Private Blockchain Development Services & Solutions

Engineer your private blockchain with advanced tech expertise

Bring your business to the forefront of decentralized technology with our private blockchain development company. Our team blends the core features of distributed ledgers with the confidentiality and selective access of private networks, empowering you to retain complete control over your enterprise data and infrastructure.

Bolster your tech frontier with private blockchain development

With 11+ years in blockchain development, PixelPlex has garnered the expertise to deliver professional private blockchain services. We create systems that secure vital data and feature top-notch customizations, enabling forward-thinking enterprises to achieve their goals. Our commitment is to deliver solutions that surpass conventional performance standards and lay a foundation for advanced blockchain applications.

Our expert private blockchain development services

Our team can handle every private blockchain development service aspect with precision and expertise. Rely on us to build solutions suited to your distinctive business requirements and objectives, guiding you toward unparalleled success.

We create and implement private blockchain architectures optimized for speed, security, and scalability. By harnessing advanced cryptographic techniques and protocols, we establish a foundation that supports your growing business needs.

Our smart contract development company focuses on automating key business processes while enhancing transaction compliance and efficiency. Each contract is built to offer accurate, automatic execution of agreements, boosting the trustworthiness of transactional operations.

We can incorporate private blockchain solutions into your established IT frameworks, amplifying system transparency and bolstering operational agility. Our meticulously engineered API solutions guarantee exacting integration standards and foster resilient interoperability.

Tap into PixelPlex’s profound technical expertise to navigate the complexities of blockchain. Our consulting services provide actionable insights and custom strategies, enhancing your ability to capitalize on blockchain innovations for a competitive advantage.

Our private blockchain development company creates decentralized applications that offer real-world utility, superior performance, and strategic value. Post-launch, count on us for ongoing maintenance and support to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Private blockchain development solutions across industries

With a deep understanding of diverse sector-specific needs, we ensure that every private blockchain development service enhances your operational efficiency, security, and scalability.

FinTech & banking

Boost financial transactions and compliance through our private blockchain development that ensures robust security, streamlined operations, and enhanced regulatory compliance.

  • Audit-compliant transaction ledgers
  • Automated banking operations via smart contracts
  • Private consortium networks for secure transactions
  • Secure decentralized payment systems
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Retail & eCommerce

Rely on our private blockchain development services to secure transactions, enhance supply chain transparency, and build customer trust in retail and eCommerce.

  • Product authentication and origin verification
  • Blockchain-based inventory management systems
  • Secure peer-to-peer payment systems
  • Customer data management and privacy solutions
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Supply chain & logistics

Embrace private blockchain development to monitor and manage the logistics and supply chains with real-time data access, reducing overhead and enhancing transparency.

  • Real-time tracking of goods and verification
  • Automated procurement via smart contracts
  • Decentralized ledgers for logistics coordination
  • Supplier validation via decentralized identity
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Our private blockchain development service team engineers systems that secure patient data, optimize medical records management, and facilitate drug traceability.

  • Immutable patient records storage
  • Decentralized identity protecting patient privacy
  • Smart contracts for claims processing and billing
  • Drug traceability and authenticity verification
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Real Estate

Transform real estate processes with our private blockchain development that facilitates transparent transactions and immutable record-keeping

  • Tokenization of real estate assets
  • Smart contracts for rental and sales agreements
  • Blockchain-based land registry solutions
  • Automated compliance checks for transactions
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Oil & Gas

Drive efficiency and compliance with our specialized private blockchain development for oil and gas processes, from drilling data management to environmental impact reporting.

  • Permissioned blockchain for energy sector consortia
  • Compliance systems for environmental standards
  • Decentralized energy trading platforms
  • Blockchain platforms for crude oil tracking and trading
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Steps behind our private blockchain development

Whether upgrading an existing system, developing a custom blockchain solution, or integrating specialized services, our team of private blockchain development experts will provide comprehensive case assessments and strategic roadmaps to advance your business’ strategic agenda.

Requirements analysis

Our blockchain development firm kicks off by understanding your vision and objectives for the blockchain solution to establish the foundation for a tailored development strategy.


  • Comprehensive needs assessment report
  • Project scope and timeline
  • Initial risk analysis and mitigation plan

Network design & architecture

Our team designs the architecture and workflow of your private blockchain solution, focusing on scalability, compliance, and user experience.


  • Detailed architecture blueprint
  • User interface design mockups
  • Compliance and regulatory assessment

Development & prototyping

We then get down to developing the core components of your blockchain solution, integrating custom features and functionalities.


  • Functional prototype of the platform
  • Code repositories and documentation
  • Performance and integration test results

Testing & quality assurance

Rigorous testing phases are conducted to ensure the blockchain platform is secure, robust, and meets all the requirements.


  • Test reports and quality metrics
  • Security audit results
  • User acceptance testing feedback

Implementation & deployment

Our team carefully deploys blockchain to the live environment along with secure migration of your existing data onto the new blockchain system.


  • Deployment strategy and execution plan
  • Data migration and integrity verification
  • Go-live support and monitoring

Maintenance & continuous improvement

After deployment, we ensure the blockchain operates smoothly, providing regular maintenance and updates. We also offer strategic advice to adapt and expand the blockchain’s capabilities.


  • Ongoing technical support and system updates
  • Performance optimization reports
  • Future upgrade roadmap

Why PixelPlex stands out

Expert guidance & adaptive growth

Our experts deliver scalable, end-to-end private blockchain solutions, transitioning from minimal viable products to complex, full-scale systems tailored to your strategic goals.

Top-notch security measures

Security isn’t an option for us — it is mandatory and embedded in every layer, with zero tolerance for vulnerabilities and steadfast protections built in.

Deep tech roots in blockchain and web3

Our team consists of dedicated blockchain engineers, web3 architects, and industry specialists committed to developing technically superior solutions that deliver real-world value.

17 years

in the technology industry


successful data-intensive projects

2 unicorns

over $1B in value

11 years

in the blockchain domain


blockchain projects


smart contracts on mainnet

  • Top Blockchain Company

  • Top Blockchain Consulting Company

  • Top Ethereum company 2024

  • Top Smart Contract Development Company

  • Top Big Data Compliance Fraud Risk Management Company

Our blockchain project highlights

Our journey through blockchain innovation has seen us overcome technical barriers and drive numerous projects to triumph. With every client’s success, we refine our expertise and anticipate the next wave of blockchain challenges.

HELO blockchain

  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Telegram Mini Apps
  • Documentation

We helped the client create the HELO blockchain, which incorporates the innovative Proof of Ethic consensus mechanism and delivers high speed and low energy consumption.

  • Eco-friendly blockchain platform
  • Cross-platform application compatible with different OS
  • In-app wallet for transaction execution
  • Implementation of KYC security protocols
  • Development of native blockchain tokens


  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Cryptocurrency
  • dApps

Our team developed a high-end network for smart contracts and decentralized apps, equipped with EVM support, fast finality consensus, and an inter-blockchain protocol.

  • High-speed layer-2 protocol
  • Development of Bitcoin and Ethereum sidechains
  • Decentralized identity implementation
  • Support for multiple programming languages
  • ZK-rollup functionality integration

Rio DeFi

  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • DeFi
  • Web3
  • dApps

PixelPlex assisted the client in building a blockchain ecosystem and Polkadot-based protocol and incorporated essential innovations within the Rio DeFi platform.

  • Enhancement and customization of EVM
  • Web wallet featuring staking capabilities
  • Implementation of a keyless OAuth system
  • Uniswap fork for crypto exchange
  • Development of a new audit trail system

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