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Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser extension for running DApps, authorizing and sending transactions, and managing your online wallet.

May 2019 – August 2019

Work done

  • Browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera
  • Online wallet for Klaytn blockchain
  • UI and functionality for DApp connection
  • QA and testing for multiple browsers


Ground X is the blockchain subsidiary of Korea’s largest mobile service provider, Kakao, with over 50 million active users. By developing a scalable platform providing a multitude of services through its DApps, Ground X aspires to substantiate the value and utility of blockchain technology.

Ground X has its own functional open-source blockchain, Klaytn. The platform provides an enterprise-friendly environment for developers to work on the creation of blockchain services and DApps. Having recently launched Klaytn Mainnet, the company was faced with a problem of not having an interface for average users to interact with Klaytn and explore its vast possibilities.


Kaikas is a browser extension acting as a web wallet and interface for regular users to have access to the Klaytn network. It was designed as an equivalent of Metamask extension with added functionality and user-friendly interface, allowing to seamlessly connect with Klaytn DApps, authorize and send transactions, and manage your online wallet. The extension was developed for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.


  • ERC-20 / ERC-721 token support
  • Password sign-in and application auto-lock
  • Seed phrase as forget password feature to restore access
  • Multicurrency and multiple account management
  • Account nicknames to substitute addresses
  • Account QR code generation and sharing
  • Account balance display in KLAY and other tokens
  • Account transaction history
  • Data wiping and account log-out
  • Signing/sending transactions and transaction notifications
  • Fee-delegated transactions
  • Token management (add / remove / view the list)
  • Network management (add/select networks)
  • DApps connection and transaction management
  • App settings for managing networks and privacy


React, Node.js, EthereumJS, web3.js, caver-js, BigNumber.js, Redux, BIP39, Ramda, Lodash, Gulp, ESLint, Babel


  • 3 Full-Stack Developers
  • QA Engineer
  • PM/BA



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