PixelPlex & Onchain Custodian Teamed Up to Make OTC Hawk Even Safer

A lock surrounded by PixelPlex and Onchain Custodian logos

PixelPlex is thrilled to announce its partnership with Onchain Custodian, a global custody service provider that implements highly secure custodian technology for digital asset management and protection.

PixelPlex’s OTC Hawk will now be integrated with custodian services provided by Onchain Custodian. With the help of Onchain Custodian’s solution, banks and financial institutions can ensure that their clients’ portfolios and crypto transactions remain protected from hacker attacks.

At the same time, Onchain Custodian and PixelPlex will work together to provide transparent and compliant digital asset management.

Collaboration with Onchain Custodian will definitely make OTC Hawk even more secure and completely eliminate the risk of facing a cyber attack.

About OTC Hawk

OTC Hawk is a wealth management application that allows financial institutions to manage their clients’ crypto portfolios, access all cryptocurrency trading strategies, catch the best crypto signals, and perform profitable transactions. It is also a great tool for companies whose clients are interested in cryptocurrency arbitrage, as OTC Hawk contains a built-in arbitrage functionality and thus opens up the best cross-market opportunities.

About Onchain Custodian

Onchain Custodian is a Singapore-based custodian services provider. The firm’s global, standardized, reliable, insured, and compliant custody service helps to securely store institutional investments in digital assets while also providing a great user experience. Their solutions enable companies and institutions to keep and manage their digital assets out of the hackers’ reach.

PixelPlex and Onchain Custodian are ready to take OTC Hawk to the next level. We will do our best to ensure that companies and their clients enjoy cryptocurrency trading in the most convenient and secure way!

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