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Browser Extension to Connect DApps with the Blockchain Platform

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Chrome & Firefox extension for running Echo blockchain-based DApps and making transactions from multiple wallet accounts

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Project goals

Create a Metamask-like browser extension that would provide access to DApps based on the Echo platform and let regular users run their web applications, send & receive funds to their wallets without having a full Echo node.

Work done

  • Browser extension UI/UX design & development
  • Integration with Echo-supported wallets
  • Encryption with key derivation function and AES standard


We’ve designed and developed an extension that uses Echo’s web3 API to enable DApps on the web to interact with the blockchain and use all of its services. It allows you to connect all of your wallets and use multiple accounts for making secure transactions & receiving payments sent to you via web applications.

Technologies used:

  • Solidity icon
  • React icon
  • Node icon
  • JS icon
  • TypeScript icon


A screenshot of Bridge application dashboard, wallet page, and transaction details
A screenshot of Bridge application extended transaction history details

Access to Echo Blockchain Without the Full Node

Bridge injects Echo’s web3 API into the DApp and enables it to interact with the platform’s blockchain and its services. It also serves as a cryptocurrency web wallet that can connect multiple accounts and manage transactions for all of the user’s DApps.

The extension lets you store assets, make fast payments, claim or stake digital tokens, log in to services, and sign smart contracts. Any DApp-related transaction (purchase or currency transfer) becomes much easier to authorize with Bridge.

Advanced Protection with Government-Standard Encryption

We used an algorithm to generate random private keys for every single transaction. This makes attempting any malicious attack very costly and unreasonable, as It is based on extracting random strings stored in the device’s memory and decrypting them with the user’s pin number. We’ve combined this mechanism with strong encryption based on the AES US federal government standard used by the NSA to protect top-secret data.

Easily Request Payments with Bridge’s Payment Widget

Bridge allows you to generate URLs that lead to a payment request widget. For the customer’s convenience, the widget contains the receiving address, the payment amount, and a QR code to instantly complete the payment by scanning it with your device. Using the QR code, payments can be sent without having the Bridge extension installed.

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Project features

  • ERC20 token and smart contract support

    ERC20 token and smart contract support

  • Multiple wallet account management

    Multiple wallet account management

  • Military-grade AES encryption mechanism

    Military-grade AES encryption mechanism

  • PIN-based key derivation function

    PIN-based key derivation function

  • Account backup and recovery

    Account backup and recovery

  • Payment request widget generation

    Payment request widget generation

  • Fee delegation

    Fee delegation

  • Mainnet, testnet, and devnet connection

    Mainnet, testnet, and devnet connection

  • Network and privacy settings management

    Network and privacy settings management

  • Transaction history and activity log

    Transaction history and activity log

  • Account names used to substitute public keys

    Account names used to substitute public keys

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