Go for It with PixelPlex Web Accessibility Services

Accessible Is the New Future-Proof

Go for It with PixelPlex Web Accessibility Services

Our ADA Website Compliance Consultants Help Keep Up with the Latest Standards

Make your digital content easy to comprehend for any user, no matter the abilities. This is the most critical requirement to anyone who aims to succeed in the global online market. To help you handle this obligation, our in-house ADA website compliance consultants offer a complete package of web accessibility services.

Yes, There Are Good Reasons to Care About It

Think Ahead — ADA Compliant Website Development Secures Budget

Throughout our web accessibility audit practise, we’ve found some stats and facts that’s worth attention while planning a web development project, whatever your business niche.

Expand your client base with digital accessibility.

No Web Accessibility Consulting Means Waste

Up to
$6M payments
to settle lawsuits for ADA violation
3000+ cases
filed since 2017

A Trusted Web Accessibility Consultant Keeps Legal Issues Away

  • Every business is at risk of ADA litigation, no matter its scale or domain. Here’s when you better weren’t in Apple, Amazon, or Netflix’s shoes to get away with giant pay
  • ADA compliant website design looks neither poor nor primitive — it features well-structured UI and quick onboarding elements

Opting for accessible web design doesn’t steal from user journey excitement — it helps customers access your site easier, which converts into measurable revenue growth.

Trusted Web Accessibility Consultant

We Stick to Our Commitments & Factor In Your Domain Differentiators

With a wealth of domain-specific web development services we offer, PixelPlex can undertake an in-depth accessibility review to provide you with a full list of issues in place, complete with potential vulnerabilities. Our company makes assessments with regards to your business niche, as it always matters taking into account market margins, target clients, and enterprise objectives.

  • Manual, tool-based, and hybrid audit
  • Spotted issues prioritization
  • Issue fixing roadmapping
  • Severity level definition
  • Relevant standard indication
  • Accessibility maintenance guidance

Take Advantage of Our Digital Accessibility Services

We’ll Bring Your Website In Line With the Current Legislation

To make you thrive on investing in user experience, our ADA web development company of tech auditors, business analysts, designers and software engineers has been keeping tabs on accessibility laws, regulations and policies since 2010 and on.

Our Accessible Web Development Company Provides Full Compliance with:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • The US Rehabilitation Act, Sections 504 and 508
  • 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
  • EN 301549 Accessibility Requirements for ICT Products and Services

Yield Up to 40% Client Base Growth

Via a Full Package of Web Accessibility Services

Whether you are well into the current digital content guidelines or hardly ever heard about them, our ADA compliant website development company will carefully garner your requirements to come up with a detailed accessibility roadmap. We can also provide post-launch support services to ensure that our ADA compliance software smoothly withstands any functionality updates.

Web Accessibility Audit
  • Requirements gathering & business analysis
  • End-to-end ADA compliance testing
Accessible Web Design & Development
  • UI/UX and navigation design
  • Responsive layout design
  • Graphics and animated content development
  • Controls, input elements, web forms accessibility
End Product Audit & Certification
  • Post-launch accessibility audit
  • WCAG / ADA compliance certification
  • Accessibility support roadmap
  • ADA Compliance Software Audit

    To help you always stay on the legal side, our company’s in-house ADA website compliance consultants will check your digital content navigability — both manually and automatically. We’ll come up with a detailed report that flags all discrepancies, pinpoints every violated criteria, and offers a step-by-step roadmap on how to ensure the required WCAG level conformance.

  • ADA Compliant Website Design & Development

    So far as accessible web development implies using specific techniques at every engineering stage, it can be more cost-efficient to opt for a full redesign or from-scratch development rather than partial trouble-shooting. Our company will carefully study your case so as to offer either comprehensive issue fixing or end-to-end ADA compliant website development if needed.

  • Accessibility Issues Fixing

    Based on our web accessibility consultants’ audit report, we’ll fix all the issues your site has. To provide a universal user experience and full ADA compliance, we can redesign inappropriate UI components. We will also instruct you on how to update content and software without wrecking your website accessibility. Upon your request, our company will aid you with post-launch support and updates.

  • Accessible Mobile Web and Native App Development

    Mobile web and native apps require complex device navigation techniques, which is a considerable challenge when it comes to making them accessible. Running this kind of apps takes much gestures, robust voice assistance functionality, and consistent screen responsiveness and display orientation.

    Our accessible web development company has long been digging deep into the WCAG guidelines to address these issues. With a robust knowledge of the updated WCAG 2.1 policy edition, we can build all kinds of native and hybrid apps while laying out content with uncompromised accessibility in mind.

Entrust Our Accessible Web Development Company

With the WCAG Compliance Certification

Once we fix all accessibility issues your website has, we provide ADA compliance audit to verify that it fully conforms to the required level of the WCAG 2.1 standard. To verify your software compliance, our company issues a WCAG compliance certificate along with a summary of what we fixed and tested. To help you inform users about your content accessibility, we’ll deliver a digital badge you can place on your website.

Not sure if you have a WCAG compliant website?

Additional Web Accessibility Services

On top of website accessibility audit, issue fixing, and ADA web development, our company offers additional tech guidance, testing, and engineering.

  • Project management by a dedicated accessibility expert
  • Cross-browser accessibility testing
  • Alt-text placements for images and graphics
  • Video & audio transcriptions copywriting
  • Page speed testing & improvement

What are the Advantages of Accessible Web Development & ADA Compliance Expertise?

  • Additional traffic, which translates into client and revenue growth
  • A more convenient UI and seamless user experience that significantly reduces bounce rate
  • Improved SEO via accessible, well-structured, and logically designed content
  • No risk of ADA litigation and enhanced brand credibility

To discover more ADA compliance advantages, drop in to our blog and read about 10 Reasons to Opt for Accessible Web Design and Development

How to Achieve Full WCAG Compliance

The W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) have become the universal standard for digital accessibility. Our WCAG compliance services can help your software completely live up to both WCAG 2.0 and the updated 2.1 guidelines.

WCAG 2.1 Compliance Levels

There are several levels of WCAG compliance our company can help you achieve:

Enables individuals with disabilities to access your digital content, although with certain restrictions and limitations. Provides a better experience for other users as well.

A satisfactory degree of web accessibility that helps users with disabilities access content without limitations. Implies WCAG 2.1 level A conformance by default.

Maximum accessibility that allows users with disabilities access content with no restrictions, provides an uncompromised experience and easy navigation. Implies WCAG 2.1 level AA conformance by default.

In most cases, WCAG 2.1 level AA compliance will be sufficient to secure your company from lawsuits. Whatever level you wish to achieve, PixelPlex company can undertake all the routines on your way to website accessibility — from upgrading your current conformance level to building a fully compliant website or software from the ground up.

You Can Easily Spot Top Website Accessibility Issues

Via Our ADA Compliance Services

Most accessibility issues are so common that you can discover them yourself in no time. Check out the list to quickly find out whether your website is accessible or not.


  • Insufficient foreground/background contrast for text
  • Inconsistent spacing between words
  • Tables without row and column headers
  • Improper use of headings

Audio & Video Content, Images

  • No text, captions or audio-description for video content
  • No captions and volume controls for media players
  • Tables presented as images
  • Insufficient foreground/background contrast for images
  • No alternative text for images, controls, and other components

User Experience

  • Lack of full keyboard support
  • No alternative for voice control
  • Excessive animation
  • Moving, blinking or flickering content
  • Background audio autoplay with no turn-off
  • Low time limits for user response, form completion, etc.


  • Missing visual and non-visual orientation cues
  • Missing “skip-to-main-content” and other navigational aids
  • Overly complex navigation mechanisms and page layouts
  • Target areas that are too small for a mouse pointer

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