Browser Extension for DApps & Blockchain-Based Platforms

Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser extension for interacting with the Echo blockchain, running DApps and making transactions using multiple wallet accounts.

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Project Goals

Our goal was to achieve smooth and fast interaction with the Echo blockchain during the use of a DApp and its provided services through a web browser.

Work Done

  • Chrome, Firefox, & Opera extension
  • Echo-based wallet integration
  • UI/UX design & feature prototyping
  • QA & testing for multiple browsers


What we arrived at as a result was a Metamask-like browser extension, which can also be referred to as a web plugin that works with Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

The developed Echo blockchain-based solution operates the ECHO token as its core asset. Along with this, we added the support of all major ERC-20 tokens and top-performing decentralized apps.

Technologies used:

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Having launched our own open-source blockchain ecosystem, Echo, we decided to build a “bridge” that would facilitate communication with Echo and Echo-based DApps for both developers and average users. 

*Echo is a DApp development platform and network powered by the integration of Bitcoin and smart contracts. The platform provides the infrastructure and developer toolkit for building and deploying interactive and scalable decentralized finance (DeFi) apps.

Easy Access to Echo

The Bridge extension injects the web3 API into DApp and enables it to interact with the extension and read from the Echo blockchain. Additionally, the same extension can serve as a full-fledged web wallet allowing to access DApps right from your browser.

Bridge lets you manage multiple accounts, store assets, make fast payments, claim or stake digital tokens, log in to services, and sign smart contracts. With Bridge, any DApp-related transaction (a purchase or a money transfer) becomes much easier to authorize.

Extra Security Level

Bridge has a built-in protection mechanism against brute-force attacks, phishing and other threats that oftentimes result in data leakage. By adding a secure identity vault that works jointly with the advanced encryption standard (AES), we created a solid user interface for identity management and signing blockchain transactions on decentralized websites.

Transaction Links

Among other features that we introduced to Bridge, there’s also the ability to generate transaction URLs and QR codes leading directly to your payment request widget. Copy and paste the link in any favorable place. Once the user jumps to the provided URL and scans your widget, they get to see all necessary information about the transaction.

Bottom Line

We always suggest trying this extension as a good way to familiarize yourself with Echo and its ecosystem. Our team did a good job by transferring mundane tasks such as connecting to network nodes, launching nodes, and managing all user private keys to the extension side.

Project features

Interaction with the Echo blockchain-based DApps

Online transaction sending / receiving / signing

Ethereum-based ERC20 token and smart contract support

Account import and multi-account wallet management

Military-grade AES encryption mechanism

User data storage in the browser’s LocalStorage API

PIN-powered protection for your wallet & funds

Quick account backup and recovery

Payment request QR code and link generation

Instant automated transaction fee calculation

Fee delegation feature of the Echo blockchain

Connection to mainnet, testnet, and devnet

Extension settings for managing networks and privacy

Transaction history and activity log viewing

Account nicknames to substitute long public key IDs

Clean UI with smooth and pixel perfect flat design

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