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Hodl APE

A mobile app allowing to monitor tokens’ statistics via widgets and set NFT lockscreens live photo

  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • Mobile
  • AI
  • Business intelligence
  • Blockchain
  • NFT
  • Mobile
  • AI
  • Business intelligence

About the client

CheckNFT.iO is an intelligent platform that accumulates all possible information about the non-fungible tokens and collections, evaluates risks and performs side-by-side NFT comparison so that users can get a full picture of the deal and make well-grounded decisions.


PixelPlex team has created an easy-to-use iOS mobile app which helps collectors and investors track tokens’ statistics right on the go and brighten the lockscreen up with selected NFTs.


  • Project manager

  • Business analyst

  • Swift (iOS) developers

  • Backend developer

  • QA engineer

  • UI/UX designer

Business opportunity

NFT market size is now worth $3 billion with the amount of traded NFTs ranging from 30 to 50 thousand tokens daily. The market is huge however it is very volatile, with prices constantly changing. Thus it is very important for collectors and investors to have a reliable tool helping to analyze real-time fluctuations happening with the tokens.That’s why CheckNFT decided to expand its ecosystem and deliver a mobile application to help NFT enthusiasts track the latest changes: price, amount of sales, and volume by just a tap on the smartphone.

CheckNFT logo and Hodl APE logo

Project goals

The key goals we aimed to achieve while working on the project were:

  • 1

    Provide users with constantly updating data on chosen tokens

  • 2

    Allow users to check statistics via widgets without the need to open an app or browser

  • 3

    Enable NFT owners to always have quick access to their tokens’ statistics

  • 4

    Give users the opportunity to place their favorite NFTs on lockscreens as animated live photos


PixelPlex team built Hodl APE — an iOS mobile application that allows users to monitor selected NFTs on the go with highly-precise widgets and turn NFTs into lockscreen wallpapers. The app supports more than 258K collections and 81M tokens with new ones being constantly added to the base. The data is derived from CheckNFT’s data intelligence and AI analytics tools that track NFT trends and detect changes.

Search by NFT's name

Project features

chart icon

Immediate access to the latest NFT statistics

lockscreen icon

NFT live photo lockscreen design augmented with average price and market cap

share icon

Ability to share NFT lockscreen images in social media

pile of coins icon

Comprehensive database of tokens sourced directly from blockchain

AI icon

AI-based NFT analysis

magnifying lens icon

Intuitive NFT search by token or collection name, creator’s ID, wallet address or transaction hash

user interface icon

Comfortable UX/UI design


Hodl APE allows users to install widgets with detailed information about the tokens such as average and floor price, volume and sales. The graphs are available even without unlocking the phone — users just need to swipe right on the screen and they will see all changes that took place in the last 7 days.

To add the widgets, the users need to:

  • 1

    Sign up and search for NFTs

  • 2

    Choose the NFT to be shown in the widget (1-2 items)

  • 3

    Adjust the preview — choose if it is just a picture or the token's name and price are shown as well, and set the price currency (USD or ETH)

  • 4

    Adjust the widget — set the price currency (USD or ETH)

  • 5

    Press the “Add widget” button and enjoy all the necessary graphs about the chosen tokens right on the screen

For quick access to even more metadata, users can click the “See more” button and get redirected to CheckNFT.iO where they find tokens' activity history, properties, risks, storage and metadata type. This way users have immediate access to comprehensive NFT analysis and can make informed decisions on NFT sale or purchase.

Hodle APE NFT widgets visualization

NFT lockscreen

To personalize the lockscreen, Hodl APE users can opt for an NFT wallpaper which is complemented by graphs indicating the average sale price and market cap.

To put an NFT on the lockscreen, users should follow several simple steps:

  • 1

    Sign up in the app and search for NFTs

  • 2

    Press the “Create wallpaper” button

  • 3

    Adjust the settings — picture or live photo — and enjoy the trendy wallpaper

Besides, wallpapers in both formats will be saved to the gallery so that users can share them on social media.

Hodle APE NFT lockscreen

Technologies & tools

Hodl APE is built on Swift and SwiftUI framework making the app run smoothly on every Apple platform, macOS included. We also leveraged Moya and R.swift libraries which helped developers to focus more on the core app’s logic and reduce the development time.

Hodle APE compatibility with all iOS devices