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Qtum Wallet

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS

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Multi-currency mobile crypto wallet with ERC20 token support, smart contract builder, and advanced security features


Project goals

Build a user-friendly mobile wallet for the Qtum blockchain platform enabling users to make transactions in multiple currencies while having all the capabilities of a modern crypto wallet such as Touch ID, 2FA protection, and transaction templates.

Work done

UI/UX design for Android and iOS Shamir’s secret encryption Secure Enclave and KeyStore support Qtum blockchain API integration Smart contracts template builder


Our Qtum mobile cryptocurrency wallet is an easy-to-use yet powerful tool for multi-cryptocurrency management and tamper-proof peer-to-peer transactions, powered by client-side encryption and multifactor authentication.

Technologies used:


Top Security with Client-Side Encryption & Muti-factor Authentication

With client-side encryption, the Qtum cryptocurrency mobile wallet encodes private keys and all transaction data right on the mobile device. The user account, private keys, and all transactions are secured before any information reaches a third-party server.

The wallet app is also backed with 2-factor authentication, PIN protection, an auto-lock feature, and Touch ID / Face ID biometric authentication.

All the Essential Features Included

Qtum packs all the features needed in a mobile wallet to efficiently manage funds stored in multiple crypto-assets and easily make payments:

  • Integration with the top exchanges for buying and trading coins
  • Multiple account management allowing customize, import, and export your settings
  • Multiple currency support with ERC20 tokens
  • Convenient interface displaying available coins, balances, and account history
  • Private key back-up with a 12-word seed phrase
  • Support for cold-storage account recovery
  • QR Codes leading to a payment widget
  • NFC support to streamline payments
  • Transaction limits per day/week/month
  • Notifications indicating completed transactions and exchange rate changes

Smart Contract Builder and Transaction Templates

The mobile cryptocurrency wallet offers a user-friendly smart contract builder to help draft smart contracts and create transaction templates right from your mobile device. Just like with any other digital wallet, creating templates is a very convenient feature, especially when it saves you from inputting lengthy public keys.

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Project features

Multiple crypto asset support Multi-factor authentication Shamir's Secret encryption QR code payment requests iOS Secure Enclave & Android KeyStore support Near Field Communication Support Smart contract and transaction templates

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