StreamSettle, a web platform for claims settlement


Web platform for secure and efficient claims settlement

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About the client

StreamSettle is a US-based project committed to providing innovative solutions and services for professionals within the insurance industry.


  • Location:Texas
  • Date:2023

PixelPlex developed a sophisticated web platform for optimizing the insurance claims settlement cycle. It runs on a special algorithm that makes it possible to establish the required level of trustlessness and integrity within the platform and reach a consensus on payments without third-party assistance.


  • Blockchain consultants2
  • Business analyst
  • Backend developers2
  • Front-end developers2
  • Tech lead
  • Blockchain developer
  • UX/UI designer
  • QA engineer
  • Project manager

Business opportunity

The current claims resolution process is in dire need of technological disruption. Despite advances in the means of communication, the process for resolving disputed claims still follows outdated methods that inherently conceal ideal settlement opportunities. These methods routinely lead to the parties incurring exorbitantly high litigation costs, unreasonably long claim cycles, and dissatisfaction on all sides of a negotiation.

Determined to make far-reaching changes, the client reached out to PixelPlex and asked our team to conduct comprehensive technical research to determine whether their idea for a potential solution was feasible. After creating a plan to bring the client’s idea to fruition, our responsibility was to develop the new claims settlement platform and incorporate it as a seamless user interface.

Project goals

  • 1

    Create a claims resolution platform that would enable negotiating parties to make confidential offers and demands

  • 2

    Conduct research, testing different hypotheses, in order to identify the most effective technical solution to provide the platform with the trustlessness required by the client

  • 3

    Ensure a smooth transition to fully or mostly automated claims resolution. And provide a user-friendly, intuitive interface

Work done

  • Developed a comprehensive vision for a smart warehouse automation system
  • Created a visualization prototype showing how the system works non-stop
  • Consulted with suppliers to select the most suitable equipment
  • Prepared detailed technical specifications for vendors to develop and manufacture a custom warehouse automation system
  • Completed project preparation up until the equipment purchasing stage


PixelPlex delivered a sophisticated web-based platform for efficient and optimized claims resolution. It runs on cutting-edge encryption algorithms to establish an impenetrable level of trustlessness and security and to make all transactions and calculations confidential.

It works by detecting any overlap in the negotiating parties’ settlement positions without being able to reveal or see the actual values submitted. For the end users, the process is simple: insurers submit their highest offer and plaintiff lawyers submit their bottom-line demand into the StreamSettle interface.

While it is impossible for anyone, including StreamSettle, to see the actual values submitted by users, StreamSettle can detect if the submitted values overlap. And if there is an overlap, a binding settlement is automatically reached at the midpoint of the overlapping values. If the values do not overlap, no information about the submitted values is revealed, ensuring that the parties have nothing to fear in entering their true settlement positions.

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Our developers and researchers explored various hypotheses and experimented with different technologies to identify the optimal solution for the planned platform.

Following our thorough research and planning, we collectively decided to integrate advanced encryption protocols into the web platform and moved forward to the development stage.

The UI of the Claims page of the StreamSettle platform
The UI of the Dashboard page of the StreamSettle platform
The UI of the Dashboard page of the StreamSettle platform
The UI of the Dashboard page of the StreamSettle platform

How the platform works

The client requested a solution with a user-friendly and comprehensible flow, enabling all users to easily create and resolve claims.

Claim creation

Platform access requires account approval and the completion of 2FA to ensure secure participation by all involved parties.

Users initiate a new claim on the platform and fill out all the required fields, providing only basic details about the claim. Once the claim is created, its number will remain the same and will serve as a unique identifier for tracking the case.

When the claimant submits a demand and the insurance company submits an offer, the data entered by each party remains hidden from the other by using cutting-edge encryption algorithms.

Claim creation process on the StreamSettle platform

Claim resolution

If a settlement is not reached, the lawyer and insurer can alternate in submitting new settlement positions until an overlap is detected, which would then result in a binding settlement.

The given functionality also enables all parties to modify details about the claim subject to the approval of the other side. Users can also archive a claim if they wish.

Once an overlap in positions is detected, an automated certificate of binding settlement is generated with the parties’ signatures and is available for download directly from the interface.

Claim details page on the StreamSettle platform
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Benefits for claimants

  • Significantly reduced litigation costs
  • Higher net payout
  • No drawn-out, stressful litigation
  • Return to normal life faster
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Benefits for insurers

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Dramatically reduced litigation expenses
  • Decreased exposure to unpredictable verdicts
  • Happier claims professionals and customers
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Benefits for lawyers

  • Increased ability to handle more cases and increase earnings
  • Substantially reduced case expenses
  • Lower risks associated with lengthy litigation
  • Happier clients

Core backend modules

To optimize the platform's performance and contribute to a smooth user experience, our developers integrated the following backend modules:

  • Auth module

    The auth module includes the functionality of user authentication and identification for both users and administrators.

  • CMS module

    The content management module features an external API for integration with the admin panel and uses a secure database to store content.

  • Documents module

    The documents module facilitates document preparation and manages the process of creating digital signatures and signing agreements on the platform.

  • User module

    The user module is crafted to handle user data and manage user profiles, among other functions.

  • Settlement module

    The settlement module is responsible for managing settlements for both claimants and carriers.

  • Payments module

    The payments module functions independently of external payment processing providers. It receives and accepts payment information and directs the appropriate messages to other modules.

  • Notifications module

    The notifications module is needed to communicate with SMS and email notification gateways. It features a user-friendly interface for sending notifications of any kind.

Technologies used


Promoting philanthropic pursuits

In a strong demonstration of their commitment to making a positive impact, our client is actively seeking to support charitable initiatives.

As part of this endeavor, our team envisioned incorporating a functionality that allows a portion of the fees collected through the claims settlement platform to be directed towards various charitable organizations. This strategic decision reflects the client’s dedication to giving back and contributing to causes that make a difference in the world.

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Project features

A blue and purple icon of a light bulb

Novel and tech-powered approach to disputed claims resolution

A blue and purple icon of a monitor

Complete disintermediation

A blue and purple icon of a shield

Confidentiality of claims negotiation and settlement data

A blue and purple icon of a calculator

Fair and accurate calculations based on the arithmetic mean of overlapping values

A blue and purple icon of a stopwatch

Immediate generation of executed settlement documents

A blue and purple icon of the page design

Intuitive UI for effortless user interaction

A blue and purple icon of a gavel

Integrity and fairness of claims settlement