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Multicoin mining pool that represents a comprehensive service for coin mining and includes a set of web and desktop apps for managing mining processes.

November 2017 - present

Work done

Mining pool Nvidia desktop mining software AMD desktop mining software


Existing mining pools have the following weaknesses:

  • Low profitability for miners
  • It’s hard to set up and start mining, especially for beginners
  • The need to monitor cryptocurrency movements and reconfigure mining equipment

Therefore, the PixelPlex team decided to create a highly profitable and easily configurable mining pool with auto-switching coin/algorithm technology.


ProPool is a high performance multipool which provides the highest level of mining efficiency through merged mining, algorithm auto-switching, and mined coins arbitrage. High mining profitability, an advanced feature set and professional UX/UI makes ProPool the best in its class.

Mining Pool for Users of Any Level

We managed to combine the necessary tools for all target groups in one product – professionals and mining beginners are welcome to work as one. Beginners can start ‘smart’ mining in just one click with max profit settings, whereas professional miners receive a wide-range of instruments for mid- and top-size mining farms. All the instruments for beginners are perfectly combined with the tools for professionals. Thus, ProPool covers all the needs of a farm at all stages of its evolution.

Autoconversion to BTC and Withdrawal

All mined coins will be automatically exchanged to BTC at the best rates among several exchanges. Conversion starts as soon as your coin balance is confirmed by the coin’s network. Users can withdraw mined BTC from their account page to another BTC address. Withdrawal is available for balances that are confirmed by the coin’s network and passed the BTC conversion.

Ongoing Development

The project is under ongoing development, and we are currently working on providing capacity for decentralized data mining, deep learning, cloud computing, and render farms to provide even greater benefits for our users.


  • Automatic switching of mining devices to the most profitable coins, and also to the most effective miner within the framework of a coin or algorithm
  • Advanced control modules for professional miners
  • Built-in arbitration module to minimize withdrawing losses
  • Setting up automatic payouts in BTC
  • Remote management of GPU mining devices
  • Remote configuration and management of the mining process for each of the connected GPUs
  • Manual or automatic adjustment and selection of mining strategy
  • Multifunctional online dashboard
  • Built-in statistical module, as well as extended statistical packages
  • Overheating control and devices temperature monitoring
  • Switching to the rendering/machine learning as orders for these lines of activity appear (on-demand)
  • Automatic switching of the GPU to mining of most profitable coins without the need for manual configuration


Mining pool

JavaScript, Node.js, SQL, NoSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, React, Redux, Vue.js

Nvidia miner

C++, C#, GTK, CUDA

AMD miner

C++, C#, GTK, OpenCL


  • Product Owner
  • Lead Software Architect
  • 4 Full-Stack Web Developers
  • 2 C++ Developers
  • Hardware Engineer
  • 5 С# Developers
  • Lead QA Engineer
  • 2 QA Engineers
  • 2 UI/UX Designers
  • Business Analyst
  • 2 Project Managers


29 months

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