Guide: Real Estate Tokenization

Just to remind you, tokenization is the process of creating tokens using blockchain technology and assigning them to some assets. How does it work for real estate? Pretty much the same way.

Recently, there’s been a number of tokenization cases in real estate. It includes the Definder case, where the company completed its pilot STO worth £12.06 million. We can also list AnnA villa which became the first piece of real estate in France to be sold through a blockchain transaction with an overall value estimated at €6.5 million.

Now let’s talk about the details of real estate tokenization, regulations, and the role of STO campaigns in this process.


0:00 Introduction
0:20 What is real estate tokenization?
1:06 What types of real estate tokens are there?
1:55 What are the advantages of tokenizing real estate?
3:55 What about the regulations?
5:50 How to tokenize real estate assets?
10:06Are there any examples of real estate tokenization?
11:39 Conclusion

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