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With over 10 years of experience in developing transformative software, we continue to pioneer blockchain development with a deep understanding of AI, IoT, and cybersecurity services. Our team is consistently the leading developers of safe, secure, and scalable blockchain solutions.

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As the leading blockchain development company, we're known for delivering cutting edge solutions that help boost business efficiency, security, and ROI.

Custom Blockchain Development & Integration

Every organization is unique, and so are the ways in which you can apply blockchain technology to achieve and exceed your organization's goals. Nobody understands this better than our team. With a firm grasp on the best features of the top modern frameworks, we custom make solutions that maximize the efficacy of your existing environment. Every custom blockchain development designed and integrated by PixelPlex is unique to our client's needs.

Enterprise Blockchain Development

Regardless of industry—whether it's supply chain, finance, health care, etc.—the challenges for enterprise-level adoption of blockchain lies in scale, speed, and cost. From ideation to design to development, we work as an extension of your business—your very own blockchain development company. We make your goals our own, ensuring we deliver enterprise-grade products on-time and on-budget to minimize time-to-market and maximize ROI.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency exchanges must be safe, user-friendly, and readily accessible. We can transform your big idea into a secure and flexible exchange platform that supports easy and efficient transactions.

Our cryptocurrency exchange development services also include integrating liquidity systems that connect to larger exchanges to ensure sufficient volume exists on your exchange. We also provide instant audit systems that inspect every deposit and withdrawal.

We can build extensive features into your exchange, including:

  • Multi-currency support
  • Support for major fiat currencies
  • Stablecoin support (including issuing your own)
  • On-chain orderbook
  • Payment gateway integration
  • SegWit enabled
  • Highly secure and fully offline cold wallet
  • Multi-signature hot wallet
  • High-frequency trading (using FPGA), FAST protocol
  • Margin and leverage trading
  • Order book and order sharing
  • Block confirmation tracking and pending transactions handling
  • Scalable modular architecture
  • Liquidity & arbitrage built-in engine
  • iOS, Android, desktop, and web applications and wallets

ICO and STO Development

The investment potential for blockchain-based projects has already proven itself. However, the tokenization of assets and the subsequent offering can be a complicated process because of the complexities on all fronts, including legal, financial, and technical. Our team understands these intricacies inside and out and will work with you through the entire process.

Our blockchain development services also include end-to-end ICO and STO launch and implementation services including whitepaper drafting, strategic planning, token and smart contracts development, blockchain integration, crypto wallet development, website / landing page / investor dashboard development, SEO optimization, SMM marketing and presentation, continuous support, and post offering services.

To date, we have helped clients raise more than $500M through ICO and STO projects.

Blockchain Consulting

Whether it's Quorum, Hyperledger, Corda, EOS, Ethereum, or another platform that you have in mind, we have the practical experience and expertise to help you identify the maximum potential that a blockchain solution can provide for your organization. We can provide you with research, proof of concept and MVP development, and thorough analysis to help you select the blockchain development services that are most feasible for you.

DApp Development

Our highly-specialized blockchain application development team can translate your big ideas into reliable and robust code. Combined with our expert front-end design, your final product will be seamless, intuitive, and engaging. You have peace of mind when you rely on us for blockchain app development. We value complete transparency, and we deliver products that continue working beautifully throughout its entire lifetime.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Cryptocurrency wallets need state-of-the-art features to operate seamlessly, and they must provide users with a flawless interface. We abide by the highest design standards and stringent security requirements to deliver cryptocurrency wallet products that offer the latest features, unrivaled security, and user-friendly experiences for both mobile and desktop.

Our team can develop cross-industry solutions with standard and custom features, including:

  • Multi-coin support for ERC-20 and other major tokens
  • Cross-platform support for iOS, Android, and web
  • Import/export of wallet accounts
  • Multiple account management
  • Transaction history and account backups
  • Built-in analytics and integration with 3rd party analytics services
  • Token tracking
  • Drag-and-drop UI for token and asset management
  • Smart contract management
  • Highest standard Secure Enclave support
  • 2-Factor authentication and biometrics for unparalleled security

Smart Contracts Development & Audit

Smart contracts are automations that can help you cut out the middleman and traditional contracts to reduce costs, save time, and reduce points of failure. Whether you need to facilitate cryptocurrency payments or simply secure transactions with smart contracts, our team is fluent in smart contract standards for all major frameworks—including Ethereum, Hyperledger, and EOS—and can design and develop smart contracts tailored to your needs.

Our smart contract services also include audits and optimizations. We can't guarantee the work of another blockchain development company, but we can guarantee the peace of mind that comes with our full audit and optimization recommendations.

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From banking to trading to payments, blockchain has the potential to introduce uncompromising transparency, accountability, and security to every financial transaction.

As the leading blockchain software development company, we’ve developed FinTech projects that span a multitude of applications, including digital payments, investment and wealth management, lending, trading, and insurance. While they all vary in complexity and functions, some of the most popular feature requirements include automated compliance, digital identity, multi-factor authentication mechanisms, and financial data tracking and analytics.

PixelPlex is the blockchain development company of choice for FinTech projects Qtum, Echo, ProPool, Blockcerts, Obito, Bitnetwork, MyBIT, Arbitrage, and Resorts STO. We have also delivered enterprise-level solutions using specialized blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Quorum, and Stellar.

Our ICO and STO projects have accumulated more than 500 million USD to date.

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Cutting edge products require a cutting edge approach. Leveraging our team's multifaceted talents, we often cherry-pick the best features and functionalities across various platforms and frameworks to seamlessly weave together. The results are products that offer the ultimate performance, efficiency, scalability, security, and user experience.

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