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Tact Development Services

Build next-level applications with premier development support

With a specialized focus on Tact development, PixelPlex pioneers in crafting solutions that ensure robust application efficiency and seamless integration within your ecosystem. Our approach is tailored to enhance your infrastructure and promote comprehensive governance, scalability, and top-tier security.

Tact development — driving practical innovation

Leverage PixelPlex’s decade of blockchain expertise for your Tact-based projects. Our team builds scalable, secure solutions tailored to maximize your venture's potential.

Designed for the TON Blockchain, Tact optimizes smart contract development with precise syntax and robust static typing, enhancing efficiency and integrity. Its security features minimize vulnerabilities while maintaining the reliability of TON-powered solutions. Tact's flexible architecture ensures easy integration into existing systems and supports innovative applications like DeFi, asset tokenization, and automated compliance, empowering businesses to lead in their sectors.

Our Tact development services at a glance

Empower your enterprise with our expertly delivered Tact services and be among the first to harness the robust capabilities of the TON Blockchain. We provide strategic, innovative solutions to boost your business operations and drive growth.

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Experience the highest level of precision and security with our smart contract development company and streamline your operations while ensuring full compliance with the highest regulatory standards.

From concept to launch, our Tact development company stands ready to develop cutting-edge decentralized applications using Tact. We focus on scalability, user engagement, and market fit to ensure your dApp stands out in competitive industries.

With our expert consulting, your enterprise can harness the capabilities of Tact and the TON blockchain. We provide detailed analyses and strategic planning to fully integrate Tact’s innovative features into your business model and guarantee optimal use of blockchain.

Our integration services are designed to mesh Tact’s capabilities seamlessly with your existing technological ecosystem. We prioritize operational continuity, enhancing your system’s functionality without disrupting existing workflows.

Rely on our comprehensive maintenance and support services to keep your Tact applications performing optimally. We offer everything from proactive upgrades and security patches to immediate troubleshooting.

Refining business processes with Tact-based solutions

With customized Tact development services, we tailor solutions to precisely match your industry requirements and enrich them with big data consulting, AI, and ML capabilities.

FinTech & banking

Building on Tact helps businesses in FinTech and banking secure transactions and streamline compliance, enhancing both trust and performance.

  • Smart contracts for secure, transparent transactions
  • Decentralized finance applications
  • Compliance and regulatory automation
  • Enhanced fraud detection systems
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Retail & eCommerce

Tact-based solutions revitalize retail and eCommerce, delivering personalized experiences and superior operational control.

  • Customer loyalty and rewards programs
  • Supply chain transparency
  • Smart contracts for vendor agreements
  • Personalized customer experiences
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Supply Chain & logistics

Utilizing Tact, companies in supply chain and logistics achieve unmatched transparency and efficiency, from production to delivery.

  • Real-time tracking and verification via smart contracts
  • Automated compliance for international trade
  • Decentralized marketplaces to optimize logistics
  • Contracts for seamless supplier integration
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Tact-based dApps secure healthcare data management and streamline processes, providing privacy and improving care delivery.

  • Encrypted patient records and data sharing
  • Smart contracts for transparent billing and claims
  • Counterfeit drug detection systems
  • Efficient management of clinical trials
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Real Estate

In real estate, building on Tact introduces unprecedented levels of transparency and efficiency in transactions and property management.

  • Property asset tokenization
  • Automated lease and sale contracts
  • Immutable property history logs
  • Smart contracts for regulatory compliance
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Oil & Gas

Leverage Tact to optimize operations, ensure compliance, and enhance safety in the oil and gas sector.

  • Secure and transparent commodity trading
  • Asset tracking and automated management
  • Smart contracts for joint venture agreements
  • Real-time environmental impact monitoring
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Mastering Tact development: our proven process

Our Tact development company delivers tailored solutions aligned with your business goals and industry needs. With precision and innovation, we ensure impactful results in every project.

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Project analysis and planning

We begin by understanding your project’s goals and challenges, laying the foundation for a successful Tact solution.


  • Needs assessment report
  • Project roadmap
  • Risk mitigation plan

Requirements mapping

Our team collaborates with stakeholders to clearly define and map out all technical and business requirements.


  • Requirement documentation
  • Use case definitions
  • Milestone prioritization

Design and prototyping

We design intuitive and efficient user interfaces followed by prototyping to visualize the solution before development.


  • UI/UX design mockups
  • Functional prototypes
  • Functional prototypes

Tact development and implementation

Our developers bring the solution to life with clean, efficient code, built on the Tact platform for robust performance.


  • Smart contract development
  • Backend and frontend coding
  • System integration

Quality assurance and testing

Rigorous testing ensures that the developed solution is secure, reliable, and fully meets the project requirements.


  • Testing results
  • Smart contract audits
  • User acceptance testing verification

Deployment and support

Following thorough testing, we deploy your Tact solution, providing ongoing support to ensure its continuous performance and adaptability.


  • Production deployment
  • Post-launch monitoring
  • Continuous improvement updates

Why choose PixelPlex?

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End-to-end expertise

From MVPs to fully integrated solutions, our team offers end-to-end services that are scalable and cross-discipline. Whether starting small or expanding, our experts ensure seamless project evolution.

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Unmatched security

We prioritize top-tier security with a zero-tolerance policy towards vulnerabilities and guarantee that your project and data remain protected at all times.

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Web3 savvy team

Led by a dedicated cadre of engineers, architects, and recognized Web3 veterans — ranging from contributors to whitehat hackers — we don’t just develop cutting-edge products, we use them, test them, and perfect them.

17 years

in the technology industry


successful projects

2 unicorn

over $1B in value

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We celebrate our clients’ success

Explore our expertise in crafting applications across diverse blockchains that have driven client success.

HELO Blockchain

  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • FinTech
  • KYC compliance

We helped the client create the HELO blockchain platform featuring top performance, robust security, and low energy consumption.

  • Sustainable blockchain on the Proof of Ethic consensus
  • Integration of KYC security mechanisms
  • Development of the platform’s native token
  • Built-in wallet for executing transactions
  • Cross-platform mobile application
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Rio DeFi

  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • DeFi
  • Web3
  • dApps

PixelPlex developed a Polkadot-powered protocol and tailored blockchain ecosystem, integrating new solutions vital to the Rio DeFi platform.

  • EVM improvement, adaptation, and integration
  • Web wallet with staking support
  • OAuth keyless system implementation
  • Uniswap fork for crypto exchange
  • Audit trail system development from scratch
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  • Blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • DeFi
  • Yield farming

Our team delivered a Solana dApp for liquidity provision and yield farming that allows users to earn token rewards for being liquidity providers.

  • Solana-powered smart contracts
  • Protocol for lending and overcollateralized borrowing
  • Frontend app and SDK for interacting with Alfprotocol
  • Liquidation bot integration
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