Push notifications & alerts
  • Strategic planning roadmaps
  • Bottom line monitoring

We Factor In All that Matters for Your Success

Hire a Custom Web Development Team that Thinks Ahead

Intuitive and Accessible Navigation

To design competitive apps, our NY-based web development company follows the ADA and WCAG standards. Our web application development team ensures that no excessive options or inappropriate elements will hamper user journey.

Scalability & Cloud Hosting

PixelPlex web developers and designers make sure that your app can withstand repetitive updates and integrations. With cloud data storage, you’ll have no need to invest much in server infrastructure.

Responsive & High-Load

PixelPlex web developers build apps that work like a charm across all devices and layouts. Your solution will be adapted to heavy traffic and intensive data exchange via reliable API gateways.

Tailor-Made Architecture

Your app’s logic will be devised with extra precision so that it directly serves user purpose. Our website development pros think through the core use cases to pick the architecture model that fits best, be it event-driven or distributed microservices-based.

Quick User Onboarding

For your app to boast consistent engagement, our web development company has made it a rule to ensure one-minute website visitor onboarding. We can also implement chat functionality to further improve customer support.

Cautious Integration Process

With a focus on your critical business goals, our web development company deploys apps in a way not to wreck your established workflows. We can also integrate your app with any digital tool you require — from a CRM to an IoT solution.

We Value Your Feedback

Our Web Development Company Converts It Into Better Services

PixelPlex web developers are all about personalized communication, whatever your project scale. We keep tabs on your critical opinion, up to the delivery phase of website development services and all the way on.

Andrew 費 Fai

Andrew 費 Fai



PixelPlex impressed with their prompt turnarounds, frequent progress updates, and deep understanding of project requirements. Their extensive knowledge of blockchain systems made them a valuable partner.

Andrew Perepelitsa

Andrew Perepelitsa



PixelPlex's expertise in both Solidity smart contract and C++ blockchain protocol development was impressive. We held a successful ICO campaign.

Morgan Rosenblum

Morgan Rosenblum

CEO, Darkrose Studios


Hiring PixelPlex was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. They are still a valuable asset to our company and support to its success.


PixelPlex Web Development Company Tech Pool

So far as technology is more than our job, but our passion, you’ll make sure we’ve picked the best fit for your web app.


Server solutions

  • AWS
  • DigitalOcean
  • Cloudflare
  • Cloudfront
  • Firebase
  • Azure
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Apache
  • Google Cloud
  • Apache Kafka

Frameworks and libraries


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Redis

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