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Tokenize Your Equity and Unlock Liquidity with the right STO Development

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PixelPlex's all-in-one security token offering platform and its customizable features offers businesses of all sizes the ability to seamlessly run security token offerings and access innovative investment opportunities worldwide.


Easily deployable solutions for your campaign— no need for cumbersome security token development services


Our modular system lets you choose the best features and functions for your campaign


All security asset features are controlled via smart contracts in a fully-decentralized manner

Security Token Platform Architecture

Our security token offering platform includes all the functionality you need to jump-start your campaign in a matter of days

Investor Onboarding

Step-by-step instructions on sign up and KYC/AML processes

Smart contract-based

Smart contract-based securities representing actual equity shares

Fiat/Cryptocurrency and Combined Payments

Investors can pay the way they want

Transaction History and Activity Tracking

Track every event and transaction on the network

Automated KYC Process

Fully automated, no supervision required (manual checks and validations may be needed based on legal requirements)

Two-Factor Authentication

Integrated 2FA with 3rd party services:

- Google Authenticator- SMS- Email

Integrated OTC

Integration with 3rd party exchanges and OTC desks for seamless currency conversion and payments

Admin Dashboard

All the tools you need to manage your STO, including using smart contracts

Investor Dashboard

Easy navigation for investors with exceptional UI/UX design

Landing Page/Website

Landing page or website to attract investors and market your STO

Campaign Information Listing

Full information on your campaign listed on the website and user dashboard

Automated Withdrawals/Distribution

Tokens are transferred to investors automatically, under conditions specified in smart contracts

Full Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Deploy to all jurisdictions and remain in compliance with various regulations, including GDPR

Multilingual Support & Localization

Include the languages you need to target the right pool of investors

Emails/News Notifications

Keep your investors updated with the latest news and information

Need additional features not listed here?

We can provide them at your request.

Success story:

STO Platform with Integrated Custody

Powered by

Luxury resort in Bali

Blue Karma Secrets, an award-winning luxury retreat in Bali, was planning for a massive expansion and turned to PixelPlex for help.

We delivered an STO platform and ecosystem that turned recreational assets into security tokens, providing Blue Karma Secrets and its investors with new opportunities.

Our solution supports the entire life cycle of the STO process, from security token development to compliance.

Learn more
  • Token ecosystem powered by smart contracts
  • Landing page with campaign documentation and information
  • Admin dashboard for advanced campaign management
  • Investor dashboard with information on shares and investments
  • Custody integration for secured token storage
  • Integrated AML/KYC services in compliance with regulations
  • Payment and token transfer tracking plus history
  • Compliance with Swiss laws and regulations
  • Integration with the infrastructure of the largest Swiss Bank, UBP.

STO Platform Features: In-Depth View

Admin Dashboard for STO Management

Our comprehensive approach to security token development equally values rich features and functions for you and your investors.
  • Investor management dashboard
  • Review AML/KYC/CFT data provided by investors
  • Setup and manage hot wallets
  • Manage min/max investment limits via smart contracts
  • Investment Summary
  • Set fees for digital asset transactions and OTC trades

Intuitive Investor User Interface

Security token development services are not strictly a back-end focus. Our priority is your user experience.
  • Onboarding journey and automated KYC/AML processes
  • Account management
  • Transaction history and details
  • Transfer and trade tokenized assets
  • Set up lock periods for distributed assets
  • Create requests for changing deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Get all the information about the campaign

Full Information on Your Campaign

All campaign info is presented to investors via the website and investor dashboard:
  • Legal, technical, and business documentation on the campaign
  • Business plan for the STO-financed project
  • Suggested project roadmap and planned steps to increase ROI
  • Blockchain asset mechanics description covering all the key aspects
  • Contact information of the STO campaign organizers and partners

Smart Contract-Powered Digital Assets

ERC20/ERC1400-powered asset includes standard smart contract parameters, as well as a list of methods to enable specific features:
  • Emergency stops in case of transaction issues
  • Built-in refund/minimum funding goals
  • Additional share issuance
  • Reissuance of shares in case access to the wallet is lost
  • Allowance functionality: shareholders can delegate sell/transfer rights to a 3rd party

Institutional Privacy and Security

Our security token development services are backed by institutional-level security, privacy, and compliance using cutting-edge technologies and banking-grade encryption to protect user data.
  • Multi-factor/Google authentication
  • Integrated custody
  • Impenetrable highly-optimized encryption
  • Secured by blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Rigorous security QA and testing

Integrations with 3rd-Party Service Providers

  • AML/KYC/CFT validators
  • Payment processing
  • Automated mailing systems
  • OTC integration
  • Blockchain wallet extension integration for secure access
  • Connection to a public DLT node for real-time blockchain data tracking