Cryptocurrency Exchange for Professional Traders


Cryptocurrency Exchange for Professional Traders

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Web and mobile cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders with over 20 customizable modules, high level of security, customer service and support


Project goals

The main goal was to make a provably secure cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders with high quality of customer support.

Work done

Cryptocurrency exchange for web Mobile application


Bitnetwork is a cryptocurrency exchange platform for professional traders built for web and mobile.

Technologies used:


The industry was facing various problems, including the following:

  • Most crypto exchanges lacked in security
  • Frequent cases of fraud were damaging the credibility of crypto exchanges
  • High fees did not allow brokers to benefit from trading
  • Unethical response time from exchange support teams on vital issues, such as account suspension and 2FA
  • Difficulties in obtaining withdrawal and deposit information

The platform’s web and mobile apps have customizable trading UI templates allowing the user to pull out and set up the trading modules they need in a format that is convenient for them.

Over 20 trading modules are customizable as well, so the user can individually configure each module by style and display. The minimal trading module set provides simple UI for trading processes. Trading modules include candle chart, visual depth, order book, trading logs, ticker display, and others.

To ensure security, we have included three types of 2-factor authorization. To start bidding, users have to enter personal data and pass verification. This type of authorization process is highly secure.

To enable timely communication with users we’ve included a chat feature, as well as a ticket system for customer support.

The admin section includes viewing reports, setting fees and user management features.

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Project features

Support for two types of orders: limit and market Over 20 trading modules 18 trading pairs Three types of 2FA: via Google authenticator, email and SMS Live chat and ticket system customer support

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