Cryptocurrency Exchange for Novice Traders

Crypto exchange platform providing a highly convenient UI/UX for on-the-go, fast trading. FunShape supports 10 trading pairs and offers 2FA authentication

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Project Goals

We were aiming to create a crypto exchange for novice traders on the Japanese market. Before the start of development, there were no such services available in Japan.

Our goals were to create a fair trading environment and provide a highly convenient user experience for on-the-go, fast trading, with just enough functionality to allow novice traders to easily configure their campaigns.

Work Done

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The platform provides a simple and convenient admin panel for viewing reports, setting fees and user profile management.

Technologies used:

Wallet screen with information about current balance and funding methods

Currency exchange screens with information about rates


FunShape is a crypto exchange with a simple, easy-to-use trading module set for users who don’t like to spend too much time on customization. FunShape supports 10 trading pairs, English and Japanese user interface, and two-factor authentication. Before bidding starts, users have to enter personal data and pass verification via phone number and email. This allows for high security of the trading process.

Project features

2 types of orders: limit and market

10 trading pairs

Two-factor authentication

Support section and live chat

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