Design Thinking Workshop

Design Thinking Workshop

Modern businesses are tapping into blockchain technology to become more competitive, because versatile blockchain architectures enable their smooth integration within any organization from any industry.

We’re here to offer our custom-built Design Thinking Workshop that’s specifically designed to help you to find blockchain-based solutions for your organizational challenges.

Design Thinking Workshop


Professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and creatives


Completion of Blockchain Essentials and one Use Cases course (or equivalent) are required. IT expertise optional


1 day


English, Spanish, Portuguese

Brief Contents

User-centric, possibility-driven analysis of blockchain systems, new crypto asset or blockchain applications, brainstorming innovations, identifying problems and prioritizing solutions


This workshop will teach participants to apply practical design thinking methodology to model and analyze decentralized systems. This training module is especially insightful for organizations and teams that are considering experimenting with blockchain and entrepreneurs who are interested in blockchain startup opportunities

During the workshop, participants will:

  • Apply a user-centric, possibility-driven and iterative approach to analyze blockchain systems
  • Envision a new crypto asset or blockchain application
  • Brainstorm and process upcoming innovations and implications
  • Define real problems and prioritize solutions

Our tutors

Carlos Vivas

  • 18 years of experience in engineering, product development and innovation
  • Holding a PhD in Innovation Economics, an MA in Science & IT, and a MSc in Management
  • Founder of three technology companies, professor, advisor, and corporate trainer
  • Since 2017, educating companies and individuals on blockchain technology
  • Since 2018, helping FinTech enterprises build blockchain payment solutions and networks in the context of stablecoins, tokenized cash, central bank digital currencies, and the EU PSD2 regulation of Open Banking

Student review: "Magnificent lesson without a doubt. We are eagerly looking forward to the next upcoming session."

Jeremy Musighi

  • Entrepreneur, crypto fund manager, advisor
  • Since 2012, researching and investing in blockchain technologies
  • Developer and lecturer of courses in blockchain, emerging tech, and leadership for entrepreneurs and enterprises in banking, real estate, healthcare, and government
  • Co-founder of a venture-backed advertising tech platform that grew beyond 150,000 publishers and was acquired for over $10M
  • Founder of the world’s largest digital coaching platform which was also acquired

Student review: "Jeremy is a true professional to work with. He has a unique ability to bring value both to blockchain experts and beginners who have never heard of blockchain. His talk... resonated with a diverse audience of finance and technology professionals."

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