Blockchain Integration Services

Get ahead of the curve with the power of blockchain

Strengthen your business with blockchain technology to optimize data management, foster trust, promote collaborative innovation, and drive unparalleled security and transparency.

Unlock your enterprise’s potential with seamless blockchain integration

Harnessing 11 years of blockchain experience, we are adept at tackling complex business challenges head-on with the help of decentralized technology. Our expertise secures seamless blockchain integration while reducing risks and enhancing operational agility. Rely on our blockchain development team to empower your enterprise with solutions grounded in practicality and a profound understanding of blockchain dynamics.

Our blockchain integration services at a glance

Optimize your core business functions with our specialized blockchain integration services and enjoy seamless, secure, and scalable operations.

Our blockchain company designs and deploys solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT architecture to boost technical agility and data integrity.

Our team develops targeted proofs-of-concept to critically assess blockchain’s potential in solving your unique operational challenges and driving technological advancement.

Tap into our deep industry expertise as we guide your business through complex blockchain integration, optimizing your technology stack for peak performance.

Collaborate with us to forge a comprehensive strategy for blockchain integration that details actionable steps and precise resource deployment.

We can bridge blockchain technology with diverse enterprise platforms and applications, from cloud infrastructures to compliance systems, achieving cohesive technology ecosystems.

Blockchain integration services and solutions across industries

Empower your sector-specific workflows with our blockchain integration services. Our team delivers custom blockchain solutions to tackle the unique demands of your industry and streamline both efficiency and security.

FinTech & banking

Our blockchain solutions allow you to bolster operational transparency and regulatory compliance.

  • Blockchain-enabled compliance checks
  • Decentralized finance platforms
  • Immutable transaction records
  • Automated regulatory reporting
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Retail & eCommerce

We leverage blockchain to enhance customer engagement and optimize inventory management in retail.

  • Transparent product provenance tracking
  • Loyalty rewards on blockchain
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Decentralized marketplace solutions
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Supply chain & logistics

Our team delivers blockchain solutions that enhance logistical transparency and reduce overhead.

  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Decentralized contract execution
  • Immutable supply chain records
  • Blockchain-enabled inventory optimization
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We specialize in integrating blockchain to improve the interoperability of health information systems.

  • Encrypted patient records
  • Interoperable medical data exchange
  • Smart contract-driven claims processing
  • Immutable audit trails for compliance
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Real estate

Integrate blockchain to boost the transparency of property transactions and enhance record keeping.

  • Property asset tokenization
  • Rental and sales agreements automation
  • Immutable ownership records
  • Smart contract-powered escrow services
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Oil & gas

Rely on our team to facilitate exploration data transparency and environmental compliance verification.

  • Real-time asset monitoring
  • Blockchain energy trading platforms
  • Automated safety and compliance checks
  • Immutable compliance records
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Our blockchain integration process

Our blockchain team takes an individual approach to each project and carefully plans each phase to comply with your business objectives and technical environment.

Feasibility analysis

We start by evaluating your existing systems to determine the most impactful areas for blockchain integration and secure conformity with your goals.


  • Needs assessment report
  • Integration feasibility study
  • System compatibility assessment

Architecture design

Our team designs a bespoke blockchain architecture that fits with your business processes and enhances specific functionalities.


  • Tailored blockchain framework
  • Custom integration blueprints
  • Detailed design specifications

Proof of concept development

To ensure feasibility, we develop a proof of concept that demonstrates how the blockchain solution will function in your existing environment.


  • Operational prototype
  • Feasibility test results
  • Proof of concept validation

Blockchain integration planning

We carefully plan the integration of blockchain into your business and focus on critical systems and data flows for a smooth transition.


  • Integration strategy document
  • Critical system identification
  • Data flow configuration plan

Implementation & testing

The blockchain solution is then implemented and rigorously tested to ensure it meets all operational, security, and compliance requirements.


  • Implementation roadmap
  • Security audit reports
  • Compliance verification

Deployment & staff training

Finally, we execute blockchain integration across your organization and provide training to ensure your team is fully equipped to manage the new system.


  • Deployment schedule
  • Training and support materials
  • System handover documentation

Why PixelPlex stands out

Scalable blockchain expertise

We create blockchain solutions that begin as focused pilot projects and scale dynamically to enterprise-wide systems, with expertise spanning the entire lifecycle of the project.

Forefront security measures

Our team empowers blockchain solutions with robust security protocols, establishing a fortress-like defense against potential threats to safeguard your strategic interests.

Blockchain industry pioneers

From smart contract development services to security token offering development, PixelPlex’s blockchain specialists shape the industry through innovation and lead in web3 technologies.

17 years

in the technology industry


successful data-intensive projects

2 unicorns

over $1B in value

11 years

in the blockchain domain


blockchain projects


smart contracts on mainnet

  • Top Blockchain Company

  • Top Blockchain Consulting Company

  • Top Ethereum company 2024

  • Top Smart Contract Development Company

  • Top Big Data Compliance Fraud Risk Management Company

Our signature blockchain projects

We’re excited to showcase some of our blockchain projects. Join us in expanding our portfolio with new valuable partnerships.


  • FinTech
  • Blockchain
  • Consulting
  • Tokenomics

PixelPlex collaborated with the client to develop a multi-component blockchain-driven recycling network.

  • Plastic waste recycling network
  • Blockchain platform research and analysis
  • Tokenomics concept development
  • Ecosystem integration with RVM software
  • Track & trace app for waste management


  • FinTech
  • Data analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Tokenomics

We developed a blockchain-powered app for health data management and incentivizing improved health outcomes.

  • Mobile wellness app
  • Client’s private blockchain integration
  • Token reward system design
  • Integration with wearables
  • Blockchain-enabled records storage and transfer


  • Hyperledger
  • FinTech
  • Tokenomics
  • Data analytics

Our team engineered a blockchain loyalty platform that facilitates interaction between football clubs and fans.

  • Hyperledger Fabric-based loyalty platform
  • Analytics tools for club sales and fan behavior tracking
  • Fan mobile app for club engagement
  • Third-party API integration for discounts
  • Tokenomics and reward system development

Insightful perspectives

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