How to Avoid NFT Scams?

Not everyone is ready to follow the rules. And it’s especially true for pioneer industries, where fraudsters come to make some money on those with little knowledge and experience. The fraudulent activity becomes a common problem when an industry starts to expand and bring newcomers. As a result, people who are not very familiar with risk often face scams, phishing, rug pull schemes, and many more.

Yet there are ML solutions that can help us to keep these cases to a minimum. Here in the new video, we cover the most common scam techniques fraudsters came up with in the NFT sphere, advise on how to avoid them, and provide a list of machine-learning solutions that protect users from being trapped.


0:00 Introduction
0:21 What are the most common NFT scams?
1:56 What to do to avoid phishing?
2:07 Attacks via compromised social media accounts
3:23 Trademark infringement & unauthorized name usage
4:29 Plagiarized NFTs & rug pull schemes
6:31 Does machine learning help in fraud detection?
7:45 What ML-powered solutions are out there?
9:28 Final thoughts

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