Insurance Software Development

Streamline operations with powerful software

Imagine a world where quoting policies, processing claims, and managing mountains of paperwork are effortless. PixelPlex can help you achieve just that. Break free from outdated systems and focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional service to your policyholders and growing your insurance business.

Unparalleled security and scalability

We're a team of experts in policy management, claims processing, and risk assessment. We build custom insurance software that automates workflows, boosts customer experiences, and minimizes errors.

Here's the magic: We leverage technology to create secure, scalable solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. No more clunky processes, frustrated customers, or unnecessary manipulations. Just a smoother, happier, and more efficient workflow.

Our insurance software development services

The insurance industry is held back by outdated systems. We can update, optimize your software, or custom-build new insurance solutions leveraging blockchain, AI and ML technology.

Our team custom-builds claim management platforms, insurance portals, underwriting software, document management systems, and customer-facing apps. These solutions help you streamline workflows, increase operational efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.

We can automate your operations, such as application processing, risk evaluation, and insurance policy management, to speed up the underwriting cycle and reduce costs. We will equip the solution with AI and data analytics to help you predict tendencies and make timely decisions.

We develop secure portals that bring together insurers, agents, and customers, enabling streamlined application acceptance and claim settlement. Our team creates intuitive solutions with self-service capabilities to provide a convenient experience for your customers.

To minimize the possibility of fraud-associated financial losses, PixelPlex integrates data analytics and ML algorithms into your system. We will enable real-time evaluation of insurance risks and swift detection of customer fraud and malicious employee activities.

We can modernize your outdated insurance software, improving its performance and security. We will also add the necessary integrations with modern technologies to provide you with a more efficient and reliable IT infrastructure while reducing maintenance costs.

Our insurance software development process

We go beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Our understanding of various domains and extensive experience, allows us to craft software precisely tailored to your needs.

Discovery & needs assessment

Through a collaborative approach, we'll work closely with you to identify pain points, streamline workflows, and ensure your software perfectly aligns with your strategic vision.


  • Business requirements document
  • UX wireframes
  • Gap analysis

System architecture & design

We craft a software foundation, meticulously engineered to your specific needs, ensuring a strong and stable platform for your application.


  • Detailed system architecture
  • Data flowcharts
  • Technology stack selection

Custom development & integration

We double-check every component functions flawlessly before integrating them into a cohesive system.


  • Functional software modules meeting specific requirements
  • Integration plan for connecting with existing systems
  • Unit testing reports ensuring component functionality

Quality assurance & testing

We employ rigorous testing to identify and eliminate bugs at every stage. This ensures a flawless user experience, free of crashes, glitches, or unexpected behavior.


  • Comprehensive test plan
  • Bug tracking reports
  • User acceptance testing report

Deployment & training

We ensure a smooth launch with minimal downtime, while empowering your team with in-depth software knowledge through interactive training and user guides.


  • Software deployed to your environment
  • User training manuals
  • Ongoing support plan

Maintenance & evolution

We proactively keep your software optimized and up-to-date, ensuring peak performance, improved security, and access to the latest features.


  • Regular software updates
  • Performance optimization reports
  • Feature enhancement consultations

Don't settle for just technology

With a keen eye honed by years of experience hunting down digital threats, our team excels at custom insurance software development services that safeguard your business for the long run.

End-to-end development

PixelPlex provides rock-solid custom software development for the complex needs of any business. We support you every step of the way, from launching a secure MVP to seamless scaling of your fully operational system.

Protecting your assets is our priority

We utilize the industry's best practices and cutting-edge security to keep your financial data safe. This allows you to operate with complete confidence.

More than just developers

Our team goes beyond coding. We contribute to the field through audits, ethical hacking, and NFT development services. With an extensive partner network, we quickly integrate your solution with tools like data analytics and AI.

17 years

in the tech industry


successful projects

2 unicorns

over $1B in value

7 years

in the big data domain


raised by clients


smart contracts on mainnet

  • Top Systems Integration Company

  • Top Strategy Development Company

  • Top IT Services Company

  • Top Consulting Company

  • Top BI and Big Data Company

Explore our portfolio

See for yourself! Explore real-world examples of businesses similar to yours that thrived thanks to our powerful digital solutions.

Document management system

  • Custom development
  • Document management
  • Blockchain development
  • UI/UX design

We built a blockchain-powered document management system ensuring tamper-proof document storage and multi-party approvals.

  • Enhanced document security
  • Streamlined document approval processes
  • Improved auditability for document revisions
  • Reduced reliance on physical documents
  • Collaboration within organizations

Blockchain-based document notarization

  • Custom development
  • Document notarization
  • Blockchain development
  • Proof of Authority mechanism

We created a secure document notarization solution which verifies authenticity and timestamps creation.

  • Eliminated the need for physical notarization
  • Ensured document authenticity
  • Provided a of document creation and ownership
  • Faster document processing
  • Accessibility to document notarization services

AI-powered IP protection platform for Web3

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain development
  • Web3
  • IP protection

We built an innovative platform to protect intellectual property within the Web3 ecosystem.

  • Streamlined identification of intellectual property assets
  • Detection and monitoring of IP infringements
  • Enhanced enforcement capabilities
  • Empowered creators and businesses
  • More secure Web3 environment

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