Tokenization services

Unlock the potential of your digital assets

Explore new investment markets with PixelPlex’s tokenization services. By transforming real-world assets into accessible tokens, we can help you increase liquidity and democratize access to investment opportunities.

We ensure the secure digitization of your assets, from real estate to venture capital funds, while upholding their confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity.

The future of business ownership

For startups, tokenization opens up powerful fundraising opportunities. By leveraging the potential of digital assets, you can secure capital and attract global investors.

For established businesses, tokenization offers access to new markets and increased liquidity, transforming traditional asset classes into tradable ones. This broadens your investment base by tapping into a global audience previously out of reach.

Tokenization services by PixelPlex

From real-world asset tokenization to STO development, we offer the full range of tokenization services, focusing on security, transparency, and compliance with industry regulations.

Our PixelPlex specialists design and develop secure platforms for businesses to launch STOs. This involves crafting smart contracts, defining tokenomics (token use cases, distribution methods, and more), and integrating compliance features to ensure regulatory adherence.

We tokenize a wide range of assets, including precious stones & metals, arts, intellectual property, capital funds, and real estate. We can help you divide high-value or illiquid assets into tradable tokens, making them accessible to a broader investor pool and facilitating secure trading.

Our team assists businesses in creating and launching NFTs for digital art, collectibles, or other unique digital assets. This involves designing unique tokens, establishing ownership rights, and building a platform for secure NFT creation, buying, and selling.

We build a system for operating carbon credits using tokenization. This creates secure digital tokens representing each credit, eliminating the risk of tampering. We can both help tokenize carbon credits and develop an effective solution for their management.

We develop custom platforms for companies to launch and trade their ICO tokens alongside other approved tokens. Our team safeguards the token sale process, incorporates digital wallets for easy participation, and provides a smooth experience for investors.

We know your industry's pain points

Regardless of your industry specifics, we understand how to securely and efficiently convert your real-world assets into digital tokens. Rely on our team to open up new avenues for investment and growth.

FinTech & banking

We convert financial assets, such as stocks, bonds, and other securities into digital tokens on a blockchain, making it easier for investors to buy and sell their shares, broadening the market, and facilitating quicker transactions.

  • Enhanced liquidity
  • Faster settlement
  • Enhanced fraud detection and prevention
  • Compliance with security regulations
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Retail & eCommerce

From tokenized inventory to tokenization of luxury items, we help you not only democratize access to high-value goods but also ensure product authenticity and origin, fostering trust and transparency in the market.

  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Counterfeit detection
  • Decentralized marketplaces
  • Real-time tracking of products
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Supply chain & logistics

We build solutions that bring enhanced security and transparency to supply chains. We improve data integrity for inventory management, and provide enhanced visibility for fraud prevention.

  • Secure tracking with tamper-proof tokens
  • Enhanced visibility and traceability
  • Identification of unauthorized access
  • Streamlined collaboration between supply chain partners
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PixelPlex tokenization empowers healthcare providers to protect sensitive patient information while enabling efficient collaboration for improved patient care.

  • Enhanced patient data privacy
  • Secure sharing of medical records
  • Medical equipment tracking
  • Improved compliance with healthcare data regulations (HIPAA)
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Real estate

We can help you make real estate investment accessible to a wider range of investors through fractional ownership. Streamline the management of property titles, reducing paperwork.

  • Secure storage of property ownership
  • Fractional ownership and increased liquidity
  • Reduced risk of fraud
  • Increased efficiency and transparency
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Oil & Gas

By converting physical assets such as oil reserves and gas pipelines into digital tokens, you can achieve greater operational efficiency and improve investment fluidity.

  • Minimized transmission of sensitive data
  • Streamlined supply chain management
  • Transparency in trading
  • Monetization of stranded gas
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Our step-by-step process

We delve deep to understand your specific needs and craft a customized solution that unlocks liquidity while ensuring security and transparency.

Discovery & assessment

We work closely with you to analyze which assets you want to tokenize and help you choose a suitable strategy.


  • Legal regulation analysis
  • Token use cases mapping
  • Competitor analysis report

Tech stack selection

We choose a blockchain platform, pre-plan architecture, considering your business model and required integrations.


  • System architecture diagram
  • Selection of appropriate algorithms
  • Implementation roadmap with milestones

Smart contract development

Our team translates your agreed-upon tokenization strategy into secure and efficient code, ensuring it meets all functional and security requirements.


  • Audited smart contract code
  • Integration tests
  • Deployment plan

Tokenized assets management platform development

We develop and integrate a customized tokenization solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific needs and infrastructure.


  • Secure tokenization software modules
  • Integration plan
  • Unit testing reports ensuring functionality

Token issuance and distribution

Our full-stack blockchain development services team manages the creation and secure distribution of your tokens, ensuring they reach the intended recipients according to your established plan.


  • Token distribution
  • Platform launch
  • Final testing

Ongoing monitoring & maintenance

We oversee the blockchain operations, ensuring the security of the transactions, and updating the underlying smart contracts as needed to address any issues or to adapt to changes in regulatory requirements.


  • Regular system health reports and performance analysis
  • Security updates and vulnerability patching
  • Proactive consultations

Why choose PixelPlex for tokenization solutions?

With a keen eye honed by years of experience tokenizing digital assets, our team excels at custom tokenization services that safeguard your business for the long run.

Beyond the token

PixelPlex goes beyond off-the-shelf asset tokenization services. We craft solutions tailored to your specific needs, from initial pilot projects to full-scale enterprise deployments. Our experts support you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth implementation.

Tailored for impact

We perform custom tokenization platform development services, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and maximizing the positive impact on your security posture.

Your trusted security partner

We are active contributors to the field, constantly researching and implementing new strategies. Additionally, our network of partners allows us to seamlessly integrate your tokenization solution with tools like data analytics and AI, maximizing the potential of your data security.

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Explore our tokenization projects

Explore case studies showcasing how PixelPlex tokenization solutions helped companies like yours enhance security and unlock new opportunities.

DeFi launchpad platform

  • Blockchain development
  • Smart contract development
  • DeFi launchpad
  • Tokenomics development
  • NFTs

We built a development strategy for a DeFi launchpad platform to help blockchain and metaverse projects raise funds, secure development assistance, and establish partnerships.

  • Streamlined fundraising
  • Enhanced reach for new ventures
  • Efficient managing token offerings
  • Access to a network of partners.
  • Base for launching blockchain projects

Digital asset tokenization platform

  • Blockchain development
  • Smart contract development & audit
  • Token issuance mechanism
  • FinTech
  • Cryptocurrency

We eliminated unnecessary intermediaries and excessive data processing in asset trading and settlement by introducing a tokenization platform.

  • Increased liquidity and divisibility of assets
  • Transparency in ownership management
  • Streamlined asset issuance
  • Reduced operational costs
  • New investment opportunities in the digital asset space

STO platform in real estate

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Tech stack selection
  • STO
  • Real estate

PixelPlex consulted a US-based startup to develop a real estate STO platform which aims to democratize access to the housing market by enabling fractional ownership of properties.

  • Defined the system architecture
  • Integrated third-party solutions
  • Developed a tech stack
  • Analyzed potential business risks
  • Provided guidance on implementing tokens

Blockchain-based plastic waste management solution

  • Blockchain development
  • Recycling
  • Tokenomics creation
  • Cross-platform wallet for token management
  • Integration of reverse vending machine software

We worked alongside the client to carry out development of a multicomponent recycling network with built-in support for third-party apps.

  • Secure tracking of plastic waste movement
  • Efficient waste collection, recycling, and disposal
  • Streamlined data collection and reporting
  • Improved stakeholder collaboration
  • Reduced environmental impact

Blockchain consulting in logistics & transportation

  • Blockchain consulting
  • Tokenomics creation
  • Token use cases mapping
  • Supply chain

Our blockchain consulting company guided a logistics firm in exploring how blockchain could optimize supply chain management and operations.

  • Identified key areas to benefit from blockchain integration
  • Developed a strategic roadmap
  • Analyzed potential cost savings
  • Insights into the regulatory landscape
  • Provided ongoing support

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