PixelPlex Holds its First Party in the Metaverse

Avatars at the virtual bar in the metaverse

PixelPlex took its New Year Eve’s party to the metaverse and joined together in Decentraland to celebrate this special occasion.

At the end of 2021, the PixelPlex team decided to celebrate the holiday season together. Not only did we want to meet offline but also share these joyful and warm moments with our foreign business partners and friends. And we have found a way to make it possible!

We decided to break the ground and organize our first-ever party in the virtual world where distance is not an obstacle. That is how we invited all our colleagues, business partners, and friends to the MetaPixel Party.

Avatars communicating in the metaverse

Our team started the preparation process by choosing the best platform to host our event. After evaluating different opportunities we finally decided to go with Decentraland – an easy-to-use platform, which allows users to build their own micro-worlds. In Decentraland, you can create exhibitions, festivals, concerts, and many more awesome events, so we decided to give it a try.

When everything was up and running, we sent party details to our guests. Each guest should create their own avatar in Decentraland while we took care of the rest, making sure that their experience with the platform would be as smooth as possible.

People dancing at the MetaPixel party

And we didn’t stop there. We decided to welcome our business partners and friends with special gifts to thank them for our mutually fruitful collaboration. As huge fans of technical advancements and true NFT enthusiasts, we decided to create NFTs and present them to our valuable friends. That’s why our guests were welcomed to the party by a greeting bot that presented them with memorable NFTs. But that is still not all! We will soon make these NFTs more valuable for their owners by unlocking additional content, which will make our collaboration even more productive.

Now, let’s get back to our MetaPixel party. It became a true celebration of fun, friendship, and creativity in the virtual world. We had everything you might expect at the great parties – many happy people in the coolest outfits, modern music, and a lot of dancing. We had a variety of virtual zones where each guest could find the activity they enjoyed most. For example, we tried different cocktails at the bar, visited an art gallery, enjoyed a panoramic view from a multi-story building, and much more.

An avatar in the virtual art gallery in the metaverse

Besides, we were happy to meet other Decentraland users from the USA who decided to come and join our awesome party. It became a genuinely unique experience for all of us.

Our company is extremely delighted with our first metaverse party and we are very thankful to all our friends who joined us. It was almost like the real world with a lot of fun, gifts, and cool activities. And we are not going to stop there. Stay tuned for even more exciting events and successful projects by PixelPlex.


PixelPlex Team


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