Overview of Security Token Offering

Tokenization, tokenization, tokenization!

If you believe that this term refers to NFTs only, then let us present to you the security token offering concept or simply STO. Don’t mix it with ICO which earned a notorious reputation in previous years, these two are radically different.

Here in the video, you’ll find notable use cases for launching STO campaigns, get acquainted with the regulation policies across jurisdictions, and find out more about risks associated with STOs.


0:00 Introduction
0:14 What are security tokens?
0:52 What is an STO?
1:19 Comparison of STO and ICO
2:51 What are the advantages of STOs?
4:12 What risks STOs hold?
5:09 What STO regulations are out there?
7:55 Examples of successfully launched campaigns
9:54 How to launch an STO campaign?
12:21 Conclusion

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