Real Estate Tokenization

Make your real estate more open and liquid

Tokenization can change your real estate game by allowing fractional ownership, which makes purchases easier to get and more beneficial to own. With smart contracts, you’ll get institutional-grade privacy and robust security measures, transactions will be automated, more efficient and clear in real estate deals.

Gain the fractional ownership advantage

By tokenizing property, owners can divide it into smaller digital tokens which makes it possible to sell portions of the property, opening up investment to a broader range of people and potentially increasing the value to raise.

Fractional ownership presents an opportunity for investors to participate in the ownership of high-value assets or diversified portfolios with a reduced initial investment. This strategy can contribute to a more comprehensive and risk-mitigated investment approach.

Real estate tokenization services by PixelPlex

Whether you're looking to turn real-world assets into digital tokens or develop your own STO, we offer a complete range of services. We prioritize security, transparency, and ensuring everything meets industry regulations.

Our team analyzes your business goals, develops a winning strategy, and maps out the project's technical infrastructure. We'll also help you choose the right blockchain protocol and craft a clear whitepaper to attract investors to your tokenized real estate project.

Our team helps you launch a Security Token Offering (STO). We work with a broad range of blockchains and standards, such as ERC-20, stablecoins, native coins, NFTs, and security tokens. We also help implement investment optimization instruments and admin dashboard for easy campaign management.

We integrate different parts like DEXs for trading, oracles for reliable data feeds, and multi-platform wallets for easy token storage. We also consider real-world needs by including payment gateways, custodians for secure asset holding, and fiat ramps.

PixelPlex streamlines your user onboarding by implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. This ensures regulatory compliance and protects against fraudulent activity.

We develop an investor portal that makes it easy to manage real estate tokens, track their performance, and access important property documents – all in one place. Investors can also participate in voting on key decisions affecting the property.

Our step-by-step process

We take the time to truly understand your goals. Then, we design a personalized solution that unlocks easy buying and selling for your assets, all while keeping things safe and clear.

Discovery & assessment

We gather your requirements, brainstorm vision and scope, and visualize a clear roadmap. Collaborativelyб we choose blockchain (any L1 and L2 protocols), token standard (fungible and non-fungible), as well as the tech stack for development.


  • Competitive analysis report
  • Token use cases mapping
  • Roadmap with milestones

Tokenization model development

We develop token models that represent ownership and value on the blockchain. Enabling our patented Bitcoin-based standard allows for crucial property data to be stored directly on the blockchain, offering an extra layer of security and reducing the risk of hacks.


  • Token distribution
  • Completed KYC/AML checks
  • Investor whitelisting

Smart contract development

Our enterprise blockchain development company creates secure and efficient smart contracts that automate your platform's core features. Plus, we conduct thorough testing to guarantee seamless integration and eliminate any hidden risks and ensure compliance.


  • Escrow integration
  • Smart contract audit report
  • Integration testing report

Tokenized assets management platform development

We craft a custom real estate tokenization platform that integrates flawlessly with your current systems. We integrate different parts like DEXs for trading, oracles, payment gateways, custodians and multi-platform wallets for easy token storage.


  • Tokenization software modules
  • Integration plan
  • Unit testing reports

Platform launch

We will seamlessly transition your product to real-world use. The solution will empower you with a tailored campaign management platform, comprehensive support, and informative documentation, ensuring a smooth and successful use.


  • Deployed platform
  • Final testing
  • User manuals

Ongoing monitoring & maintenance

Our team will proactively address any issues that arise, constantly monitor your platform's health, and stand ready to develop new features or expand the solution to meet your evolving needs.


  • Regular system health reports
  • Security updates
  • Proactive consultations

Why choose our real estate tokenization company?

Beyond the token

At PixelPlex, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We design custom real estate tokenization strategies that perfectly match your goals, whether you're dipping your toes in with a pilot project or ready to dive headfirst with a large-scale deployment.

Designed with your success in mind

We develop custom tokenization platforms that integrate flawlessly with your existing systems. This ensures a smooth transition and maximizes the positive impact on your overall security.

Your innovation partner

We're constantly pushing the boundaries in real estate tokenization, researching and implementing cutting-edge security strategies. We can integrate your solution with advanced tools like data analytics and AI, so you can leverage your data to its fullest potential.

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Explore our tokenization projects

Dive into inspiring stories of how PixelPlex's tokenization solutions empowered businesses like yours to achieve top-notch security and unlock exciting new possibilities.

DeFi launchpad platform

  • Blockchain development
  • Smart contract development
  • DeFi launchpad
  • Tokenomics development
  • NFTs

We built a development strategy for a DeFi launchpad platform to help blockchain and metaverse projects raise funds, secure development assistance, and establish partnerships.

  • Streamlined fundraising
  • Enhanced reach for new ventures
  • Efficient managing token offerings
  • Access to a network of partners
  • Base for launching blockchain projects

Digital asset tokenization platform

  • Blockchain development
  • Smart contract development & audit
  • Token issuance mechanism
  • FinTech
  • Cryptocurrency

We eliminated unnecessary intermediaries and excessive data processing in asset trading and settlement by introducing a tokenization platform.

  • Increased liquidity and divisibility of assets
  • Transparency in ownership management
  • Streamlined asset issuance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • New investment opportunities in the digital asset space

STO platform in real estate

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Tech stack selection
  • STO
  • Real estate

PixelPlex consulted a US-based startup to develop a real estate STO platform which aims to democratize access to the housing market by enabling fractional ownership of properties.

  • Defined the system architecture
  • Integrated third-party solutions
  • Developed a tech stack
  • Analyzed potential business risks
  • Provided guidance on implementing tokens

Blockchain-based plastic waste management solution

  • Blockchain development
  • Recycling
  • Tokenomics creation
  • Cross-platform wallet for token management
  • Integration of reverse vending machine software

We worked alongside the client to carry out development of a multicomponent recycling network with built-in support for third-party apps.

  • Secure tracking of plastic waste movement
  • Efficient waste collection, recycling, and disposal
  • Streamlined data collection and reporting
  • Improved stakeholder collaboration
  • Reduced environmental impact

Blockchain consulting in logistics & transportation

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Tokenomics creation
  • Token use cases mapping
  • Supply chain

  • Identified key areas to benefit from blockchain integration
  • Developed a strategic roadmap
  • Analyzed potential cost savings
  • Insights into the regulatory landscape
  • Provided ongoing support

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