PixelPlex Announces Partnership With Institutional Crypto Custodian Trustology

PixelPlex and Trustology logos on skyscrapers and crypto elements background

As a blockchain company that puts security first, PixelPlex was looking for like-minded firms to work with to further strengthen the security of its OTC Hawk platform. Thus, Pixelplex has entered into a partnership with Trustology for safeguarding cryptoassets and administering any financial transaction across blockchains, DeFi, and exchanges.

PixelPlex is delighted to announce its collaboration with Trustology as now its OTC Hawk will be integrated with Trustology’s secure custodial wallet platform, TrustVault. Trustology will provide OTC Hawk with custodial wallet services that will safeguard the cryptoassets of financial institutions’ clients and help administer any financial transaction needed on-chain and on-exchange.

Thanks to Trustology and PixelPlex’s joint efforts, banks and other organizations that are going to use OTC Hawk will be assured that their clients’ private keys and assets will be totally protected from destruction, hacking, theft, and fraud.

About OTC Hawk

OTC Hawk is an application for wealth management suitable for financial institutions. The solution allows banks and other organizations’ managers to create and manage crypto portfolios for their clients and execute the most profitable transactions on their behalf. OTC Hawk reveals all crypto trading strategies, captures the best crypto signals in a matter of seconds, and significantly saves time via streamlined order management.

About Trustology and TrustVault

Trustology was founded in 2017 with the aim of improving digital assets’ security and thus providing more freedom to execute transactions fairly and efficiently. The firm has built TrustVault, a custodial wallet platform backed by the most secure hardware and software that protects traders’ private keys and cryptoassets. The platform completely eliminates the risk of facing fraudulent activities and protects assets from loss and tampering. At the same time, the crypto trading process remains flexible and convenient with 24/7 access via multiple interfaces to administer any financial transaction on-chain and on-exchange. Trustology has been granted temporary registration with the FCA as a licensed custodial wallet provider whilst it looks to complete the application process in early 2021 to fully formalise its registration standing in the UK.

PixelPlex and Trustology together will improve OTC Hawk and make it the best solution for financial institutions and their customers to manage their cryptoasset holdings.

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