Blockchain Investor Workshop

Blockchain Investor Workshop

Today’s investors are increasingly turning towards crypto assets because blockchain has spread across every sector of our economy, revolutionized the way we work and live and proved to be a consistently solid investment.

If you’re an aspiring investor looking into cryptocurrency and blockchain backed assets, this training program will be a game-changer for you. Learn more about our investor-focused workshop below.

Blockchain Investor Workshop


Individual investors, institutional investors and crypto enthusiasts


No prior blockchain experience required. IT expertise not required


1 day


English, Spanish, Portuguese

Brief Contents

Investing in crypto assets, funding blockchain startups, launching successful startups, the pitfalls and risks, cryptocurrency's performance and token valuation


This workshop will teach participants:

  • The fundamentals of investing in crypto-assets
  • How to select blockchain startups for an investment and provide funding
  • How to identify which blockchain startup will make a difference in the long term
  • The unique pitfalls and risks associated with blockchain investing
  • Cryptocurrency's past performance and token valuation methods
  • Which industry sectors are seeing the largest impact from blockchain

Our tutors

Jeremy Musighi

  • Entrepreneur, crypto fund manager, advisor
  • Since 2012, researching and investing in blockchain technologies
  • Developer and lecturer of courses in blockchain, emerging tech, and leadership for entrepreneurs and enterprises in banking, real estate, healthcare, and government
  • Co-founder of a venture-backed advertising tech platform that grew beyond 150,000 publishers and was acquired for over $10M
  • Founder of the world’s largest digital coaching platform which was also acquired

Student review: "Jeremy is a true professional to work with. He has a unique ability to bring value both to blockchain experts and beginners who have never heard of blockchain. His talk... resonated with a diverse audience of finance and technology professionals."

Richard Kastelein

  • Blockchain industry consultant, STO and ICO advisor, educator, award-winning publisher
  • Chair Professor of Blockchain Faculty at Jiangxi Institute of Software & Technology in China
  • Founder of one of the first industry publications and author of over 2,500 articles on blockchain
  • Since 2016, lecturing enterprise-level courses in blockchain at top institutions including MIT and Oxford
  • His work was published by the Harvard Business Review, Wired, The Guardian, and VentureBeat, and translated into five languages

Student review: "The class was very informative and interesting. Richard especially added insight and humor to a topic he is very passionate list which made the class very interesting and not just a bland presentation of the material."

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Interested in our Blockchain Investor Workshop? Drop us a line to get a quote and sign up. We can tailor the workshop program based on the industries, crypto projects, and blockchain startups that you’re most interested in. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the details.

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